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Re: “Milltown Arms Tavern

If you are a drunk and you are looking for drugs this place that has them. If you looking for meth and other drugs come on down to Cabbagetown.

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Posted by Drunks and Punks on 03/11/2015 at 2:01 AM

Re: “Jerry Farber's Side Door

Agree with Donnie. Even on the rare occasion that they book an actual professional comedian at Jerry Farber's Sidedoor, the 85 year old host has to get up and do an additional unecessary 30-40 minutes AFTER the headliner and suck all the life out of the room. No wonder this place is on the way out.

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Posted by janet1981 on 01/24/2015 at 2:32 PM

Re: “Anna's BBQ

The ribs were tough not season well lemonade way too sweet and customer service with attitude no thanks Anna's bbq

Posted by sara h. on 01/21/2015 at 10:04 AM

Re: “Johnny's Hideaway

[This comment has been removed to comply with Creative Loafing's comment policy.]

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Posted by Louis Hilliard on 01/14/2015 at 4:55 PM

Re: “Taverna Plaka

A couple months back I bought a gift certificate to take my fiancé out to a nice dinner at Plaka, and when we went to redeem the certificate Friday night the manager said that it was no longer valid. He claimed that the restaurant had changed ownership recently and wasn't responsible for Plaka’s past obligations, and therefore we were out $50. So let me get this straight, the name on the building stays the same, the location doesn't change, the menu is identical, the same staff remains, the company's Brand, image and messaging go untouched, yet some random guy in the back is replaced and all previous obligations and debts are expected to disappear. How is that remotely ethical? I am a management consultant by trade, and it’s pathetic to see a business with such unfair, dubious and profit-driven practices. Here's some expensive advice, put the customer at the heart of all of your business practices, from the loneliest greeter to the top decision makers. I've turned businesses like yours around and it wasn't by cutting corners and treating customers poorly; it was by doing what's right every minute of every day... successful owners call this Business 101! You’re following the same path as the last owner and we all know how that turned out. While you can't undo what previous owners have committed to, you can certainly make up for their practices by being a strong, ethical, and exemplar member of the community who provides consistent, outstanding service. Friday night Plaka failed miserably at being that service provider, but it’s not too late.

Posted by baudlerc on 12/09/2014 at 11:03 AM

Re: “Fred's Place

On 10/3/14 I called in a pick up order. I was hung up on by the old angry black woman who answered in the phone in the midst of my order. When I arrived at the restaurant there was a line as long as the sidewalk. The old angry black woman keeps an attitude, thereby giving bad customer service to all patrons. I attempted to speak to the owner Fred about his bad practices andn his response was "well don't order from here". Now I noticed that not one cook was wearing a hair net or gloves. All the servers and cooks are older ladies, over age 65, who cannot partially see, hear or speak. They are missing teeth, causing saliva to fly on consumers food. Everyone talks with an attitude. There are flies swarming inside the cooking area. We have a business that is the only one like it in downtown Atlanta and the service is bad as well as the unkempt employees who serve.

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Posted by Ebony M Dickens on 10/03/2014 at 8:56 AM

Re: “Jerry Farber's Side Door

Jerry Farber's Sidedoor needs a consistent lineup. The acts that appear are almost never what is advertised on the website and nearly always a disappointment. Jerry Farber's Sidedoor should suspend their cover charge or better yet, operating as an entertainment venue.

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Posted by donnie on 09/15/2014 at 5:21 PM

Re: “Thai Heaven

This was my first time trying this place out and it will also be my last. I came in a little after 8pm on a Wednesday night to place a small take out order for 2. Upon entering I was impressed by the atmosphere of the place. Good thing as I got to enjoy it for about five minutes before anyone acknowledged me. I stated that I was placing a take-out order and was given a menu. I sat near the door and looked around a bit more and noticed the place empty other than a party of maybe 15. They were just casually talking having already placed their orders.

This is a large place with room for many, many others so this shouldn't be too big a problem. I look the menu over for some time and make my decisions. I go to the front desk again and wait... again. Another nearly ten minutes this time for the same hostess to ask if I am ready. I order an appetizer, a soup, and two entrees. I then take a seat at the bar to wait for my food. as I do I see servers begin to bring out food to the party of 15. Time passes as I wait and a few other guys come in and sit at the bar. they are greeted and asked if they would like to order.

