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Comment Archives: Locations: 1 Star

Re: “Antiques and Beyond

WARNING: If you are a minority, especially one of Hispanic descent (like myself), I do not recommend shopping at this place!

I went in (it was around my third time shopping there) to find a cute little antique bottle for a crafts project for a gift, and decided to look around the store to see what was there. They do have nice quality items there, but I kept noticing someone, who turned out to be a both owner/renter there, kept looking at me and not removing his gaze from me or my direct. When I would look at him he just gave me a very fake smirkish smile. At one point I turned around surprised to see he was literally right behind me, he looked at me and smiled, THEN proceeded to pass me. Apparently he had been following me since the other end of the store that time.

Anyway, the really messed up part came when I finally found what I wanted. There was a small basket in one of the enclosed booths with bottles like the one I was after. I took a moment to look though them, picked two, and brought them up to the front counter. I asked the advice of one of the two women there at the time (the craft project gift was for a female friend), and after making my selection offered to return the bottle back myself since she might not know which booth it belonged to (my mother raised me well). When I returned to the booth guess who I found there going through the very basket of tiny bottles I had just pulled two from? He was clearly surprised when he saw me, tried to say something, but then just smiled again at me walked away without actually saying anything.

And it just got worse folks!

I then left for about a half-hour to eat something nearby since I felt calming down was the best idea. I returned, spoke with the management, who once I started telling the story of what happened looked at me with a look of "I can not believe you are bothering me with this. Get the (beep) out of my store.". He then gave me an obviously "I am sorry you felt that way..." based on his voice tone, and I proceeded to just leave.

AND it gets better still! As I was leaving the store biting my tongue I heard a very loud female laughter start when the door had almost finished shutting behind me. I guess she thought I was out of hearing range by them???

I was racially profiled.
Followed around the store.
The manager looked pissed I was complaining about the incident.
A female employ behind the counter started laughing out loud about the incident when she thought I was out of hearing range when the door was almost shut behind me.
I do not recommend buying here, or even walking around in here, if you are a minority like myself.

Posted by MattOfDrake on 12/14/2014 at 7:54 PM

Re: “Taverna Plaka

A couple months back I bought a gift certificate to take my fiancé out to a nice dinner at Plaka, and when we went to redeem the certificate Friday night the manager said that it was no longer valid. He claimed that the restaurant had changed ownership recently and wasn't responsible for Plaka’s past obligations, and therefore we were out $50. So let me get this straight, the name on the building stays the same, the location doesn't change, the menu is identical, the same staff remains, the company's Brand, image and messaging go untouched, yet some random guy in the back is replaced and all previous obligations and debts are expected to disappear. How is that remotely ethical? I am a management consultant by trade, and it’s pathetic to see a business with such unfair, dubious and profit-driven practices. Here's some expensive advice, put the customer at the heart of all of your business practices, from the loneliest greeter to the top decision makers. I've turned businesses like yours around and it wasn't by cutting corners and treating customers poorly; it was by doing what's right every minute of every day... successful owners call this Business 101! You’re following the same path as the last owner and we all know how that turned out. While you can't undo what previous owners have committed to, you can certainly make up for their practices by being a strong, ethical, and exemplar member of the community who provides consistent, outstanding service. Friday night Plaka failed miserably at being that service provider, but it’s not too late.

Posted by baudlerc on 12/09/2014 at 11:03 AM

Re: “Fred's Place

On 10/3/14 I called in a pick up order. I was hung up on by the old angry black woman who answered in the phone in the midst of my order. When I arrived at the restaurant there was a line as long as the sidewalk. The old angry black woman keeps an attitude, thereby giving bad customer service to all patrons. I attempted to speak to the owner Fred about his bad practices andn his response was "well don't order from here". Now I noticed that not one cook was wearing a hair net or gloves. All the servers and cooks are older ladies, over age 65, who cannot partially see, hear or speak. They are missing teeth, causing saliva to fly on consumers food. Everyone talks with an attitude. There are flies swarming inside the cooking area. We have a business that is the only one like it in downtown Atlanta and the service is bad as well as the unkempt employees who serve.

