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Comment Archives: Stories: Sex & Vice: Last 30 Days

Re: “Why do gay guys keep hitting on me?

Michael. I'm a straight women whose husband has just been hit on by our gay friends. My husband is really really cute, so it is not surprising that they hit on him, but it is disappointing. And in the aftermath of this situation, we are left with the feeling of frustration that our gay friends are ALWAYS speculating about whether or not professed straight men are actually gay. This speculation is infuriating. If a man says he's straight, then he's straight. So, don't try to test out whether or not he is a closet case, which you write in your article as a common reason why a gay man would continue to proposition a straight guy. That is so wrong!!!! As a gay man, wouldn't you be insulted if someone kept telling you that you were actually straight?. Whatever attributes of personality lead you to think a straight man might be a closeted gay --sensitve, nurturing, likes to cook, into drama maybe or certain music -- whatever it may be, please reconsider. Straight men should not have to try to define themselves more narrowly or lose those traits in order to conform to your idea of what it is straight. I think that this type speculation is bad for straight men, it is bad for gay men, it contributes to homophobia and straight men not being able to be friends with gay men.

Posted by ADALEY on 02/21/2015 at 5:15 PM

Re: “Gay, single and hating it

This is a great answer to the question, humorous as well. (That makes it easy to take in the critique.) It is also good to look at straight dating advice; so much of it does apply to gay men. I think no one should get discouraged because it really is a numbers game and the guy is only 21. My advice would be to join gay dating sites, or at least one. A good place to start is the personals sites review site People join dating sites because they seek someone for the short or long term. So open up your possibilities. It's like a portfolio if you will, not all your eggs in one basket. Joining a site greatly expands the possibilities. Good luck to him and all who week a companion.

Posted by Dave LAguy on 02/12/2015 at 4:50 PM

Re: “Are you obligated to tell your date about your vasectomy?

The only time I feel a man is obligated to tell a woman he's had a vasectomy is when she drops the "oops I'm pregnant" line. Make sure you give it a few days before you say anything so that you can get noterized copies of your procedure, the two test results afterwords showing you are in fact shooting blanks and a letter from a shark attorney saying that you will sue her if she pursues legal action requiring child support.

Then sit back and watch the waterworks, laugh and be damn glad you got that procedure.

Posted by Fkush on 02/01/2015 at 9:31 AM

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