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Re: “The battle over bar hours in DeKalb goes to the next round

Buckhead was an entertainment district, with a limited number of single family homes. Underground Atlanta is an entertainment district, with no single family homes. The clubs in DeKalb are being built in strip malls literally next door to quiet single family home neighborhoods that have been there for decades.

Posted by Tim is Clueless on 11/27/2007 at 12:24 AM

Re: “The battle over bar hours in DeKalb goes to the next round ATLANTA -- Investigative reporter Wendy Saltzman discovered more than 100 law enforcement officers have been arrested in Georgia for driving under the influence. Her investigation found some of them asked for favors, some wrecked department cars, and some were given special treatment. "I think that is outrageous frankly," said police psychologist Dr. Anthony Stone. "I can't imagine their being fit for duty, because almost by definition they have a drinking problem," Stone said. But that wasn't the case with Wendell Campbell or Donald Cloudt. Both DeKalb County officers have been arrested two times for driving under the influence and both are still working. When asked if DeKalb police take drinking and driving seriously, spokeswoman Mekka Parish responded, "We take it very seriously. We hold our officers to a higher standard." Yet our investigation found DeKalb police have more alcohol-related incidents than any other agency. Sgt. Michael O'Neal was allowed to resign in July instead of being fired for DUI. In a police dashcam video tape of the arrest obtained by CBS 46 News, O’Neal asked the other officer, “Brother to brother, will you cut me a break?” The arresting officer responded, “Absolutely not." On the tape, O'Neal continued, "Others have put me in situations that are unprofessional, and I let it go." The officer asked: "You let a drunk driver go?" O'Neal responded, "Yes, I have." At that point, O’Neal was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. Officer Benjamin Alcime was terminated after internal records show he came to work intoxicated and was "shooting crazy" at the DeKalb firing range. "No one gets any kind of preferential treatment," Parish insisted. “They enforce the law, we can’t have them breaking the law.” She explained that some of these officers, like Delvin McKibbens, were reprimanded and their offenses were reviewed by a chief prior to the current administration. McKibbens pleaded guilty, when police records show he was nearing the point of "blackout" and caused an accident, leaving the other driver hospitalized. McKibbens was only suspended by the DeKalb Police Department for one day.

Posted by Vernon, Who's out partying late? on 11/26/2007 at 12:32 AM

Re: “Urban alchemy

Why are GA Dem leaders like DuBose Porter, Cavin Smyre, Kasim Reed, David Adelman, etc. such fucking wussies on mass transit? We know GA Republicans are in the pocket of road builders, and at least GA Repub's are open about it. What the hell is problem with GA Dem's when it comes to rail & mass transit? I could go on & on about rail and mass transit, but at the core, it's helps the parents of working families get to work. What in the fuck do GA Dem's stand for???

Posted by Where are the Dem's on 11/23/2007 at 1:46 AM

Re: “The battle over bar hours in DeKalb goes to the next round

Article fails to mention that most of the new clubs are in strip malls adjacent to single home family neighborhoods. Buckhead was a long established entertainment district. If the clubs were in an entertainment district away from homes, that's a different animal. It's not about race. Club 29 is a predominantly caucasian rock club on Lawrenceville Highway backing up to a quiet neighborhood, and the neighbors have gone to county code enforcement time and time again about violations, without no help. And the club owners live in New York City. Article also fails to mention that Vernon's proposal to charge higher fees to clubs open to 4 am wouldn't even be enough to purchase a new fully equipped county police car. Also fails to mention that Vernon has no data to back up his ridiculous claims about "putting the county's financial stability into a disastrous position". No proof. No data. Nothing. When Vernie says the commissioners are elected by "special interests and they represent certain districts" (?), he knowingly failes to mention that the two super district commissioners each represent half of the county, over 370,000 each. That's a lot of special interests, Vernie. And here's a biggie: Vernon's personal lawyer, Dwight Thomas, is a lawyer for one of the new clubs, seasons. Hmmm. Word is Seasons had a little heads up on Operation Hammer Time. And state rep's are calling him out more and more: Jones and Ellis began to argue with Ellis rebuking the CEO for threatening the commissioners when the microphones were off. Ellis said Jones indicated to the police department not to give Ellis police protection. “He’s done it before and he is doing it again.” The argument came to a close when May interrupted and said, “We have been an embarrassment to DeKalb County. I am sick of it. This is ridiculous. We are wasting time. Let’s vote this up or down and move on.”

Posted by Open&Transparent on 11/23/2007 at 1:39 AM

Re: “The battle over bar hours in DeKalb goes to the next round

Posted by Open&Transparent on 11/23/2007 at 1:12 AM

Re: “Deconstructing DeKalb

Good job with this article. There are a lot of posts on this at One thing the reporter left out is that Jim Durrett's Livable Communities Coalition received hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Garvin study, mainly from Sembler. More importantly, Durrett was Jeff Rader's campaign manager, and is very active in Comm. Burrell Ellis' campaign for county CEO. Durrett has a vested interest, and has hid his campaign ties from the public. The school board part of this mess wasn't covered either. But very nice job to mention the Elaine Boyer bribe/donation and Sembler's contributions to Vernon Jones' Senate campaign. Mel Sembler is one of the biggest donors for Republicans in the US, and it's telling there is only one Democrat he supports: Vernon Jones. Funny how in DeKalb, areas like Memorial Drive and around the Kensington MARTA station are ripe for such a Sembler development, but Sembler only likes the Northwestern part of the county. You won't see Sembler in South DeKalb or eastern DeKalb. They want to build a huge, huge shopping complex at Briarcliff & N. Druid Hills, three miles from Lennox and Phipps, two of the top malls in the Southeast. When it comes to Vernon Jones, and Sembler, follow the money.

Posted by Longtime DeKalber on 10/25/2007 at 5:20 PM

Re: “Tunnels under Atlanta would be smog generators

GDOT Bd. members David Doss and Mike Evans are such fucking whores for Georgia road builders it is painful. And fellow board member Robert Brown, representing DeKalb and active in local Democratic politics, is a pussy yes man. Toll lanes down I-20 in DeKalb, instead of MARTA to Stonecrest? Sure Robert goes along to get along. GDOT itself is a bloated bureaucracy, which stopped getting the best & brightest out of GA Tech a long time ago. GDOT also whores itself for road builders. And when upper level GDOT administrators retire, they run straight cushy consultant gigs waiting for them from road builders. Remember the baseball bus crash? GDOT chief Harold Linnekohl gets indignant and callously said GDOT met the minimum fed standards. You're a dick, Harry. But why shouldn't road builders and scum like Doss and Evans push for tunnels and other billion dollar pie in the sky projects, along with other conservative road lovers like the AJC's midget in residence Jim Wooten? It's not like any GA Democrats will call them on it. It's not like GA Dem's did anything about transit for the hundred years they ruled the state before 2002. It's not like GA Dem's give a shit about the benefits of commuter rail, HOV, synchronizing trafic lights, expanding MARTA, etc. When it comes to transportation in Georgia, there's a complete whoring out by Republicans, and complete indifference by Democrats.

Posted by Unbelievable on 09/20/2007 at 9:48 PM

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