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Re: “Presumption of guilt

Why did you not include any information as to why the bent-of-mind rule was put in place? What cases or circumstances led to its creation and implementation in Georgia? Is there a reason why you did not include information or quotes from academics, judges, law enforcement officials, lawyers, politicians, or crime victims about why they might favor the use of the bent-of-mind rule?

Posted by Anonymous on 06/18/2009 at 12:35 AM

Re: “The 20th annual Golden Sleaze Awards

Ten percent of the legislature owes back taxes but not one of them makes the list, even though several of them have admitted it. Instead you give an award to Eric Johnson for trying to make a law that would make the public aware of elected officials who are tax cheats. Good work guys!

Posted by Anonymous on 04/06/2009 at 4:19 PM

Re: “Intowners claim crime has grown more brazen

Thugs took John Henderson. We got Jamarcus Usher.

Posted by Anonymous on 01/15/2009 at 10:54 PM

Re: “Intowners claim crime has grown more brazen


1. Feed the hungry. Or don't go to Pizza Hut at closing time.

2. Don't buy expensive things. Or if you do, hide them real well.

3. Empathize with criminals. Or at least don't judge them.

4. Volunteer. That way you can give thugs your time and money during the day, and then they'll rob you of more of it at night.

5. We are the problem. But not the wise Fisher.

Silly Fisher, you're not meant to "enjoy" panhandlers. You're supposed to feel guilty when you see them. You know, like how you wanted to make everyone that read your post feel?

I bet you found it interesting that the attackers did not go on a shopping spree, but instead to the nearest gas station to get some food. In fact, I bet you loved that. See, all crime could be prevented if we'd just give everyone a pizza. How lovely. What if you looked the Myspace pages of the thugs that robbed you and saw their love for Gucci Mane, marijuana, alcohol, money and sex? Would that upset your image of the noble thief? And yes, I speak from personal experience on this.

Is Barbara Bush on this blog? No, not that I'm aware of, but police officers and detectives I've talked with deal with the thugs from New Orleans more often than you do, I'm sure. Don't forget that Pennington blamed the spike in crime, especially murders, in 2006 and 2007 on those same thugs. So quite possibly, the reduction in violent crime in 2008 was due to arresting most of the New Orleans trash. Now we're back to regulat ATL levels. Great!

I've obviously never dealt with any real loss? Oh, so does "real loss" entitle you to commit crimes, or does it only justify it afterwards?

Our society is what it is because of people who value their possessions and (HA!) status more than they value other people. I couldn't have said it better myself. Just remember the criminals value material things even more than their victims.

Your cops, huh? You better make sure the APD knows they're not "your" cops, so that way if you're victimized they can ignore you.

A suburban cookie cutter. Oh, how horrible. Imagine the suffering she must experience without all the "urban" life surrounding her.

I'm also assuming she realizes that the Atlanta crime has been moving out into the suburbs at exponential rates for the past ten years. I'm sure she's also aware of what else has been moving into the suburbs these last ten years, too.

Posted by Anonymous on 01/08/2009 at 10:44 PM

Re: “Revolutionary Road needs some cheese for its whine

A preview of this film played before a movie I went to see a couple of weeks ago. People in the audience (myself included) laughed at the dialog and basically the whole plot.

Curt, you're right that it's bad timing, but really it's just a bad movie. The same garbage as American Beauty. Oh, woe is me, I'm so repressed.

Crappy times put things in perspective for people, and they see what's truly important (usually everything Mendes' protagonists run away from). When, and if, times are good again, will people remember these lessons? Probably not. But by then Mendes will have another shitty movie out, and this time audiences and critics will love it.

Posted by Anonymous on 01/07/2009 at 11:50 PM

Re: “Intowners claim crime has grown more brazen

Pennigton's peddling the same bullshit that DeKalb Chief Terrell Bolton did in DeKalb. While overall crime and most, if not all, crime categories were up in 08 over 07 in DeKalb, Bolton called a press conference to let the world know November 08 crime showed some declines from November 07. He's been on the job two years and that's all he has to show for it: one month of good numbers.

I, too, have heard local cops refer to the problems all the "New Orleans trash" has caused. Don't forget that Pennington is from the same city. Maybe we can make a deal to send him and the thugs back home.

Andisheh is right when he says Franklin and Pennington don't care about residents' safety. Now that Atlanta PD manpower is 10% less each day, residents better buy a gun and learn how to use it. The economy and the lack of police presence is only going to make things worse this year.

Posted by Anonymous on 01/07/2009 at 11:24 PM

Re: “Critics question Beltline officials about land deal

Concerned Citizen,

The City didn't "want" Barry out of the deal they "had to" buy him out in order to issue the TAD bonds to get money or else they were going to lose the property. I'm not trying to defend everything that has supposedly happened, just setting the record straight with the facts as they are currently known.

Barry based the $10m on what they invested and what they "projected to lose" if they were no longer involved in the project. Basically they wanted to be paid for potential future profits. Sweet deal, huh?

I got this information from this article in the AJC last week:


As for who in City government should be looking out for the taxpayers, I can't help you with that one. I live in DeKalb and have my own battles to fight. But I do think John Woodham cares more about keeping the City honest than most of the elected officials do.

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Posted by Anonymous on 12/18/2008 at 9:08 PM

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