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My name is Benji Womack and i am the founder of Army of Pit Soldiers Presents. I love music so much that about 7 years ago i decided to stop dreaming and try and make my dreams a reality. So I started by bring a band from Brazil called Dollflesh and touring them for 29 shows out of 31 days with a local band from Suisun City called Low Budget, it was the stepping stone for my passion, I didn’t know shit about promoting when I started out , pretty much can say I faked it till I made it. It has been a long struggle to survive in the metal scene and not loose my cool dealing with rock stars and wanna be rock stars and worst of all wanna be rock stars that think they already are rock stars. But the best part about this run is that about five years ago I started as a journalist for Your Music Magazine, a music magazine out of Santa Cruz CA. So booking shows , managing bands , to reviewing them , interviewing them and featuring them ever month in the magazine , that’s what I do, now i have return to ATL where the music scene has always been the best out of all the states i have been to, Its been about 10 years since i have been here but already going to shows again and they still rock out here . love the fans and the clubs out here. Plan on writing for someone out here soon so look out ATL Mosh Pit Champion of the World is back. See ya at the show


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