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2003 Atlantis Music Conference Showcase Schedule 

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8 p.m. Strain Busy Sky
9 p.m. Connor
10 p.m. Kelly Andrews
11 p.m. 3rd Degree --Miss the Marvelous 3? You may be interested in adopting this Brooklyn-based 3rd Degree as your second-coming (hell, Butch Walker even produced their latest EP). Hooks, sweet and sarcastic lyrics, and that crunchy chorded guitar sound are all in there. (Swaminathan)
midnight Bachelor Red
1 a.m. Red Letter Agent

Sat., Aug. 2
7 Stages
7:50 p.m. PRAISE Youth Choir
8 p.m. Tim Solomon
8:15 p.m. 2for1
8:30 p.m. Kam
8:45 p.m. K'tav
9 p.m. TWB
9:15 p.m. Ayanna
9:45 p.m. Dezzie
10:05 p.m. Two Edge
10:30 p.m. Canton Jones

9 lives Saloon
8 p.m. The deadRight
9 p.m. Fashion Bomb
10 p.m. Gush
11 p.m. Scullsoup
midnight Artimus Pyledriver
1 a.m. JaD

10 High
8 p.m. Blush
9 p.m. endochine
10 p.m. Uncrowned
11 p.m. Evenout
midnight Union Drag
1 a.m. Trucker

Apache Cafe
9 p.m. Allison
9:15 p.m. Temika Moore
9:30 p.m. Envy
9:45 p.m. North Ave.
10 p.m. Raysean
10:15 p.m. EeDe
10:30 p.m. Sera Hill
10:45 p.m. Jae
11:15 p.m. Inobe
11:50 p.m. Chiedza -- The introspective and soulful singer/songwriter's name means "bearer of light" and his songs usually bear testimony to the lightness of (his) being. The charming performer can hush a noisy room with his spiritually ripe anthems and earthy rhythms while raising the roof with glorious and Godly testimony. (Smith)
12:25 a.m. MD
1 a.m. Paul Mortin

Charlie & Barney's
8 p.m. Angeles Drake
9 p.m. Bridge
10 p.m. The Accusations
11 p.m. The Mike Johnson Band
midnight Obsession Day

Cotton Club
8 p.m. Devil May Care
9 p.m. Suffrajett
10 p.m. Alastor -- See article, p. 97. (Smith)
11 p.m. Field Day
midnight [minus.driver]
1 a.m. Confliction

Dailey's Downstairs
9 p.m. Brian Webb
10 p.m. Kyler
11 p.m. Jon Harris
midnight Dolly Rappaport
1 a.m. Granian

Masquerade - Heaven
8 p.m. Killing Faith
9 p.m. Releese
10 p.m. American Devils
11 p.m. Muudha
midnight Slavemachine
1 a.m. Witches' Brew

Masquerade - Hell
8 p.m. Elcodrive -- An unapologetically bland, commercial rock band outta Boston, Elcodrive is as non-offensive (read: accessible) as it gets. (Stewart)
9 p.m. Punchline
10 p.m. The Unsatisfied
11 p.m. The Mooney Suzuki -- The Mooney Suzuki has spent the better part of time since releasing 2002's Electric Sweat picking up where the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion left off, as the most self-congratulatory (admittedly deservingly) purveyors of primal garage groove, fuzz scuzz and squawking blue-eyed soul. Of the new millennium's revivalists, nobody else attempting the Mooney Suzuki's Detroit-style swing rarely sounds more seedy, sweaty or swaggerin'. (Ware)
midnight Nuclear Saturday
1 a.m. dc-3

Masquerade - Purgatory
8 p.m. Metal Militia
9 p.m. Straight Line Stitch
10 p.m. Drill 187
11 p.m. Compound F
midnight Social Outcast u.b.
1 a.m. Armani Death Machine

Red Light Cafe
8 p.m. Zac Brown
9 p.m. Penny Jones
10 p.m. weaklazyliar
11 p.m. Nicole McKenna
midnight Brian Wiltsey
1 a.m. Zac Brown

Smith's Olde Bar - Downstairs
9 p.m. Nadine Goellner
10 p.m. Jason LeVasseur
11 p.m. Arlington Priest
midnight Naked & Shameless

Smith's Olde Bar - Upstairs
8 p.m. Zach Carr
9 p.m. Two Shades of Blue
10 p.m. Lithp
11 p.m. Bain Mattox -- Multi-instrumentalist Mattox, whether alone or backed by his gang of like-minded folk-rockers, creates disarmingly simple "sensitive poet" lyrics, evoking the deities of Dylan and Mitchell without pandering or plagiarism. His up-tempo tunes roll with a dark Springsteen-esque confidence. (Smith).
midnight Aerial -- Four years down the road, and Atlanta's own conduit of breakbeat expression have transformed from merely spirited to spiritual. From elastically rolling to gently lulling, the Aerial quintet's combination of atmospheric drum 'n' bass to tribal trip-hop with jacked to jazzy overtones has allowed many an audience to ascend alongside the band to an elevated consciousness even if just for one show. (Ware)
1 a.m. The Goodies -- Goofy and operatic, The Goodies try hard to please all. The over-the-top showmanship and occasionally freaky falsetto of loony frontman Holiday Childress is supported by his medicine-show guitar prowess. They are one of the few (probably the only) bands to cover both Barry Manilow and the Charlie Daniels Band in the same set. (Smith)

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