Lust List 2014: Zachary 

Job: Server, Cameli's on Ponce

Age: 23

Relationship Status: Single

Despite getting multiple Lust List nominations, Zachary might be his own best salesman. Case in point: a message posted on Zachary's Twitter account earlier this year that said, "I cook, take care of my own shit, sex game is proper, and I can roll a mean ass blunt. I don't know what more you need on your team ... ." The Milwaukee transplant, who also pays the bills via a retail gig at the Gap and is the founder of the dance company the Atlanta Contemporary Dance Alliance, is a sucker for good teeth. "If you have a nice smile, chances are you have a pretty decent spirit," he says. Just don't approach him without having a steady job. — Gavin Godfrey

What's your standard drink?

Tequila Sunrise.

What band were you obsessed with when you were 14?

I was obsessed with Kanye West.

What's your guiltiest pleasure?

My guiltiest pleasure is snacks. All I do is snack. [Laughs] Candy, sweets — whatever.

What's you least favorite household chore?

I also work retail, so ironically my least favorite is folding my clothes.

Describe your relationship to exercise.

We have a long-distance relationship. I always say I want to start exercising, I just never find the time to get back to it. I dance outside of work, so I stay pretty active.

What's the last thing that made you cry?

I cried when my uncle passed away maybe two years ago. But I've never cried in relationship to someone else. [Laughs]

What's the last good book you read?

I don't even want to lie to you; I haven't read a book since high school.

What do you wish someone would hurry up and invent?

Some real pants for women so they don't they don't have to wear jeggings all the time. I see a lot of women wearing leggings as pants. They need something, quick.

What's the lamest pickup line someone has used on you?

I hate to get a compliment and someone not know where to go after the compliment. For example, they're like, "Hey you're sexy." I'm like, "Thank you," and then it's kind of like crickets after that.

What movie would you most like to live in?

Probably Richie Rich. I was obsessed with that movie growing up.

What's the first album you bought with your own money?

It might've been a Kanye album ... The College Dropout.

What is the best way for a customer to hit on you?

Sometimes I can be very bold with people, so I respect when somebody is bold with me. Depending on the day, I might really appreciate the fact that you just came out and said, "Hey can I get your phone number?" Or if you want to be more sly, just write it on the receipt.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

I don't know why but Cuba Gooding Jr. He's a dope actor.

What's the one thing you most hope to accomplish this year?

Recently I started — with a group of friends — my own dance company. It's a contemporary dance company, dance collaborative. This year, I just want to polish that off and get it off the ground. It's called the Atlanta Contemporary Dance Alliance. It's just me and 10 of my friends. We basically come together and create. I want that to really pick up for this next year.

What's your least favorite thing about Atlanta?

I hate the panhandling. I deal with it, like, literally 50 times a day.

Is there a drawback to being attractive?

Nobody wants to talk to you because everybody thinks you're either, 1) already spoken for, or, 2) people feel like they're out of your league. It's really weird. You would think it has a lot of perks but sometimes it's the gift and the curse.

Name one thing that you've stolen?

Probably something from Walmart.

Who is the most important person in your life?

The most important person would probably be my sister. She's seven years older than me, but it's like she almost raised me in a sense. She was a teenager and my mom used to say, "Wherever you go, he goes. You can do whatever you want. He just has to be with you." When I was like 4 I was going to house parties in Chicago and following her to every single place that she went. I just have a big appreciation for her. She's dope!

What is your sexy-time soundtrack?

As of lately it's been Miguel or James Blake. Something to completely slow the mood down, ya know?

Have you ever been dumped? If so, what was the reason?

I've never been dumped, but I've never been dumped because I've never been in a relationship. I've kind of dodged that bullet.

What is your pettiest relationship deal-breaker?

If you don't have a job that's pretty much a deal-breaker. I don't even know why people think that they can enter the dating market if they're not employed.

What would you order for your last meal?

Steak and potatoes. I know it's cliché but I would just go ahead and live it up.

How much would you charge someone to murder a stranger?

Enough to pay off the court system.

How do you handle rejection?

I don't handle it well. I'm not even going to lie. I'm a little, slick competitive. I'm an overachiever so if something doesn't go my way I take it hard. I'm a perfectionist.

With whom would you like to play Truth or Dare?

My celebrity crush is weird — it's Rihanna. She seems like she would do some crazy shit.

What did your parents want you to do with your life?

My parents have always been the go-with-the-flow-type people. I like to change. One day I might be living in this city, the next day I might call them up and say, "Hey I'm moving here." They're like, "Go for it."

Have you ever stalked someone on Instagram?

I have, and I don't mind saying it.

How often do you talk to your mother?

As of lately not a lot but the older I get the more of her behavior patterns I realize I have. We're both workaholics so when I don't hear from her it's not weird and when she doesn't hear from me it's not weird, but when we talk it's like, "Oh, you have been doing OK?" We just work around the clock.

What's your preferred footwear?

A boot, followed by a sneaker.

What's the most romantic place in Atlanta?

I don't know that it was romantic but I went on a date to Two Urban Licks and I just thought it was very ... it had a certain romantic vibe about it. They very live and busy and that's how I like my romance to be.

What's your wackiest piece of personal trivia?

I have not gone without a job since I was like 10 — no bullshit. When I was 10 I was employed with my grandfather, he had a company. I worked with him all the way up until I was old enough to get a real job and since then I have not stopped working.

What's the weirdest recurring dream you have?

I always have a dream that I'm rich and famous and the crazy thing is that I don't do anything that's overly talented to make me a superstar. I don't know what it means but I go with it.

What personal attribute are you a sucker for?

Nice teeth, nice smile. If you have a nice smile, chances are you have a pretty decent spirit.

Where would you go on a bucket list vacation?

I want to go to Bora Bora or at least I wanted up until two weeks ago when I actually put it in on Google Maps and you see that Bora Bora is this little, tiny spec in the middle of the ocean and then you start to wonder ... But it's a really, really beautiful place.

Not counting rent or bills, where does most of your disposable income go?

Lenox Square.

What's your life ambition/grandest dream?

I want to have a big impact on the arts and be a big affiliate with whatever city's art community I stick around with. Be it as a sponsor or someone who is doing something on the administrative side. I just want a career that is suited toward the arts.

If you had a million dollars to spend in one afternoon, what would you do?

I would throw an afternoon/day party type ordeal. I would just have to party it up with all of my folks. If you've got to blow it, you might as well shop and enjoy the people.

Have you ever stolen a friend's boyfriend?

Nah, I don't do that. That's bad friend etiquette.

What is your own character flaw that you would like to fix most?

I'm a hard-ass, like I'm real tough. When you're dating or trying to get to know someone you've got to kind of peel that back. I think I give off the vibe that I don't need anybody else. I can be on my own but it's always nice to have somebody with you.

Why do you think you were nominated to the Lust List?

I was surprised, myself. I'm just blushing at the fact that I'm on it.

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