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Re: “There

I was surprised to see a Restaurant in Town Sembler, not far from me win Creative Loafing's best under the radar award. True there are some good restaurants in Brookhaven on Dresden and in this Sembler development.

The location of There is also different since it sits across the street from the Costco. And its almost a 2 worlds collide situation since the otherwise decent pedestrian amenities are seemingly walled off from the Costco - the sidewalks don't even turn into the LARGE Costco/Marshalls parking lot.

But no matter, There is in the ground floor of a residential mid rise and connected by nice sidewalks to the rest of the pedestrian oriented Town Brookhaven development. The dining area is good, its not a big place and it is casual and comfortable.

But more importantly as stated above, the menu is great. I've eaten there twice and the cook has come out both times. The Oysters as an appetizer were great, as were the string beans as a side. I also really liked the Ahi Sandwich. I have not tried the Bison Burger yet. The grass fed burger is great especially if you get it with Blue Cheese as their Blue Cheese is Maytag Blue Cheese and the taste of the grass fed burger with the tastier Maytag Blue Cheese is great. The guacamole dip is also very tasty. I've tried the Skirt Stake and liked it but not as much as the Burger or the Mahi Sandwich.

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Posted by InAtl on 10/01/2012 at 8:55 AM

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Re: “Police make arrest in killing of sleeping homeless men; suspect possibly linked to recent Decatur shooting (Update)

BB to repeat what the others said. Its poverty not race!!!!!!!!!!!

I also give props to MARTA Police, which by the way are paid for out of MARTA's Budget.

When's the last time GDOT's budget captured a criminal? Never because our general tax dollars pay for police to patrol the roads.

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Posted by InAtl on 12/13/2014 at 10:16 PM

Re: “Deal: 'Everything should be on the table' to fund more transportation projects

I am fine with raising the gas tax, but it should be done on a % basis and not declared a "motor fuel tax." That way it is not restricted to just road projects like the rest of the gas tax.

Also I am opposed to exempting gas from the last 1% of the 4% State Sales Tax. Gas is already exempted from 3% of the 4% of the General State Sales Tax. This 3% exemption was done and a 3% tax was imposed that was declared a "Motor Fuel Tax" thus making it restricted to roads. (Note the GA Constitution only limits taxes on fuel by the Gallon to roads - not % sales taxes)

The proposal being floated now is to exempt the sale of gas from all sales taxes and then raise the Motor Fuel tax to 4% from 3%.

That I would oppose.

Posted by InAtl on 12/10/2014 at 5:04 PM

Re: “Deal: 'Everything should be on the table' to fund more transportation projects

You know if they made use of marijuana legal in underground only you'd probably be able to fill up the place with venues and restaurants. Or would potential customers forget to go there?

As to this administration coming up with a good transportation funding packaged, you'd have to be high to think that's going to happen.

Hmmmm, legalize marijuana in underground and the state capitol.

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Posted by InAtl on 12/08/2014 at 5:19 PM

Re: “Obama’s immigration overhaul didn’t help everyone

@Jessica Worgo, its not that simple. That's why we need to reform the immigration system. The waiting list for an immigrant visa from the U.S. to the United States is 15 to 20 years if you have a U.S. Citizen Brother or Sister or parent (unless you are un-married and under 21 then its shorter for a child being sponsored by a parent).

If you don't have an immediate U.S. Citizen relative or Green Card Holder then you really don't have much chance no matter how long you wait.

My problem is they change the rules on many of the folks living here. Yea its always been hard to get papers to come in legally, but people still came because we encouraged it and didn't give undocumented folks a hard time if they didn't commit a felony. Plus once here it was easier to adjust status.

No we've cut off most paths to legal status, we've taken away their driver's licenses and in GA we created a state beauracracy to force employers to use Everify. If we are going to change the rules like this we should at least grandfather those already here.

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Posted by InAtl on 11/29/2014 at 2:09 PM

Re: “Obama’s immigration overhaul didn’t help everyone

Is it around 2004 when they started taking the driver's licenses away? I forget, but unfortunately, especially in Atlanta, when you take away someone's ability to drive, you really make it difficult to work, or you subject them to the incredibly stiff penalties for driving without a license that the legislature enacted during the last decade. Add to that the GA legislatures recent requirement of private businesses to use E-verify and it should be understandable why people like me say its unfair as to how we changed the rules on people who have resided in the U.S. without breaking any laws other than entering without permission.