0 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Ebony M Dickens on 10/03/2014 at 8:56 AM

Re: “Solar Dimensions and Solarium

I have had an extremely unpleasant experience with Solar Dimensions as a company. I purchased the Platinum membership on 03/01/2014 and the terms stated:
'A 3 month minimum (plus initial activation fee) is required on all Platinum [memberships]. Your 1st month's prorated dues will be charged on the first billing.'
As my first billing was charged on 03/01/2014, I would expect March to be month 1. I travel for a living and was leaving town 06/01/2014, returning only sporadically through the end of September. As I believed I could cancel after I paid for the month of May, this seemed to work perfectly. When I visited the salon towards the end of May and requested cancellation of my account, the girl behind the desk was systematically unable to complete my request. I was provided the number for Colleen Vale, Corporate Office Supervisor, to discuss this further.
When I called and spoke with Colleen, I was informed that the month of March counts as the 1st month that is prorated into my initial billing and therefore was committed through the month of June and could not cancel until the final draw was completed. I informed to her that this was not explained to me when I opened my account and I was told my commitment was for only 3 months, thus available for cancellation after May. She expressed her understanding that the contract could be misunderstood as such and offered to credit my Solar Dimensions account for the June payment and freeze my account until my work travel died down. Considering a ‘prorated’ payment is to account for a partial month and my contract started on the first of March, I was not pleased with this resolution but felt it was not worth the fight. I asked if I needed to send any sort of reminder or follow-up to ensure this was taken care of (as we spoke near the last day of May and she could not complete the transaction until after the June draw) and she said no, that she would take care of it. I’m fully aware that the mistake I made is trusting her word and I should have followed-up.
After returning from my travels, I noticed that a draw had been made on my credit card for ‘Solarium’ for the month of October. When I further investigated, I noticed that the account was never frozen and Solar Dimensions had inappropriately created unauthorized charges for 4 months of services ($78.88 x 4 months = $315.52) to which I did not agree. I immediately called Colleen and at first she stated she did not recall our conversation and that she searched her email and couldn’t find anything evidencing our conversation. She then retracted that statement, saying that she did remember speaking with me but because she could not find anything in writing regarding the freezing of my account, she couldn’t do anything retroactively. When I questioned why she wouldn’t honor an agreement she acknowledges that she made, I was offered a partial credit.
I continued to express my dissatisfaction and asked to speak to her supervisor and the final offer was a credit to my Solar Dimensions account (not my credit card) for the 3 months I was traveling but because I am in town and can use the month of October, they wouldn’t credit the 4th month. I then expressed my extreme displeasure with this proposed resolution as I was falsely misled to believe that my only financial commitment to Solar Dimensions subsequent to June was $5 per month to freeze the account but instead $315.52 (not including the month of June that I am still against) was forcibly relinquished. During this phone call, Colleen stated that I need to email her in regards to cancelling my membership but I had to ask for Colleen’s email address 3 times and the phone call almost ended prior to her providing me with this contact information.
After asking several times to speak with Colleen’s supervisor, I was informed that she is unable to give out her contact information but she would have the Jennifer Smith, District Manager, contact me. I will continue to persistently work my way up the chain until I feel an appropriate resolution has been reached.
After consulting with a contract lawyer and re-reviewing both the contract and my credit card charges, I firmly believe that Solar Dimensions falsely misled me and should credit my credit card, not my Solar Dimensions account, for the months of June, July, August, September and October totaling $394.40.
I have never had an experience with any business as greedy as this one and feel they should be ashamed of how they are conducting business. I highly recommend avoiding any binding agreement with this company or trusting the word of any employee. After running a quick search, I found 3 stories similar to mine (please see links below) so this is obviously not their first offense. I fully intend to put my story on as many social media outlets and review sites as possible, and if successful resolution is not achieved within the company, I intend to dispute the charges on my credit card, report them to the better business bureau, and take legal action. This type of business practice is unacceptable.

Posted by anon on 10/02/2014 at 3:45 PM

Re: “Jerry Farber's Side Door

Jerry Farber's Sidedoor needs a consistent lineup. The acts that appear are almost never what is advertised on the website and nearly always a disappointment. Jerry Farber's Sidedoor should suspend their cover charge or better yet, operating as an entertainment venue.

Posted by donnie on 09/15/2014 at 5:21 PM

Re: “Borderline Gallery

I have not been to the gallery but I'm still waiting to receive art from Joy three years ago. I would avoid him at all costs he is an unethical artist with nothing but poor excuses.

Posted by ten3one on 09/08/2014 at 9:49 AM

Re: “Thai Heaven

This was my first time trying this place out and it will also be my last. I came in a little after 8pm on a Wednesday night to place a small take out order for 2. Upon entering I was impressed by the atmosphere of the place. Good thing as I got to enjoy it for about five minutes before anyone acknowledged me. I stated that I was placing a take-out order and was given a menu. I sat near the door and looked around a bit more and noticed the place empty other than a party of maybe 15. They were just casually talking having already placed their orders.

