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Re: “Diamonds are Forever NYE Party

will not miss.

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Posted by MouthoftheSouth on 12/23/2013 at 12:39 PM

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Re: “Whaaat! Georgia officials forgot to send Lil Jon an absentee ballot (Update)

Fulton County is in Georgia, Jason. I doubt it would mean much to Lil' Jon's followers on instagram if he explained the county voter functions, but you are welcome to add that to the comments on his feed. #turndownforcynicism

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Posted by MouthoftheSouth on 11/04/2014 at 12:42 PM

Re: “The race to replace Jason Carter

@robbie that's not an accurate summary of the issues. for instance elena sponsored enda-type legislation in the House. In addition, she said she would be inclined toward marijuana legalization. but y'all don't need to trust my recitation of events, you can watch the video here:…

as far as the Chamblee thing, that's where her Campaign PO Box was located, not where she lived. Not sure why that was confusing to you or Kyle. It says that in the link you posted.

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Posted by MouthoftheSouth on 05/08/2014 at 3:22 AM

Re: “The race to replace Jason Carter

Cheers, Robbie. I hope to see you there. Right now, I'm planning on attending.

Posted by MouthoftheSouth on 05/03/2014 at 9:55 PM

Re: “The race to replace Jason Carter

Sorry, forgot the linkage:

Victory Fund endorses Republicans:…

One of those two guys, Innis, is running hardcore AGAINST Obamacare and FOR the flat tax! That's about as unprogressive as you can get.

Georgia Equality endorses Republicans, Chambers and Jacobs are on this list:…

I thought he was still on the board of Georgia Equality. My mistake on that. When was he chair?

So neither of those organizations is a marker of a progressive candidate except on one issue. (actually Victory Fund doesn't even require advocacy for marriage equality, so maybe not even that?)

So you have Planned Parenthood, which endorsed both candidates. All the other groups seem to have endorsed Elena. I would suggest that she's probably the more progressive candidate based on the publicly available information.

However, I totally respect your right to disagree. I just wanted to fix the misinformation about the HOPE vote, etc.

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Posted by MouthoftheSouth on 05/03/2014 at 9:50 PM

Re: “The race to replace Jason Carter

Pretty sure Georgia Equality endorses Republicans. If I am wrong about that, please educate me. I think they endorsed Jill Chambers who was legendarily bad on most progressive issues, just ok on that one. So they aren't a marker of a progressive candidate. Neither is Victory Fund, for that matter. They've endorsed a slew of Republicans.

I am totally supporting Parent, there's no question about it.

Williams' campaign keeps bringing up the LCR endorsement. If you are asking me why I think it is significant, it is because they are NOT a single issue group. They are a conservative group where the only exception is gay rights. They don't endorse based simply on gay marriage, if they did, they wouldn't have endorsed both John McCain and Mitt Romney.

I read the entire article you linked to above in which the candidates were interviewed. The only bill he talks about supporting was the employment non-discrimination bill, which Elena sponsored. I have no idea how progressive or not progressive he is other than he stances on the issues, which are basically non-existent. So I'll have to rely on those who have talked to him about it, and those are the groups who have endorsed him. He's good on Marriage Equality, so there's Georgia Equality. Got the PP endorsement, so I assume he's good on abortion. In terms of the rest of the progressive issues, I rely on the progressive people who actually have to do the job to let me know who they think is best, and those have all endorsed Elena.

The only exception to that is Simone Bell (she endorsed Kyle), who voted the same way you are criticizing Elena for doing.

I'm not criticizing your advocacy for Williams here, but that HOPE vote that is talked about above is seriously out of context. I think he's just going negative regardless of the truth value of the truth of the statements. The FB posts are just evidence of that. I probably shouldn't have brought them up, but they were extremely insulting toward families who have mixed religious backgrounds, and they informed my advocacy so I did.

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Posted by MouthoftheSouth on 05/03/2014 at 9:24 PM

Re: “The race to replace Jason Carter

Elena was endorsed by Planned Parenthood, too. He's on the board of Georgia Equality, isn't he? And they and Victory Fund are single issue groups. She's for Marriage Equality, too - that shouldn't even be an issue here.

He lives in Decatur. They should all endorse him. Mary Margaret Oliver and Karla Drenner endorsed Parent, though, which is surprising. In fact, every State rep that represents the district has endorsed Elena.

As far as the facebook posts, they had everything to do with the campaign given that they were directed at the opposing candidate. But the point was larger than that, the point is that the Williams camp is just spewing negativity.

I'm not trying to paint Williams any type of way, just to say he's being really negative in his campaigning, and worse than that, he's saying stuff that is extremely misleading, and this is against a Democrat in the primary!

Once again, I like Kyle, I just don't know what has happened to his campaign.

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Posted by MouthoftheSouth on 05/03/2014 at 8:54 PM

Re: “The race to replace Jason Carter

@Robbie You can't link to stuff on facebook unless it is public. I brought it up because it seems the general tenor of the Williams campaign is one of negative attacks. Honestly, I don't think this is Kyle. I think he's been browbeaten by his team into attacking like this. That's why I brought up the staffers.

Sorry I was unclear about the Ensley stuff. Accepting the endorsement of the LCR is troubling, that endorsement comes with money from Ensley. That said, it is beside the point.

The points you are making about HOPE and voting are misleading because they are out of context. With HOPE, you are talking about (and linking to) a preliminary vote when the bill was in flux. She voted against the final bill. I linked to the bill with all its votes.

If you are searching for the HOPE bill from 2011 you don't land on that page, the only reason you'd link to the intermediate vote is if your goal was to take it out of context or if you followed the link from the campaign.

It is misleading, clearly, and I bet it will be on their next negative mail piece. Wouldn't that be coincidental?

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Posted by MouthoftheSouth on 05/03/2014 at 8:35 PM

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