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Comment Archives: stories: Archives: Bad Habits

Re: “My very own opium den

And in fact Heroin is simply a faster acting form of morphine. The chemical name for Heroin is diacytelmorphine. Heroin metabolizes into plain old morphine in the liver. If you use heroin and take a drug screen you will actually test positive for morphine. In fact the name "Heroin" was given to the drug by the BYER pharmaceuticals company during the 19th century as their brand name for diacytelmorphine. This is the same BYER company that still manufacters Aspirin to this day!!! So when people are addicted to pain killer opiates and opioids such as vycodin, percocet or Morphine...don't let them fool you by saying something like "well at least im not on "Heroin" so it's not that bad. People still get physically dependant, build tolerence, and overdose just as easily on pain meds as Heroin. I can tell you from experience that all those pain meds available today produce THE SAME HIGH AS HEROIN!!! In fact fentanyl is 80 times stronger than heroin or its slower acting twin Morphine. Oxycodone or "percocet" is SYNTHETIC HEROIN! And OXYCONTIN is just time released Oxycodone or XR percocet. And as for METH, There is a name brand ADHD medication called Desoxyn. It is usually perscribed to kids with severe ADHD and hyperactivity. Most people think bah!! Its just Ritalin. In fact the the generic or chemical name for the ADHD med Desoxyn is (METHAMPHETAMINE) AKA METH!!! Only difference is its made in a liscenced laboratory by chemists using proper methods of chemistry and safety regulations. the street form of methamphetamine or "meth" is made in a makeshift illegal underground lab with super toxic chemicals that are still in the finished product. This is what causes addicts to look like zombies, the toxic stew improvised to cook meth. Not the actual drug meth but its by products that are present in the finished product, such as lithium, battery acid, camoing fuel or anhydrous ammonia. Also one is sold by a physician to parents to give to thier kid and the other is sold by biker gangs to pimps to keep ho's addicted.

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Posted by Christopher Johnson on 08/25/2015 at 8:49 AM

Re: “My very own opium den

Morphine and heroin are pretty similar as far as addiction potential, seeing as if one is addicted to heroin and does some morphine that day they will still get well, get high, or at least get less sick depending on how much they do and how high their tolerence. In fact, heroin ingested through insulfation rather than injection is chemically morphine by the time it is through the blood/brain barrier and the effects are felt; sniffing a bump of h is actually quite a common way that users ingest the drug.

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Posted by informeduser on 08/01/2014 at 6:06 PM

Re: “My very own opium den

Most of this information is incorrect. Anyone who has ever done a google search can see how much raw opium comes from a single score. Also, much of the steps and details were left out. This paper is a blatant work of disinformation designed to discourage people from making their own drugs and not being reliant on the big pharmaceutical corporations.

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Posted by Cliff Kelly on 03/09/2012 at 12:54 PM

Re: “My very own opium den

You clearly have no knowledge of heroin whatsoever otherwise you would know thst it is actually a fairly harmless drug; the only detriment caused is by the physiologically addictive characteristic of the drug. Heroin causes neither organ nor tissue damage - simply read any medical encyclopaedia or any account by an objective medical professional who has studied the physical and psychological effects of opiates or/and opiods. The vast majority of people believe there is causality between heroin and a plethora of physical ailments including 'potchy skin' but this attitude is borne out of ignorance and subjection to anti-drugs propaganda (mainly espoused and written by the authoritarian sections of various media).

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Posted by kenneth75 on 09/08/2010 at 4:30 PM

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