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Comment Archives: Stories: News & Views: Headcase

Re: “Hedwig and Obama

I enjoyed this article a lot. Thanks, 5 years later. :) I linked you from this quick blog I just posted:

Posted by David Jenkins on 08/12/2013 at 2:52 PM

Re: “Torture's cool, pornography's not

Isn't that a very typical thing in American society? Just look at parents - they would rather let their children see films with blood and gore, but if there's some skin, the tv will get turned off.

Film ratings - violence gets R, sexual content is X. So, violence is so much more tolerated in America than sex.
No wonder so many people have huge sexual hangups.
They don' t have these problems with rapes and teenage pregnancies etc in European countries, where sex and skin is so much more accepted as part of life.

Posted by Michaela on 07/07/2011 at 10:21 PM

Re: “Just in time for Christmas

Thank you for writing this. I am experiencing disinheritance. But, I am a woman and I am being disinherited by my mother who died over 2 years ago. I am fighting my brother in court over it. I have yet to win and I don't know if I will, but after a lifetime of abuse I've decided to go down shooting.
It is true, that disinheritance does not just affect the disinherited. It destroys any semblance of family you might have had with your sibling (s), and also your children and their children. It is really the ultimate betrayal, a parent putting a a curse and an insult that cannot be fixed, permanently on whatever is your family. Whether that family was held together by bridge cables or spider's web string, it doesn't matter. Disinheritance has the power to destroy even the strongest bonds. I hope that some parent reading this, who may be considering this, will think again. After you die, circumstances that did not exist before your death will occur. You do not know what they will be. And you will not be able to do anything about it. You will only leave a legacy of hatred that will continue for generations.
No matter how much you hated your disinherited child, consider this: you could be wrong. YOU could actually be the wrong one. Perhaps that child reflects something in you that you cannot abide. Maybe its really not them, maybe its you.
I often wonder about my mother, who is on the other side of this life, what she thinks now. She was full of blindness and prejudices. Is she aware of them now? Think what it would be like, to realize you were actually wrong, and there is nothing you can do about it ever, and the repercussions will go on for generations. That is what you will leave behind you if you despise your own child, that you brought into this world.
I will never visit my mother's grave. Ever.

Posted by Mairin on 07/06/2011 at 8:08 PM

Re: “To Ruth Malhotra:

Man, you really distorted(understatement) the facts on this one. This case had nothing to do with homosexuality. What a shitty article.

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Posted by danielman on 01/26/2011 at 9:30 PM

Re: “Hedwig and Obama

You are almost correct. The songs to which you refer were not written with the intent of Oscar eligibility. They were featured in early cuts of the movie not in performance sequences but as songs on the radio to which Hedwig would react angrily with claims that she had written those songs. But since she was never seen singing those songs or writing them with Tommy, it just didn't play. Regarding Oscar contention, that was the only reason NOT to remove them and John asked if I was OK not having new songs and I said yes. New songs are eligible for Best Song. Best Score is a different category altogether. the score refers to the instrumental music written for the movie and there was not enough of that to even be eligible. The composer of either the song or score must personally apply to be considered for a nomination and I did not fill out an application for either.
S. Trask

Posted by strask on 08/22/2010 at 11:21 AM

Re: “Stephen Colbert isn't funny!

Colbert isn't that funny. The left is far far too muzzled and remdered mentally dull by political correctness to be funny. PC newspeak has nearly made dry humour impossible. Colbert's shtick can never hope to equal the weakest episode of South Park. Moreover conservatives are too busy, have too many real points, take too much too seriously to unfortunately invest too much into humour at this point. Shame, since nothing needs spoofing more than the left, or kosher faux cons for that matter.

Posted by THOUGHT CRIMINAL on 06/19/2010 at 10:39 PM

Re: “Sex, lies and HIV

I find it interesting how many articles, such as this one, and others from publications like POZ Magazine very quickly want to take the heat off the HIV infected individual and put it back on the truthful, unexpected party. The reality is that most sexual experiences are prefaced with some kind of question of status;"I am negative are you the same?" I agree that casual experiences should be treated as though exposure is a possiblity, and yes, it does take two to tango. But when an HIV infected individual willfully withholds this information it is the same as putting a gun to someones head and not giving them the option to move.

Posted by Anonymous on 12/03/2009 at 8:20 AM

Re: “To Ruth Malhotra:

Update: April 2008 - Malhotra and Sklar sued Ga Tech and won!

The politically correct concept 'tolerance' is a double-edged lawn mower and Ga Tech got their grassy ass mowed!

Posted by Anonymous on 07/15/2009 at 9:48 AM

Re: “Of death and love

Your article about your canary singing for love and loss was especially interesting to me. I had a friend who lost her brother and their were 2 yellow canaries in the hospice home. One day she asked the nurse, "why don't the canaries ever sing?" the nurse told my friend to listen as they only sang when a patient was near death. Sure enough, the morning he died they sang all morning!

