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Re: “Footprints Cafe

Me and my friends went to Footprints thinking that we were going to have fun but it ended up being just the opposite. The music and the food sucked! The service that we received from the waitress was horrible!! It is not worth paying 15 bucks to go there. Please don't waste your time or money.

Posted by Beatrice on 06/18/2014 at 1:02 AM

Re: “Roux on Canton

Can you give NEGATIVE stars??? First off the staff is just LIES to you about the wait time. Our 1 ½ hour wait turned into a 2 ½ hour wait. Then we were FINALLY seated next to the bar where all the drunks could run in and out of the restaurant hitting us in the back CONSTANTLY!!!!! Then the wait staff continued with this ABUSE AND BATTERY by pushing through the drunks and hitting us in the back!! The food was HORRIBLE!!! I had what the menu called Shrimp and Grits…RUBBERY shrimp over OVERCOOKED grits with COLD GREASY onions and peppers on top. My husband had the shrimp and steak, ONLY 4 SMALL SHRIMP AND 4 SMALL PIECES OF STEAK!!!! Appetizer sized proteins on entrée sized starch!! Another person ordered the Po Boy WITHOUT rémoulade sauce, when the waiter brought the sandwich, he was asked if there was rémoulade sauce on it, the waiter said NO. Well the sandwich was COVERED with rémoulade. So even the chef and wait staff are CLUELESS about the menu. This was our anniversary celebration, and after all the ABUSE we were put through, NOT EVEN A PIECE OF CAKE was brought to our table. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PLACE. On top of all of this, I was SICK to my STOMACH half the night after eating here!!! Do yourself a favor and go to Popeye chicken for better food, larger sizes and more authentic Cajun cuisine!!!

Posted by Kathy252 on 06/16/2014 at 8:15 AM

Re: “Shoya Izakaya

I've come to this place three times so far. The third time will certainly be my last. I should've know something was wrong when upon leaving the second time the server came running out. He asked me why i didn't leave a tip and i told him it was simply because i didn't have enough money.

The third time i came and ate and when i left i was confronted by the same server asking why i didn't leave a tip. I explain that i forgot and as i was about to dig up a tip for him he got an unnecessary attitude. He started to speak of how he remembered me from before and that if the service was good i should've left a tip. He spoke of how they only make $3 working there. Then he went even further to say that he didn't think it APPROPRIATE of me to not leave a tip.

As i stated before i planned on giving him a tip. But once he said all that the tip went out the window, I explained to him that i didn't think it APPROPRIATE of him to come towards me in that manner. I'm a minor and he is a full adult towering several feet taller than me and with the way he presented himself was uncalled for. As i said i am a minor with no job so i don't make alot of money and i went here for a special treat for my birthday. If i didn't have money i just didn't and there's nothing i can do.

I also told him that in other restaurants its recommended you tip but it is not mandatory so if i don't have money or if i just don't want to i don't have to. Upon this he stormed of and threw the server wallet on the register. I thought it was very immature behavior and asked to speak to the owner. The elderly woman behind the register claimed he was out of town but asked me to tell her my problem.

I explained it to her and she basically told me the same thing and even said she understood why he got that way. I told her there was no reason and upon explaining my reason I told her that if that was the attitude i was to receive i wouldn't come back. I told her for the way he behaved i deserved an apology for an apology she said"No , i don't think so." and went on to say if i don't have money for a tip i shouldn't come here.

I left and spoke with my mother who spoke to them. Upon seeing her their whole attitude changed.They directing her to the owner (liars!) who apologized for his employees behavior. Then upon seeing my mother the employee suddenly appeared and was falsely apologetic. My mother explained that as a minor he had no right speaking to me the way he did. If he had a problem he should be speaking to my date and not a small, younger, female. My mother explain i would not be coming back.
This place seemed like a wonderful place but now i see it is full of rude workers with bad manners. I am not coming back and would advise you to do the same.
Over all this was a terrible experience and i would not recommend coming if you don't want to get picked on.

Posted by princess111 on 06/15/2014 at 12:47 PM

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