This is a large place with room for many, many others so this shouldn't be too big a problem. I look the menu over for some time and make my decisions. I go to the front desk again and wait... again. Another nearly ten minutes this time for the same hostess to ask if I am ready. I order an appetizer, a soup, and two entrees. I then take a seat at the bar to wait for my food. as I do I see servers begin to bring out food to the party of 15. Time passes as I wait and a few other guys come in and sit at the bar. they are greeted and asked if they would like to order.

A couple comes in and is taken to a both. Its been about 20 minutes now and no more food is going to the large table. The three guys at the bar now have their drinks and one has his food order. I continue to wait at the bar. Not being asked if I would even like a drink while I wait. It's been about 35 minutes now and another group of 10 or so comes in to ask to eat outside. Arrangements are made with tables on the patio and they are led to their chairs. I manage to make eye contact with the hostess that took my order some 40 minutes ago and she says that they are just waiting on my order of salmon.

I think that a piece of fish shouldn't take too long to cook and continue to wait. And wait. And wait. Another 20 goes by and finally at round about the hour mark from when I placed my order the hostess returns with my order. At this point I am frustrated, tired of being here and being ignored, hungry, and just want to go. I pay and leave.

After a short less than ten minute drive home I open my bag to find even more disappointment. The Singapore noodles look and taste almost as good as what I normally get from a local Chinese take out, only at three times the price here. The Thai basil rolls are spectacularly bland. The honey salmon is overcooked (seriously?) which was attempted to be covered up by drowning it in sauce. It also came with about a small ice cream scoop of overcooked white rice. And my Tom Yum soup.... no where to be seen. So, I decide to give them a call and speak to a manager to let them know that they really messed things up tonight. My career deals directly with restaurants and I know they need to know when this sort of thing happens.

So I call and the phone rings about five times and goes to a voicemail that is full and hangs up on me. I call again and on the third ring the a man picks up. I ask if I can speak with the manager on duty and am told to hold. The hostess now comes on and asks if she can help. I restate that I am looking for a manager and she says that one is not there. So, I ask if anyone is in charge and may I speak to them. She says that she guesses that might be the next in charge. Rather than waste any more time I ask when someone actually in charge will be in and am told to call back in an hour. Abou to make that call now.

So, unless you enjoy such horrible service, take-out level food at three times the price I recommend that you do not patron this establishment.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Steven Edward Ayers II on 08/07/2014 at 8:11 AM

Re: “Regal Perimeter Pointe 10

I live in the area and have to agree with the statements above. Bathrooms are disgusting and the only thing we order is popcorn precisely because the employees don't wash their hands while handling food. The seats are comfortable but management doesn't keep the place clean. If you have little kids I would steer away from the place.

Posted by Dunwoody Dad on 08/01/2014 at 8:06 AM

Re: “The Earl

This place is all right if you are white. They have a strange attitude toward people of color.
Racist undertones plague this dive,not only in the booking but also in the staff's attitude
Towards certain ethnic groups. Don't believe me?,pay more attention your next visit.
Yes,the food is OK.

Posted by Oracle on 07/15/2014 at 12:52 AM

Re: “Inchin's Bamboo Garden

its an ok indian buffet for lunch but i would never go back

Posted by Ambika on 07/11/2014 at 3:01 PM

Re: “Footprints Cafe

Me and my friends went to Footprints thinking that we were going to have fun but it ended up being just the opposite. The music and the food sucked! The service that we received from the waitress was horrible!! It is not worth paying 15 bucks to go there. Please don't waste your time or money.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Beatrice on 06/18/2014 at 1:02 AM

Re: “Roux on Canton

Can you give NEGATIVE stars??? First off the staff is just LIES to you about the wait time. Our 1 ½ hour wait turned into a 2 ½ hour wait. Then we were FINALLY seated next to the bar where all the drunks could run in and out of the restaurant hitting us in the back CONSTANTLY!!!!! Then the wait staff continued with this ABUSE AND BATTERY by pushing through the drunks and hitting us in the back!! The food was HORRIBLE!!! I had what the menu called Shrimp and Grits…RUBBERY shrimp over OVERCOOKED grits with COLD GREASY onions and peppers on top. My husband had the shrimp and steak, ONLY 4 SMALL SHRIMP AND 4 SMALL PIECES OF STEAK!!!! Appetizer sized proteins on entrée sized starch!! Another person ordered the Po Boy WITHOUT rémoulade sauce, when the waiter brought the sandwich, he was asked if there was rémoulade sauce on it, the waiter said NO. Well the sandwich was COVERED with rémoulade. So even the chef and wait staff are CLUELESS about the menu. This was our anniversary celebration, and after all the ABUSE we were put through, NOT EVEN A PIECE OF CAKE was brought to our table. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PLACE. On top of all of this, I was SICK to my STOMACH half the night after eating here!!! Do yourself a favor and go to Popeye chicken for better food, larger sizes and more authentic Cajun cuisine!!!

