Bo Bo Garden

Bo Bo Garden is located in a rather dapper space that formerly housed a Korean restaurant. Don't come expecting American Chinese, forge

Chef Liu

The new location is relatively larger than their old shack that made them so famous. There still isn't much in the way of decor, but th

Cho Dang Tofu

Although 88 Tofu House is hailed by many as the spot for soon dubu, Cho Dang Tofu's version of the Korean tofu stew served in a heated

Crawfish Shack Seafood

This is mainly a Cajun seafood restaurant whose owner, Hieu Pham, is a blend of Chinese, Cambodian and Vietnamese. The customer base co

El Norteno Mexican Restaurant

Grilled chicken, Mexican-style, is the specialty at this long-running eatery. The smoke wafts across Buford Highway, enticing visitors

Gu's Bistro

The thing that makes Gu's goods stand apart is how clean the food tastes. There's seldom too much of any component be it spice, salt or

Hae Woon Dae

Easy to miss in a drab strip mall just outside I-285, Hae Woon Dae serves some of Atlanta's most delicious and entertaining Korean cuis

Hanil Kwan

A sunny Korean restaurant with a la carte dining in the front room and charcoal Korean barbecue in the back room. Go for the barbecue.

Havana Restaurant

At its new location, Havana serves up all the expected Cuban staples. The black bean soup, the rice, and the sandwich are all classic e

La Churreria Cafe & Bakery

Finally given up on all that high-protein hoo-ha? Then take a celebratory trek to La Churreria for some Colombian baked goods. Nary a w

La Confianza #4

Part deli, part grocery, and part butcher, walk through the aisles, pick a few Mexican ingredients and then follow the aroma back to th

Lee's Bakery

A varied clientele proves the universal language of food sometimes transcends cultural differences. Loyal customers come for the fresh

Lips Atlanta

A new drag dinner theater on Buford Highway. The place, one of four in the country (New York, San Diego, and Fort Lauderdale), is ripe

Man Chun Hong

The Korean-Chinese menu remains, but try the request-only Szechuan menu. Besides the Husband and Wife Lung, there's Slobber Chicken, an

Ming's Bar B.Q. - Doraville

This authentic Hong Kong restaurant will grab your attention with the multiple kinds of meats in the window display. Go for the soy sau

Northern China Eatery

Hidden on the side of a building, Northern China Eatery is soup dumpling heaven. Make sure to pair yours with some black rice vinegar a


Atlanta's sole Bangladeshi restaurant is also one of its finest ethnic eats. Owner Mirza Chowdhury is justifiably proud of his cozy, co

Plaza Fiesta!

The once-doomed strip mall now houses more than 200 shops that offer everything from cowboy hats and ornate belt buckles to frilly dres

Plaza Fiesta Food Court

For an unusual mix of mariachi music, decorative Madonnas and Mexican shrimp cocktails, visit this unique Asian/Latino mall nestled int

Quoc Huong

The best banh mi in Atlanta. Vietnam's most recognizable sandwich is old-school fusion: a French demi-baguette stuffed with pickled dai

So Kong Dong

Forget one-dimensional soups when you are sick. Your body needs a jolt, and a bubbling pot of Korean tofu soup from this tofu house — t

Supermarket Chicago

If you ever want to enjoy a meal at an authentic Mexican restaurant, sometimes you just have to man up and deal with the language barri

Sushi House Hayakawa

Authentically Japanese, from the pristine fish to the clean, spare light wood decor to the bottles of sake and sochu lined up behind th

Taqueria El Rey del Taco

There are three components that make a taco superb: the tortillas, the filling, and the salsa. El Rey de Taco gets them all right. Pat

The Rusty Nail Pub

"The South's version of 'Cheers.'" The Rusty Nail Pub is a casual bar serving burgers, wings, and more. It has many loyal customers and

Viet Tofu

Viet Tofu has a hot bar (great way to try new food), prepared foods, and a deli for banh mi sandwiches and bubble tea. It's takeout onl

Woo Nam Jeong

Also known as Stone Bowl House, this joint looks like your typical modern Korean restaurant -- floor-to-ceiling blonde wood and private

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