Joeff Davis



Atlantans are at once impressed by and dismissive of Midtown. They’ll tell you that no part of the city has evolved more dramatically over the past two decades, and then they’ll wax nostalgic about how it used to be (funky, seedy, a little scary) and complain about what it is now (chain restaurants and a disappearing gay epicenter). But there is much to love amid the sea of national and local knockoffs. The city’s art institutions such as the High Museum, SCAD-Atlanta, and the relocated MODA anchor the neighborhood. It’s only blocks away from arguably the city’s finest greenspace, Piedmont Park. Where once there was a wasteland, now there are great restaurants, groceries, specialty shops, townhouses, lofts, high-rises, and even people. Judging by the cranes dotting the landscape, many more folks will soon call it home.
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