Comfy chicken biscuit at Home Grown

Don't let the name fool you. This open-faced take on the classic Southern breakfast sandwich is an all-out knife-and-fork affair. Crispy, » more

Salted caramel and bacon doughnut at Revolution Doughnuts

This leaning tower of doughnut sits lopsided on its tray as if slouching from the weight of its own deliciousness. One » more

Plain croissant at the Little Tart Bake Shop

Calling these crackly golden beauties "plain" is downright unfair. Words like butter, classic, or legit better describe the French pastries made » more

Chef's Breakfast at One Eared Stag

Very few things in life are served to you on a silver platter these days, never mind with an icy cold » more

Peanut butter French toast at Highland Bakery

If giants were real and they had a sweet tooth, they'd eat this indulgent creation. Bring a buddy or prepare for » more

Cruller and soy milk at Chef Liu

You think Krispy Kreme and milky coffee is oh-so-very American? This Chinese take on the wonders of hot, tender fried dough » more

Country-fried tempeh and gravy at Ria's Bluebird

This vegetarian take on country-fried steak and gravy hits all the recognizable pleasure points: solid golden crunch, smooth white gravy, and » more

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