A couple comes in and is taken to a both. Its been about 20 minutes now and no more food is going to the large table. The three guys at the bar now have their drinks and one has his food order. I continue to wait at the bar. Not being asked if I would even like a drink while I wait. It's been about 35 minutes now and another group of 10 or so comes in to ask to eat outside. Arrangements are made with tables on the patio and they are led to their chairs. I manage to make eye contact with the hostess that took my order some 40 minutes ago and she says that they are just waiting on my order of salmon.

I think that a piece of fish shouldn't take too long to cook and continue to wait. And wait. And wait. Another 20 goes by and finally at round about the hour mark from when I placed my order the hostess returns with my order. At this point I am frustrated, tired of being here and being ignored, hungry, and just want to go. I pay and leave.

After a short less than ten minute drive home I open my bag to find even more disappointment. The Singapore noodles look and taste almost as good as what I normally get from a local Chinese take out, only at three times the price here. The Thai basil rolls are spectacularly bland. The honey salmon is overcooked (seriously?) which was attempted to be covered up by drowning it in sauce. It also came with about a small ice cream scoop of overcooked white rice. And my Tom Yum soup.... no where to be seen. So, I decide to give them a call and speak to a manager to let them know that they really messed things up tonight. My career deals directly with restaurants and I know they need to know when this sort of thing happens.

So I call and the phone rings about five times and goes to a voicemail that is full and hangs up on me. I call again and on the third ring the a man picks up. I ask if I can speak with the manager on duty and am told to hold. The hostess now comes on and asks if she can help. I restate that I am looking for a manager and she says that one is not there. So, I ask if anyone is in charge and may I speak to them. She says that she guesses that might be the next in charge. Rather than waste any more time I ask when someone actually in charge will be in and am told to call back in an hour. Abou to make that call now.

So, unless you enjoy such horrible service, take-out level food at three times the price I recommend that you do not patron this establishment.

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Posted by Steven Edward Ayers II on 08/07/2014 at 8:11 AM

Re: “The Earl

This place is all right if you are white. They have a strange attitude toward people of color.
Racist undertones plague this dive,not only in the booking but also in the staff's attitude
Towards certain ethnic groups. Don't believe me?,pay more attention your next visit.
Yes,the food is OK.

Posted by Oracle on 07/15/2014 at 12:52 AM

Re: “Inchin's Bamboo Garden

its an ok indian buffet for lunch but i would never go back

Posted by Ambika on 07/11/2014 at 3:01 PM

Re: “Footprints Cafe

Me and my friends went to Footprints thinking that we were going to have fun but it ended up being just the opposite. The music and the food sucked! The service that we received from the waitress was horrible!! It is not worth paying 15 bucks to go there. Please don't waste your time or money.

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Posted by Beatrice on 06/18/2014 at 1:02 AM

Re: “Shoya Izakaya

I've come to this place three times so far. The third time will certainly be my last. I should've know something was wrong when upon leaving the second time the server came running out. He asked me why i didn't leave a tip and i told him it was simply because i didn't have enough money.

The third time i came and ate and when i left i was confronted by the same server asking why i didn't leave a tip. I explain that i forgot and as i was about to dig up a tip for him he got an unnecessary attitude. He started to speak of how he remembered me from before and that if the service was good i should've left a tip. He spoke of how they only make $3 working there. Then he went even further to say that he didn't think it APPROPRIATE of me to not leave a tip.

As i stated before i planned on giving him a tip. But once he said all that the tip went out the window, I explained to him that i didn't think it APPROPRIATE of him to come towards me in that manner. I'm a minor and he is a full adult towering several feet taller than me and with the way he presented himself was uncalled for. As i said i am a minor with no job so i don't make alot of money and i went here for a special treat for my birthday. If i didn't have money i just didn't and there's nothing i can do.

I also told him that in other restaurants its recommended you tip but it is not mandatory so if i don't have money or if i just don't want to i don't have to. Upon this he stormed of and threw the server wallet on the register. I thought it was very immature behavior and asked to speak to the owner. The elderly woman behind the register claimed he was out of town but asked me to tell her my problem.

I explained it to her and she basically told me the same thing and even said she understood why he got that way. I told her there was no reason and upon explaining my reason I told her that if that was the attitude i was to receive i wouldn't come back. I told her for the way he behaved i deserved an apology for an apology she said"No , i don't think so." and went on to say if i don't have money for a tip i shouldn't come here.

