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Updated on January 1, 2014 at 1:19 PM

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Re: “Will soccer thrive in Atlanta?

I do not think soccer in Atlanta will be a giant success but I do think it can succeed well enough to survive.
As someone that has become a big fan of the beautiful game in the last 8 years or so I do think the sport is on the verge of picking up steam in the US.
NBC Sports broadcasting all Premier League games is a good indication that someone thinks something is going on in the US with more and more people wanting to see soccer.
I find that many people on these boards always seem to be obsessed with how cheap entertainment options will be deciding that is always the key to success, which always makes me chuckle, but I do think one of the keys to success in this case will be too keep it cheap and to always have lots and lots of fun promotions, like minor league baseball, make the games a party destination, but ultimately it will all be about winning, Atlanta loves to jump on a winning bandwagon.
As a downtown resident since 1997 (by the way B Viger, never once encountered any violent or serious crime and I often walk the streets late at night, yes, many of the people down here are black but that does not automatically make them criminals) I welcome one more thing to do within walking distance of home that I enjoy.

Posted by Carl White on 07/09/2014 at 8:12 PM

Re: “'Snowpiercer': A dystopian ship of state

Curt is being generous, this movie is not very good. I like the message, outlandish concept, a few interesting characters but, for the most part, boring.
I saw the movie in a sold-out theatre that has the comfy reclining seats and I am pretty sure that a good part of the audience feel asleep.
It's simply one of those movies that is trying so hard and you can feel the film makers thinking they are creating movie magic when it's just more forgettable sci-fi silliness to throw on the scrap heap.

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Posted by Carl White on 07/09/2014 at 7:40 PM

Re: “Goodbye Atlanta Braves, Hello Atlanta Surge?

ZERO chance this happens but a minor league baseball team playing in downtown Atlanta could probably work. Cheap tickets and cheap concessions would be a big hit I imagine.
People are always looking for something to do downtown but the major pro sports are getting too expensive for most people.
But I would prefer a MLS team to come to Atlanta, Turner Field could be remodeled to make that work.

Posted by Carl White on 03/13/2014 at 12:55 PM

Re: “Jeff Clark is Atlanta's worst critic

This explains much for me as I have been seeing this guy for years at concerts and never once saw him smile. I never had any idea who he was and he never stopped to talk when I was working like many people that you see all the time. I just thought of him as "Grumpy Guy" and had always meant to try and start a conversation with him just to figure out his deal.
As for the "controversy" I have not read his work having never read Stomp and Stammer and can only go on the above outtake. I do not think his opinion sounds outrageous, though of course, it may be insensitive. Lots of people become icons and symbols for many reasons while the more deserving never get any attention. Again, I did not know Ria, other than what I have read so I have no opinion on whether she deserves all the attention or not.
The bottom line is, and I agree with the writer on the "tone deaf" commentary, unless someone is some form of pure evil give the people that love them a chance to do it after their death without any negativity. Celebrating someone's life is part of the grieving process and in time you can have those conversations about the good and the bad and their importance in the big picture of life.
His comments just seem petty, like taking a shot at her is more about him than her.
People do it all the time and, yeah, you never like those people.

P.S. A group has already been formed to "Boycott Stomp And Stammer And All Who Advertise There." But while I am here, one, you really have time for this, give me a break? Two, free speech, celebrate it whether you like it or not, especially when you do not like it.
In the same way I feel he should have kept his mouth shut, his opinions should have been a personal matter, tell your friends over a beer in a bar, I think these people can boycott if they want but should make it a personal boycott. Trying to have a public movement boycott seems to be more about you than Jeff Clark. People do it all the time and, yeah, you never like those people.

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Posted by Carl White on 01/08/2014 at 2:24 PM

Re: “Bill Campbell's coming-out party

And yet, I couldn't help thinking, This guy is a fucking crook!

Pretty funny stumbling in to this article a couple of years later. Does anyone get elected mayor of any city in this country without the express intent to be a crook and make money? Can anyone get elected anymore without the cash and support of the crooks they will do deals with later?

I mean, come on, the Braves moving to Cobb County, how many millions in bribes did Kasim pocket to roll over on that deal and put his stamp of approval on it so quickly? He is selling that deal to the public as hard as anyone, that can not come cheap.

And what is sad, is that few people really care anymore. The average person not only does not care, they ask, "crook seems to pay well, where do I apply?"

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Posted by Carl White on 12/11/2013 at 12:44 PM

Re: “Our Downtown home

Welcome to downtown guys. I have lived downtown for 15 years and love it.
To all you haters you simply do not know what you are talking about and are hating with cliches.
After 15 years, I have never been mugged, I have never had my car booted, I have never had the window in my car busted, I have never got a parking ticket. I really can not think of anything negative that has happened to me in 15 years.
Sure, the pan handlers can get a bit annoying but I will give you a tip. Treat them with kindness and talk to them like a human being and you will have no problems. Personally I look every one in the eye and tell them I do not give out money on the street but I wish them the best of luck and what I usually get in return is a "thank you" or a "have a blessed day". No, I do not give out money but I have bought a few lunches.
I actually know a few of them a bit and have had some nice conversations and you would be surprised at the depth of knowledge and intelligence. To be honest I enjoy their company more than many people I know in the business world.
Oh yeah, I take Marta almost everywhere I go on a regular basis, $95 a month, and if I need a cab one is always available. I walk to the Fox Theatre, Philips Arena, The Tabernacle, the Rialto Theater, Georgia Tech venues and the Georgia Dome. I can also walk to the Georgia Aquarium and Olympic Park.
I love going to concerts, theatre and sports events and rarely is there not something to do that is a walk or quick Marta trip away.
The airport is a quick Marta ride, so is Buckhead, Atlantic Station, L5P, Turner Field, the High Museum, Lakewood Amphitheatre, Chastain, Piedmont Park and several movie theaters I go to on a regular basis.
Speaking of Marta, I love it, it is a hobby in itself for me. I go to the airport, watch a few planes take off or land, relax and read in the atrium and its always fun to watch the real life drama of family reunions after people get off planes. I sometimes ride around town on Marta as a tourist and take pictures of life and people as an amateur photographer. I also find it a relaxing place to read and, of course, the people watching is always great.
I have multiple food courts downtown for a cheap and good breakfast or lunch and several nice restaurants when that is what I want.
I get parades right outside my front door several times a year and fireworks seem to happen on a regular basis, not just the 4th of July.
Oh yeah, I walk across the street to Dragon-Con.
Personally, for all you people that live outside of downtown, I simply think you do not know what you are missing down here.

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Posted by Carl White on 09/26/2013 at 1:27 PM

Re: “LP Tour finds Matthew Sweet, Soul Asylum, and more living in the past

Funny, I saw the same show and thought it was CRAP. I have seen them many times and will always love them but they are pretty much done.
Its over but all that matters is what it means to them, you have to make a living and maybe they still love it. More power to them.

Posted by Carl White on 09/26/2013 at 12:27 PM

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