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Re: “Reactions to the Judies singer Ullom's 20-year prison sentence

Southernbelle, you are an immature, bitter, and un-informed person. Bringing up myspace as an arguement in this very serious case? What are you 14? (btw, everyone who has myspace has pictures of themselves, Im pretty sure thats the point).

You don't even have the balls to show your real name. You are trying to use your one night stand (or maybe it was a few night stands) as basis that you knew him better than us? I've known him since 2nd grade. Don't be a fool.

You also say he was sober for 18 months out of 24 years? Damn...I never knew he was doing heroin his whole life, he had me fooled...I was wondering why he was so tired on the playground.

Nothing you say at this point can be taken for anything short of idiocy.

Also, as far as I know, The Judies werent signed while he was using, and only after he became sober...that may not be fact, but that's how I understand things.

Also, if you really knew Warren, he would never accept Jesus under any circumstances and clearly not to "get out on good behavior" as you say.

You clearly never knew the man, just the addict. That is a shame because he was a great friend when he was sober. Go hide behind your internet name and demonize him for this all you want. But remember, this girl who died was a grown woman, and surely not a saint. Two lives were cut short in june of 2008, and they are both to blame for it.

& Yes, his biological father was a con artist, it made him sick and there were alot of emotional issues surrounding his father that is probably more likely the result of his drug abuse rather than him wanting to be "cool".

Nice of you to bring that up.

I'd like to know southern belle, whats yr story? So quick to judge someone who you obviously barely knew.

anonymity is paradise for the cowardly and spineless, is it not.

I am signing out, I've said all I need to say. I won't be posting here anymore. I'll be writing to my friend instead of writing in his defense.


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Posted by MichaelOliva on 06/21/2010 at 5:18 PM

Re: “Reactions to the Judies singer Ullom's 20-year prison sentence

Yeah, that's what I tried to do...was look cool...that's my only concern. Ya know, because this situation is so COOL. You sir, are a fucking idiot.

I live 8 hours away from Atlanta

I stuck by him and helped him stay clean anytime he was back in his hometown withdrawing trying to kick the stuff...it's not my fault that heroin proved too much for him and he kept getting back on it...but you're right, heroin is so cool and I never did a damn thing to try and get him off the stuff...

You are very wise, Awesome Bill, you've opened my eyes.

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Posted by MichaelOliva on 06/16/2010 at 12:23 AM

Re: “Reactions to the Judies singer Ullom's 20-year prison sentence

I understand what you're saying, my response may have not been super clear. He should have called the ambulance, that was his mistake yes...but you make it sound like since lots of people use heroin its ok and all the blame should be on him. I disagree. That girl made a choice to shoot up with a stranger and knew the risks. Drop the JFK thing seriously lol, heroin use cannot be compared to anything besides heroin use. If he did the right thing, the girl was saved, they parted ways...this probably would have just happened again at someone elses house...you can take the heroin away from the junkie...they will find more.

Is this a unique situation to a junkie backed into a wall? I've never heard of a junkie try to solve an OD themself before...no...not at all.

Anyways, he should be punished but 20 years is too much if you ask me. Besides, knowing him and seeing his remorse and talking with him...the weight he carried knowing he could have saved someones life and fucked up...punished him enough.

It's sad it took something this heavy to finally get my friend back. For the first time in awhile (over the course of this past year) my friend was back. Not the junkie, but my friend. And he was broken. People just need to realize heroin is the problem here and it was a shitty, no win, situation to both sides and he needs to stop being villainized. All i'm trying to say.

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Posted by MichaelOliva on 06/15/2010 at 2:21 PM

Re: “Reactions to the Judies singer Ullom's 20-year prison sentence

& the person commenting negativley on them making one last record is the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

Music was to him, as it is to me, an outlet. The only one that gives us peace. There is no difference between having cancer and going to jail for 20 years...the best years of your life are over. Comparing this situation to that of gangster rappers is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. They take pride in their criminal activity...this mistake broke and haunted my friend...he was full of remorse...

He wasnt singing songs that bragged about his actions, he was begging forgiveness in his lyrics...

and this newest album is a message to his loved ones and friends. I'm sure of that.

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Posted by MichaelOliva on 06/14/2010 at 6:09 PM

Re: “Reactions to the Judies singer Ullom's 20-year prison sentence

I have known him since 2nd Grade. He was basically my brother. I never approved of his mistake of getting on heroin, and did my best to help him through it. That drug is a poison to society but that is a whole other story. Unfortunately to alot of people, he is just another junkie but I know who he really was.

It's funny to me as I watch the self-righteous comments and backlash pour in...he fucked up, yes, but ultimately the responsibility was the girls. They had known eachother 3 days from what I've heard, and I doubt in that time he seduced her innocent soul into trying heroin for the first time.

The problems of these two people started long before the girl OD'd. We are all responsible for the actions we make in life. He is in jail because of his mistake, but she died because of hers. Some of you people act like an innocent person lost their life, but I'm pretty sure we all know the risks of heroin.

Even if he had done the right thing it could have been too late for her. He could have saved her life, and she could have gone back and OD'd at someone elses house...

It's just a shitty situation, we all make mistakes in life, try to show alittle respect to the families and loved ones here.

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Posted by MichaelOliva on 06/14/2010 at 6:03 PM

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