Posted by Kathy252 on 06/16/2014 at 8:15 AM

Re: “Shoya Izakaya

I've come to this place three times so far. The third time will certainly be my last. I should've know something was wrong when upon leaving the second time the server came running out. He asked me why i didn't leave a tip and i told him it was simply because i didn't have enough money.

The third time i came and ate and when i left i was confronted by the same server asking why i didn't leave a tip. I explain that i forgot and as i was about to dig up a tip for him he got an unnecessary attitude. He started to speak of how he remembered me from before and that if the service was good i should've left a tip. He spoke of how they only make $3 working there. Then he went even further to say that he didn't think it APPROPRIATE of me to not leave a tip.

As i stated before i planned on giving him a tip. But once he said all that the tip went out the window, I explained to him that i didn't think it APPROPRIATE of him to come towards me in that manner. I'm a minor and he is a full adult towering several feet taller than me and with the way he presented himself was uncalled for. As i said i am a minor with no job so i don't make alot of money and i went here for a special treat for my birthday. If i didn't have money i just didn't and there's nothing i can do.

I also told him that in other restaurants its recommended you tip but it is not mandatory so if i don't have money or if i just don't want to i don't have to. Upon this he stormed of and threw the server wallet on the register. I thought it was very immature behavior and asked to speak to the owner. The elderly woman behind the register claimed he was out of town but asked me to tell her my problem.

I explained it to her and she basically told me the same thing and even said she understood why he got that way. I told her there was no reason and upon explaining my reason I told her that if that was the attitude i was to receive i wouldn't come back. I told her for the way he behaved i deserved an apology for an apology she said"No , i don't think so." and went on to say if i don't have money for a tip i shouldn't come here.

I left and spoke with my mother who spoke to them. Upon seeing her their whole attitude changed.They directing her to the owner (liars!) who apologized for his employees behavior. Then upon seeing my mother the employee suddenly appeared and was falsely apologetic. My mother explained that as a minor he had no right speaking to me the way he did. If he had a problem he should be speaking to my date and not a small, younger, female. My mother explain i would not be coming back.
This place seemed like a wonderful place but now i see it is full of rude workers with bad manners. I am not coming back and would advise you to do the same.
Over all this was a terrible experience and i would not recommend coming if you don't want to get picked on.

0 likes, 10 dislikes
Posted by princess111 on 06/15/2014 at 12:47 PM

Re: “Bread Garden

I walked into this bakery the other day. I heard hateful things being said and bullying. Catharine Krasnow was yelling at one of her employees and making fun of him being disabled and his
Disability's. I was so disgusted I walked out. This woman sounds horrible. I talked to other locals that have been in there and walked out. I talked to one customer in particular that told the employee that he should call the department of labor and the police because from this local customer I talked to she has hit him before. With how I heard her talk when I was in the store and hearing how Psychotic she sounded. I just wish I would have said something and stuck up for this employee. I regret not doing so. I hope he takes the advice of the other customer that spoke to him.

Posted by mandy on 06/05/2014 at 3:46 PM

Re: “Mister HotShine Car Wash

Be careful people. I have been going to cloister car wash since they opened in Ephrata PA and when I moved to Reading PA I started going to the Sinking Spring location. Mr. Hot shine bought Cloister and let me tell you about the company from out of state. They want to come to PA and do business but they do not want to do business correctly. I was there on Saturday just like always with my Dodge Truck. My truck had a nice fiberglass hard tonneu cover on it until one of the car wash brushed got under it and lifted my truck up in the tunnel. My cover is cracked and the aluminum frame that attaches it to my truck was bent up on the passenger side past the cab in height.. I fiqured why get upset it was an accident they will make good for the damage however that is not what they told me. They told me that even though it is part of the truck it was not part of the truck from the assembly line so it is aftermarket. Even though it was installed by the Dodge dealer. So as of right now it is going to cost me 2000.00 for a new hard cover and Mister Hot Shine gets away with not fixing damage. If you have a truck with a hard cover I would not go there. If you have anything aftermarket I would not go there unless you are prepared to fix it yourself if they break it

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Paul Catanzaro on 05/19/2014 at 7:01 PM

Re: “BookLogix Publishing Services

Authors Beware. Booklogix aka Apex Publishing is listed on authors beware and other websites. I was impressed by their original sales presentation yet when I began exploring and talking to book stores in the Atlanta area, I found out they have a less than stellar reputation. They overcharge on ISBN numbers. They have no comprehension of Amazon. They are basically a printer not a publisher. And for anyone looking to print a Christian book, run. The owners are very open that they don't believe in God and look down on us who do.