I left and spoke with my mother who spoke to them. Upon seeing her their whole attitude changed.They directing her to the owner (liars!) who apologized for his employees behavior. Then upon seeing my mother the employee suddenly appeared and was falsely apologetic. My mother explained that as a minor he had no right speaking to me the way he did. If he had a problem he should be speaking to my date and not a small, younger, female. My mother explain i would not be coming back.
This place seemed like a wonderful place but now i see it is full of rude workers with bad manners. I am not coming back and would advise you to do the same.
Over all this was a terrible experience and i would not recommend coming if you don't want to get picked on.

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Posted by princess111 on 06/15/2014 at 12:47 PM

Re: “Bread Garden

I walked into this bakery the other day. I heard hateful things being said and bullying. Catharine Krasnow was yelling at one of her employees and making fun of him being disabled and his
Disability's. I was so disgusted I walked out. This woman sounds horrible. I talked to other locals that have been in there and walked out. I talked to one customer in particular that told the employee that he should call the department of labor and the police because from this local customer I talked to she has hit him before. With how I heard her talk when I was in the store and hearing how Psychotic she sounded. I just wish I would have said something and stuck up for this employee. I regret not doing so. I hope he takes the advice of the other customer that spoke to him.

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Posted by mandy on 06/05/2014 at 3:46 PM

Re: “AJ's Famous Seafood and Po'boys

Not even close to the worst New Orleans sandwich shop... AJ sucks

Posted by Nawlins Original on 04/05/2014 at 7:54 AM

Re: “Rumi's Kitchen

Rumi's Kitchen has a great atmosphere, wonderful food and acceptable service. They would be receiving four stars except for one serious issue. They have absolutely no respect for disabled individuals. They allow the valet company to park cars in the handicap spots. The first time this happened, we spoke to the manager and he assured us it would be handled but not before he declared it was not the restaurants responsibility but that of the valet company. The manager never did come back around to close the conversation with us that evening. When the valet company was addressed, we were told it was the restaurants responsibility. Tonight, in an attempt to see if they had corrected the problem after bringing it to their attention, the exact scenario played out all over again.

It is important to know that the proper procedure for someone requiring a handicap spot and not being able to access one because an able-bodied person is in the spot is to call the police. When the police arrive, the car parked in the handicap spot gets ticketed -- even if they did not park it there themselves. Nothing happens to the valet company or the restaurant until the TICKETED customer takes issue.

Until we have 100% assurance this issue has been resolved and will continue to be resolved we will no longer patronize this establishment.

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Posted by TMoore on 03/29/2014 at 8:03 PM

Re: “Rosa Mexicano

Overpriced so-so food and absolutely no customer service.

Posted by DRHillis on 01/08/2014 at 10:04 PM

Re: “East Point Corner Tavern

Smh. Rude. Unprofessional. They expect you to tip them for pool games, which is expensive. Pool is already $10/hour, I know I was laid off, recently. So my friend invited me there to get my mind off the lost of my job. So, I felt blind-sighted by an angry manager confronting us on the stairs, as we were exiting. He yells out in a demanding tone, "Hey, next time you come, YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF MY SERVERS." . We were shocked. I didn't drink or eat. Neither did my pool partner. But the manager ran up to us, confronted us about it in front of folks, and adamantly and rudely told us WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF HIS SERVERS going forward. So, we tried to politely explain we hadn't use his servers to buy food or drinks. It was as if the $40 we had just spent there wasn't even appreciated. Just rude, unprofessional. But he went on a rant. And I just honestly felt like I was being extortioned and publicly embarrassed for not leaving what they perceived as a required tip. Please someone tell the manager that tips are voluntary! We bought no drinks or food. And, by the way, I have never tipped for pool. I tip for food, and IF I actually was a drinker,. I could see that. But tips are my choice, not theirs. MY GOD! RESPECT THE CUSTOMERS! Maybe, somebody can send a message to the CORNER TAVERN. See, you must lost a customer. And I know my friends has been going there every week, three times a week, and dropping $60 a week there. No more of that repeat customer stuff here. NOT UNTIL YAL LEARN some basic respect for your customers

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Posted by unsatisfied on 12/14/2013 at 3:10 AM

Re: “East Atlanta Thai & Sushi

I JUST had the WORST experience!