You wrote a beautiful story and confirmed my search for why the canary sings. They are obviously very in tune to the heart! thank you for sharing these moments!

Posted by Anonymous on 05/25/2009 at 5:14 PM

Re: “Massacre at Virginia Tech

I knew you would blame the evil conservatives before I even clicked the link. lol

Posted by Anonymous on 03/28/2009 at 2:25 AM

Re: “Two different brains

Oh, very interesting. This is just like the 'studies' the Nazis did on the Jews, their heads were odd shapes, their noses, etc. Anything to dehumanize and demonize them. Makes it easier to accept killing millions of them. As I said in another comment, liberals frighten me.

Posted by Anonymous on 03/28/2009 at 2:16 AM

Re: “The new atheism

Sam Harris believes he's enlightened and progressive. But he's simply a backward intolerant bigot. History is full of them. They killed many Christians. He makes tolerant Atheists like me look bad.

Posted by Anonymous on 03/28/2009 at 2:12 AM

Re: “To Ruth Malhotra:

Wow, you guys have become disgusting vile creatures. I fear you liberals, especially the gay agenda. And I'm an Atheist and also a flight attendant who has worked and befriended many gay people. Yes, that may be stereotyping that many gay men work as flight attendants, but it's true. I've NEVER had a problem with gay people until you decided to liberate yourselves using Marxist strategy.

Something has gone wrong with you, very wrong.

Posted by Anonymous on 03/28/2009 at 2:02 AM

Re: “My mother is dead

Thank you for what Im not sure but your words help...I watched my Mother die Dec 4, 2008. Literally my hand on her head the last breaths and I still cant believe she is gone.

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Posted by Anonymous on 12/14/2008 at 10:46 PM

Re: “You too can have an iLife

To my readers: I was informed after this column was published that, effective immediately, Headcase is being discontinued after 15-plus years.

You can read my response to the news on my personal blog:

Posted by Anonymous on 10/30/2008 at 5:27 PM

Re: “What Matthew Shepard's death taught America

I support tolerance, acceptance and openness in our society for all people.

I do not support increasing a persons sentence because of what they were thinking at the time.

Aren't all crimes of violence "hate" crimes?

Posted by Anonymous on 10/28/2008 at 11:44 AM

Re: “What Matthew Shepard's death taught America

While I agree that crimes like those committed against Matthew Shepard are despicable and should be punished to the full extent of the law, I fail to see how hate crimes legislation would improve anything.
It's unfortunate that prejudice exists. It's downright disgusting that some people use their prejudice as an excuse to antagonize other people. But aren't all crimes borne of hate? How can you distinguish between one crime and another based solely on the fact that a victim was gay, or black or Jewish?
If we claim that people of all sexual orientations, races and religions should be treated equally in life, then so, too, should they be treated equally in death.
Why should Shepard's death be prosecuted any differently just because he was gay?
All human life is precious, and to me, designating something a "hate crime" is an oxymoron. It's just a way of reinforcing the idea that certain people are somehow deserving of special treatment (good or bad), when, in reality, we are all equally deserving of what life has to offer.

Posted by Anonymous on 10/26/2008 at 11:41 PM

Re: “Torture's cool, pornography's not

Thanks for actually reading the story MrMateo!!! You are truly an ally of freedom. Mr. Bostock is clearly against freedom with his "facist" insults that have absolutely no merit outside of the small fact that the government is seeking to control our bodies and what we choose to do with them.

The most important part of this story, to me at least, is the demise of With that site gone, how is a good, freedom loving American like myself supposed to get piss porn?

Posted by Anonymous on 10/22/2008 at 9:06 AM

Re: “Torture's cool, pornography's not

How cute: Cliff Bostock is actually defending known misogynist and porn purveyor Paul "Max Hardcore" Little.

Meanwhile he condemns alleged torture techniques that have almost definitely prevented untold attacks by terrorists on American soil and beyond.

Cliff, please re-examine your priorities.

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Anonymous on 10/18/2008 at 9:27 AM

Re: “Banned Books Week

When I went to orientation for high school freshmen my teacher told our parents what books we would be reading and made the mistake of mentioning that Lysistrata might be controversial. If our parents felt uncomfortable we could read another book. My parents would never have known what Lysistrata was about or that it could have been a little risque if the teacher had kept his mouth shut! I think it was sort of funny that a few years later I was in footage used on the 700 Club while Pat Robertson discussed how liberal arts colleges were breeding grounds for lesbians...

At that same high school a group of parents called "S.O.S." (save our students) launched an all out war on Catcher in the Rye which was not required reading even----it was a back up book on a list of choices for those students whose parents thought their child's summer reading assignment was inappropriate. Amongst other things S.O.S. found the bestiality featured in J.D. Salinger's classic novel problematic. I've read the book several times and must have missed any of that BUT I can say for certain that I learned about bestiality because of the S.O.S crew.

Posted by Anonymous on 10/13/2008 at 3:07 PM

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