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Re: “'ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta's Rise in the Rap Game' airs Tuesday on VH1

cute @wesleywhatwhat, but if you read past the photo cutline or followed the link over to the full thing on crib notes, you know this blog post wasn't about Killer Mike. if what he's eating for breakfast does become newsworthy, however, you can find it here.

@KristyGomez, the quotes provided are from people interviewed who attended the premiere party/screening Sunday at the Rialto. None of the members from OutKast/Goodie Mob/O.N.P. were in attendance. this wasn't a review of the film but a wrap-up of the event and more on the beginnings of the local scene based on the people i was able to talk to. but if you want more on OutKast and Dungeon Family's impact on Atlanta, i'd encourage you to check out some of our stories/columns from earlier this year and prior:…………………

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Posted by Rodney Carmichael on 09/04/2014 at 10:41 AM

Re: “Atlanta students lead thousands in local protest over Ferguson

thank you, @cityzen. corrected

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Posted by Rodney Carmichael on 08/20/2014 at 5:57 PM

Re: “Killer Mike humanizes Michael Brown tragedy

Despite initial media reports that reported the Ferguson Police Department's account of the Michael Brown shooting as fact, there is another side to the story. I placed a link in the original post to the eyewitness account given by Michael Brown's friend Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown when it happened but hadn't been interviewed by the police by the time his version was reported. Here's a link to MSNBC coverage:…

And a Facebook page link to an on-camera accounting Johnson gave:…

We all have built-in biases and people are prone to pick the source they trust most based on their lived experiences. Something about an unarmed dead black teen and an armed live policeman speaks volumes to me. But that's just me. And we can all agree that first-hand accounts aren't necessarily facts. But that goes both ways, meaning doubt must be cast on the police, too. And based on the way the Ferguson PD has been shutting down the media and breaking first amendment laws over the past few days, they aren't looking too credible right now.

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Posted by Rodney Carmichael on 08/14/2014 at 5:26 PM

Re: “WonderRoot grows into mission with 20-year lease addition

Thanks @Atlantateer. Corrected.

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Posted by Rodney Carmichael on 08/12/2014 at 4:41 PM

Re: “BOLO: Soren, the Zoo Atlanta barn owl that can look inside your soul

i know why the caged bird got the hell on

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Posted by Rodney Carmichael on 08/11/2014 at 5:36 PM

Re: “Meet the Babymaker

Oh Voxpoopulie, my heart aches for you, homie.

I can understand how stories like this might frighten you or challenge the worldview you’ve constructed for yourself, but I want to help you work through that fear. I also consider it a great opportunity to reaffirm some of CL’s editorial values. So save your wager, but let’s talk numbers, shall we?

At last official count (2010 Census), black folks made up 54 percent of the city of Atlanta’s total population while white folks made up 38.4 percent. Creative Loafing’s numbers almost mirror those. As of our last media audit (Sept. 2013), CL’s readership was 36.7 percent white and 51.1 percent black. We aren’t allowed to inquire about readers’ sexual orientation, but considering that Atlanta has the second highest population of same-sex couples raising children, behind only New York City according to the last Census, it’s safe to assume the local LGBT population is nothing to write off either.

Now regarding those contradictions of yours, I’m almost embarrassed for you, bud. In one sentence you condemn “exclusionary” news coverage, yet you insist CL should cater exclusively to a “majority straight,” “majority white” readership? We should focus on “transportation, baseball, crime, politics,” you say, “concerns shared b[y] a majority of Atlantans.” How apple pie of you. Would you be surprised to know that black people — yes, even gay people — share those same concerns? (Actually, I don’t give a dang about baseball, but I do love me some apple pie!!)

We agree on another thing, Voxpop. Because CL doesn’t cater to those you consider the minority quite as much as we might default to you, it is likely that occasional stories like this have trouble finding their audience. That’s probably a stronger argument for why we should be doing more of them.

But this isn’t missionary work. Like most journalists, I just try to follow my curiosities, passions and pleasures (even the so-called guilty ones) without apology. As for your charge that I cover a lot of “non-Caucasians,” it’s true. And I don’t mind you expecting more of me as long as you require the same of my Caucasian colleagues. Just so you understand, though, that would ultimately lead to even more stories about non-white, non-heterosexual Atlantans — which is exactly what you don’t want, right?

I think it’s cool that CL attempts to reflect the makeup of this ever-evolving city. We haven’t perfected the mission, but we haven’t abandoned it, either. At their core, the stories we tell aren’t a black thing or white thing, a straight thing or an LGBT thing; they’re a human thing. I imagine there’s plenty of room for all of us in there somewhere.

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Posted by Rodney Carmichael on 03/11/2014 at 9:35 AM

Re: “Mreeuh Chang explains her scrolling love letter exhibit

Y'all are dead serious about this ITP-only thing, huh? (I kid.)

She was back in Atlanta for two months right around the new year and still has roots, collaborators and a network here. Though she moves around a lot, this exhibit is housed on the Internet — which pretty much makes all things global local, right?

That said, I would like to know what locally based artists (of any scope) you all are interested in hearing more about? Either here or via email:

Posted by Rodney Carmichael on 02/18/2014 at 2:05 PM

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