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. NMS is dedicated to bringing our natural products to the world to rid the use of harmful chemicals and pollution naturally. Our team is organized and incorporated as a realization of a network of scientists and educated elite from the "Global South" to serve the cause of transferring safe and useful technology to and promoting development in the Developing World, NMS/AIM is the leader of the NEW - The World's Supermarket of Innovations©, "Solving chronic problems naturally"©. Initiated by scientists, technocrats, businessmen, and scholars originally from Developing Countries, AIM/NMS was established in 1990 as a cooperative alliance of creative inventors, innovative manufacturers and prominent experts, companies and distributors. NMS exclusive mission is transferring Useful and Safe American technology, innovative services and products for daily life necessities to people in the developing world. Three criteria govern the selection of services and products: (1) New inventions, (2) Needed and useful, (3) Safe for people and their environment. NMS areas of technology transfer encompass: Development Planning, Consulting, Communication, Strategic Marketing, and Products Development. NMS offers many unique, comprehensive and natural solutions for chronic problems that devastate people, gut their resources and destroy their environment. Tackling causes and not the symptoms, NMS solutions stand as the ONLY viable hope for the eradication of many perils, such as Malaria, Water-born diseases, Guinea-Worm, Screw-Worm Fly, Oil Spills and Toxic Gases emission and pollution. Recognized for this unique philosophical predisposition and ethical commitment as well as diversified products and services, our leaders at AIM was featured internationally and chosen for Trade Missions by the US Department of Commerce and the State of Massachusetts. By "Retransferring Technology", AIM is planning to use its experience to help uplift US inner cities and disadvantaged communities. How would you like to help us make the world a better Habitat in which Love and Compasion replace Greed and Destruction? IF YOU LIVE IN METRO ATLANTA PLEASE CONTACT US FOR 100% PURE ALL NATURAL PEST CONTROL, MADE FROM EDIBLE PLANTS AT:


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