ed adams 
Member since Dec 21, 2007

Some know me as Ed, one of the hosts of Creative Loafing's Ed Loves Bacon. Some may know me as the guy (producer, thank you) who works with Carlton Hargro's Audiofloss. Some people know me as that dude who's always showing up somewhere with a drink, some chicken wings, and a laptop. But most know me as just Ed Adams, friend to many and enemy of people who don't matter that much. Like most, I started out as a wanna-be rapper/actor/chef/pimp, a practical sophisticate straight out the womb type. But somehow I got off track with the whole "education" and constant ass-whoopin from my folks thing, that kinda bites in retrospect. Fuckin' Pell grant, now I hate you. As for my folks...you're getting older and I'm drinking milk, nuff said. But I digress. My goal in life is to help the planet and as many people as I can along the way. If I can't do that, well I'll just become a blight on the face of society, not unlike a rich republican, but without all the loot and tax breaks. My favorite word is "Crisp," why? It just sounds good. "Bludgen" is a close second, followed by the ebonic phrase, "disfreeright?" What I enjoy most is a good laugh, good food and drink, some good music and above all, good times with good people.


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