All Obama did was allow some of the immigrants the ability to temporarily get the right to drive and work back that was recently taken away from them by the Georgia Legislature. And unfortunately even a DUI will take away that temporary protection.

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Posted by InAtl on 11/26/2014 at 4:05 PM

Re: “Lawmakers, faith leaders, and advocates on Obama's executive action

Brecko77 I fully agree that both parties cater to the wealthy. This is a Capitalist system and while there is some degree of oversight from the government, we would be fooling ourselves to deny that the executive suites of our corporations aren't in charge.

But hey, while our governance could be improved greatly including more independence from big Business (in general improving checks and balances) our governance still seems to be the best on the planet from the viewpoint of my small corner of the planet. To tell you the truth the biggest failing may be the demise of the 4th Estate now that journalism is also all about profits and ratings.

Fair enough about hypocrisy of lauding Obama for importing a work force while condemning outsourcing. Though I and many others don't view it that way.

I firmly believe growth of our workforce population is good. Can we have an open door policy for immigration? No. But clearly avenues for legal immigration are not sufficient to supply the demand created by our economy. The Senate Bill was a great start. And yes big business supported it so it would have passed a republican Congress if not for a handful of Republicans who refused to let it go to a vote.

I support Obama's actions because they are legal, he did not give anyone true legal status, which really is what they need but only legislation can do that. All he did was exercise prosecutorial discretion on a temporary basis and issue temporary work papers. More importantly I support it because its a win win, Its the humane thing to do and it will be good for the economy.

The bad news is, I frankly question the numbers of 5 million, I wonder if it will help that many.

Right now its basically some more DREAM Act folks and People who have lived in the U.S. for the past 5 years who have children who are citizens or permanent residents. Though those children when they turn 21 will be able to sponsor their parents anyway. Heck back in my day, those children could sponsor their parents to be citizens on the day they were born.

So called "illegal immigration" is a part of the U.S.A's history since they created a the system that made some immigrants legal and some illegal. The 1996 rewrite of the immigration law really set back the avenues to legal status for immigrants. Before 1996 if you lived here for 10 years and didn't commit a felony or if you had a Child with legal status no matter what age you could get a green card and then citizenship.

So Obama's order gives work papers, temporarily, to some of these folks. Its just a drop in the bucket to mitigating the negative consequences of the 1996 changes.

Another benefit is the public interest in keeping fathers who are living with and supporting their Citizen children here so that they can continue doing that. The way things had been going under Bush Jr. and Obama was that we had massive deportation of males (fathers) but not of females since taking a mother from their children is seen as more troubling. Though we still didn't give them work-papers. And I won't even go into the criminalization of driving by immigrants.

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Posted by InAtl on 11/23/2014 at 4:03 PM

Re: “Lawmakers, faith leaders, and advocates on Obama's executive action

Brecko77 Perdue did NOT just lead Reebox and Dollar Store.

But you recognize that Perdue did make a career of exporting jobs but attempt to defend it by citing some foreign auto jobs opening here. Jobs that by the way only drove down the wages for all auto workers in the U.S.

Yes, its better to have a foreign company open a plant rather than build it outside the country. I certainly am not saying that world trade is a bad thing. However, the new auto plants opened here were largely replacements for volume or production taken away from the U.S. companies. And I don't see how Perdue can take credit for those jobs.

We have shipped more jobs overseas. Shipping jobs overseas has created more of a supply and demand imbalance than 11 million undocumented immigrants over the past 20 years. And the wage disparity between workers and the executive suite has impacted wages more than these immigrants.

I mean are you trying to argue that Capitalism does NOT thrive on a growing working age population?

If I were to buy your theory that immigration is throwing off the labor supply and demand curve then why haven't wages gone up now that we have basically gone to a zero level of undocumented immigration from central America since the recession started at the end of the Bush term?……

And Gruber? Yea we all know about Fox's new darling. He has his spin, is it a paid opinion? An attempt for publicity and the speaking fees that generates? or just an opinion he genuinely has? Either way one person's opinion doesn't change the fact that Obamacare in general is good and most trying to enact it were genuine in their reason to see it implemented. If it needs tweaking then tweak it, but continued attempts to repeal it are stupid.

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Posted by InAtl on 11/23/2014 at 2:28 PM

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