I walked into this establishment despite my FIRST encounter to order the dish I had previously because DESPITE the poor customer service, the food was delicious. I was directed to the bar by a charming hostess and that's where the "good" ends.

I preceded to glance over the menu searching for what I had previously ordered, the bartender asked "what she could do for me" I informed her I wanted to place an order to go....

20 mins elasped before she returned. I attempted to explain to her the dish I wanted and she informed me that option wasn't available, apologized she couldn't help me AND WALKED OFF. I ignored this, and decided to try something else.

The blonde bartender precedes to send her "manager" over to take my order, because I was frustrating I guess. He doesn't greet me or asks how he can help... he simply asks in BROKEN ENGLISH "you order or NOT??"

Once I place my order... I seriously considered NOT waiting... but decided to pay for my food and NOT return! WHAT A MISTAKE!!??

They bring my food out, much to the outrage of the customer beside me who had been waiting 45 mins prior to my arrival.... BUT THIS STORY ISN'T OVER!!!

The blonde bartender returns with a handwritten receipt and asks for my I.D. and informs me they have to "write all of my information down because the computer system was down."

I told her I wasn't comfortable with my debit card number being written to which she sharply asks "well, you got cash".... when I replied No.... she snatched the hand written receipt from my hand, snatched the food, rolled her eyes AND WALKED AWAY.

Keep this in mind: there is an ATM down the street.... I could've gotten cash from there... I also should have been notified this was the plan PRIOR to MY ORDER BEING TAKEN!!

The disgusting attitude and behavior of the STAFF is incredibly poor and I'll DRIVE to North Druid Hills for Top Spice before I EVER STEP FOOT IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN!!!!!!!

Not to mention, I'm not sure,... but I THINK they wrote down my card info ANYWAY... and God help them IF THEY DID! I plan on contacting VISA as soon as I write this REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

decent FOOD, disgusting SERVICE!

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Posted by christy.clark.501 on 10/08/2013 at 8:49 PM

Re: “Ru-San's

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Posted by Zachary Standridge on 08/19/2013 at 7:39 PM

Re: “Gladys & Ron's Chicken & Waffles

Please think twice before going to this restaurant! There is a very expensive scam being run on restaurant patrons which will cost you $75! The restaurant has two parking areas behind the building. Our family of seven pulled into the parking area on the left side. We had a short wait, were seated, ordered dinner, ate, paid and left. (More on the food later). The cost was $159, without alcoholic beverages and with an automatic 18% gratuity added. When we got to our car, we found that two "boots" had been put on the car -- and that three other families had just encountered the same disaster. A tag on the car required us to call an 800 number to request that the boots be removed -- at a cost of $75 in cash! The "boot remover" came nearly an hour later, and worked his way through the four cars.The "boot remover" noted that our parking location was one of the busiest and most "profitable" for the company, while he was removing the boots.

You may ask "Why were you booted?" Well, everyone in the left parking lot overlooked a sign posted in the dark, covered with graffiti and stickers, which said "Pay $3 at the box" -- which couldn't be located. I went into the restaurant to request some explanation. All the hostesses and the manager acknowledged that this happened "frequently." However, they made no effort to tell patrons to park only on the right side lot. They showed me a sign, approximately 8 inches x 4 inches in the window of the restaurant noting -- Please pay parking fee. However the sign was covered up by a homeless man sitting in front of the sign on the sidewalk.

It seems counterproductive to ensure that at least one-third of the patrons in your restaurant will have to pay a "boot tax" of $75 because your staff do not actively notify patrons of this problem. The "geez whiz, this is not our problem" approach from the manager and the staff reflects poor training by the general manager and corporate folks -- or a complete disregard for treating customers with decency.

Food -- totally mediocre. Chicken was unseasoned and overpriced. (Publix friend chicken is better!). Sides were $4 each, 1/2 cup servings. Collard greens came from a can with no seasonings. Some sides came out cold. When we asked to have them replaced, they were. There was no sign of the manager on duty "Will Hudson" who seemed to be hanging out in an invisibility suit in the kitchen. Save your money and find someplace else.

But if you go, for God's Sake(!) park on the right side of the building and suffer only from mediocre food.

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Posted by Cathy Jackson on 08/13/2013 at 12:36 PM

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