0 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Monica550 on 05/18/2014 at 5:06 PM

Re: “BookLogix Publishing Services

Total fraud. Authors beware. They have no understanding of self-publishing. They are looking for a fast buck. They have no ability for mass printing. They do not do editorial and other aspects that they advertise. They actually claim its ok to plagiarize. If you want to throw away your money publish with them. They change names every couple of years see Apex Publishing

0 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by christenson_andrea on 05/14/2014 at 1:53 PM

Re: “AJ's Famous Seafood and Po'boys

Not even close to the worst New Orleans sandwich shop... AJ sucks

Posted by Nawlins Original on 04/05/2014 at 7:54 AM

Re: “Rumi's Kitchen

Rumi's Kitchen has a great atmosphere, wonderful food and acceptable service. They would be receiving four stars except for one serious issue. They have absolutely no respect for disabled individuals. They allow the valet company to park cars in the handicap spots. The first time this happened, we spoke to the manager and he assured us it would be handled but not before he declared it was not the restaurants responsibility but that of the valet company. The manager never did come back around to close the conversation with us that evening. When the valet company was addressed, we were told it was the restaurants responsibility. Tonight, in an attempt to see if they had corrected the problem after bringing it to their attention, the exact scenario played out all over again.

It is important to know that the proper procedure for someone requiring a handicap spot and not being able to access one because an able-bodied person is in the spot is to call the police. When the police arrive, the car parked in the handicap spot gets ticketed -- even if they did not park it there themselves. Nothing happens to the valet company or the restaurant until the TICKETED customer takes issue.

Until we have 100% assurance this issue has been resolved and will continue to be resolved we will no longer patronize this establishment.

Posted by TMoore on 03/29/2014 at 8:03 PM

Re: “UCI Kitchen & Bath Showroom


My wife and I recently used this company to measure, fabricate, uninstall our existing kitchen counter tops, and install new granite counter tops. I've read reviews regarding their inability to keep schedules, but since my wife and I were not in a rush, this was no problem.

To our surprise, they were actually always on time from measuring the counter space, to coming the first time to install the new counter tops. This is where the nightmare began.

The guys who uninstalled our existing counter tops, and attempted to install the new counter tops did indeed work very hard. However, they were grossly unprepared to finish the installation the first time around. They did not have braces (and actually told us that we should have provided the braces) to hold the counter top for our bar, the granite back-splash was not sized correctly and they even cracked it when installing, there were openings visible from where the back-splash was installed, and the bar top was not cut and placed together smoothly. The guys spent a significant extra amount of time attempting to install our granite, and eventually just left without letting us know they were leaving.

The state they left our kitchen in was completely unusable, and unsafe. There were only two thin wooden sticks holding our bar counter-top up whereby our cat could have rubbed against any one of them at any moment to have the counter-top fall and crush her. Our faucet was not installed, and therefore we were forced to wash our dishes in our bathroom sink. Furthermore, our kitchen was left in this state for over a week and a half, with my wife and I constantly calling them to reschedule an appointment for them to come out and finish the job! At some point, the sales guy/manager told us that he thought the job was finished!!!!

After one and a half weeks of constantly calling, emailing, etc. they sent the same two guys out to finish the job. This time my wife and I bought braces, and assisted them in installing our counter-top, so that we could make sure it was done correctly. This is completely unheard of, especially since we are paying for them to install this for us without any hassle. Since my wife and I assisted and provided the necessary tools for the installation, the counter-tops were installed correctly. If I were to judge the quality of the installation, I'd say it appears to be a DIY (do it yourself) project and not a professional installation that was paid for.

After they completed the installation, UCI charged the remaining balance of our credit card without any authorization. They did not call to make sure we were satisfied with the installation, nor apologize for the inconvenience. They simply charged our credit card, and of course the transaction was rejected by our credit card company. UCI at this point took it upon themselves to finally reach out to us, and threaten to sue us and add additional charges if we did not pay immediately. The nerve of these people!!!!! We went ahead and paid right away, but I warn everyone looking at this company, STAY AWAY!!!!!! This is the WORST company I have ever encountered, and they do not deserve to be in business with this type of service.

Posted by Isaac Wilcox on 03/09/2014 at 10:22 PM

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