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The Clermont Lounge

If you haven't witnessed Blondie, the city's most well-embraced stripper (she's appeared in the city's marketing material, for Christ's

Swinging Richards

All-male, all-nude strip club. Mostly gay clientele. No bachelorette parties.

Pink Pony

There are strip clubs, and then there are Atlanta strip clubs. The Pink Pony sits atop an extended list of adult emporiums for the city

Club Onyx

This gentlemen's club offers women free entry until midnight.

Blake's on the Park

Located across the street from Piedmont Park, Blake's is ground zero for the Midtown gay set, where well-groomed young men gather to se

Magic City

The ATL's strip club of choice for ballers, players, and visiting rap stars. Come dressed on the nicer side of casual if you want to ge

MJQ Concourse

The tiny, shacklike entrance reveals an eclectic and loyal late-night crowd. Music at this underground clubber’s club ranges from hip-h

Looks of Atlanta

Ask your local exotic dancer where she bought her tear-away Catholic school girl outfit, and Looks will most likely be the answer.


A super-fun gay bar with some of the best karaoke (or, as they say, "Maryoke") in town on Tuesday and Saturday nights (but not the firs

Burkhart's Pub

One of Atlanta's top gay bars, with late-night dancing and drag shows in its multistory four-bar space.

The Model T

A gay-friendly neighborhood bar offering fun and fabulousness for everyone. Check the online calendar for weekly activities, holiday ev

The Heretic

Club known for its DJ nights and patrons who are fond of leather.