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Re: “'Turn down the music, MJQ': Newcomer calls 911 on ATL institution

Soundproof Mjq? It's underground.not sure what else could be done.

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Posted by MonkeyOnUrBak on 09/23/2015 at 1:01 AM

Re: “Buy a home, fix your leaky roof with new Beltline program

While the rent keeps going up and wages remain stagnant. Yeah, waiting will change their life...

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Posted by MonkeyOnUrBak on 03/20/2015 at 11:15 AM

Re: “"how to quit smoking"

If she lied during bath time, she could save her mother the tears but, she only lies to spare herself. The psychology of each character is so interesting; having to read into the narrator herself and only gaining perspective through her.

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Posted by MonkeyOnUrBak on 01/17/2015 at 11:06 AM

Re: “We need to talk about HIV

Alright. Now that my illiterate rant is aside and I actually read the article. It's great that HIV and AIDS are no longer a death sentence but, I don't think it should be presented as such to anyone but those who have already contracted HIV/ AIDS. "It's ok baby, I'm on Truvida. You can't give me HIV/AIDS." ... or you could try wearing a condom because that's a story I've heard from men with babies, "It's ok baby, I'm on birth control."

What I have gained from reading this article:

It's time for everyone who did not vote; to go vote not for Nathan Deal.

It's time to go ask Governor Nathan Deal if he was REALLY a virgin until he got married and if his parents ever gave him a realistic expression of birds and bees.

Black gay and bisexual men need to be less racist and, try hooking up with a broader spectrum of races but, still account for the plethora of diseases and FEAR... by wearing condoms and using LOTS OF LUBE!

Stop going to churches with no tolerance for reality. Do teens even really go to church?

Realistically, I'm super glad that there are causes and educators out there. It saddens me that in 2014 we are still teaching abstinence education rather than reality education. Granted it did show me a blue waffle without the internet. Those hormones flowing through all those horny, angry teens, 90% of which probably have the house all to themselves because their parents are too busy working their asses off to be there to talk to them. Teens don't want to talk to their parents. Clergy is going to tell them horrible lies about them being abominations. Social workers just sound ominous. What happened to the days when teachers could have one on one discussions with their students. It's not their job (well it is but, it's not like they have time) but, they are the only one's given the time to have attention on the students. Maybe it's only an hour amongst 30 kids but, I'm sure it's more time than many get with their parents these days.

It's not so much a silent killer as it is swept under the rug by a government run by white men who could care less about anything but themselves. I wish upon a star that condoms could rain down from the sky and that horny teens and early twenty something's didn't feel so rushed that they could take a little time to communicate, get to know their partners, and put on a sanitary barrier of some sort before going balls deep... Somehow it just seems like too much to ask.

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Posted by MonkeyOnUrBak on 12/18/2014 at 10:44 AM

Re: “We need to talk about HIV

You'll never guess what happens when you try this simple little trick:


Wear. A. Condom. Since 1983. Since the 1800s when condoms were made out of pig intestines. WEAR A MOTHER FUCKING GOD DAMNED CONDOM! I swear to fuck christ. This would not be a problem if any of you WORE A FUCKING CONDOM! Wars would end. Unwanted children would neither be created, nor aborted. AIDS could have been eliminated AGES AGO. You freak out about Ebola BUT YOU WONT WEAR A GOD DAMNED FUCKING CONDOM!

As much as I'll empathize with a person sitting in front of me, if you are dying of HIV or AIDs and you did not have the misfortune of being born with it or horribly raped, you deserve to die because that is a decision you made WHEN YOU DECIDED NOT TO WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM!

Gay, straight, pansexual or whatever. Having unwarranted promiscuous sex WITHOUT A CONDOM IS FUCKING STUPID AND YOUR DEATH WARRANT. It's not for endless drugs that are available but too expensive to manage the condition. You could try being more discerning about who you fuck. WEAR A CONDOM AND NOT GET FUCKING AIDS!

I know it's bad enough living in a black community and being gay. It's probably much worse with AIDS. You could try this simple little trick and WEAR A CONDOM!

I realize condoms can be expensive and Planned PArenthood is "for abortions" but, Planned Parenthood GIVES AWAY CONDOMS FOR FREE! Colleges have clinics on campus likely with a big fat candy bowl of FREE CONDOMS! I see a man in this story goes about HANDING OUT FREE CONDOMS.


"Oh my dick don't feel shit in a condom," dear hypothetical sir, actually try using a condom or, die slowly while sentencing to new life and/or DEATH anyone else you might fuck along your short journey. "But their ain't no point." Here, hypothetical sir, take this hypothetical gun, put it in your mother fucking mouth and pull the mother fucking trigger.

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Posted by MonkeyOnUrBak on 12/18/2014 at 9:59 AM

Re: “Don’t dismiss #atlferguson protesters

The protest was great up until they went and blocked i-20. As if anyone on the roadway knew it was due to protests rather than being congested like EVERY DAY. The thing is, I have a friend who is an EMS worker. The protestors stopped people from getting to the hospital in a timely manner. IF someone died in the ambulance, it's on them.

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Posted by MonkeyOnUrBak on 12/04/2014 at 4:16 PM

Re: “Krog Tunnel buffed in protest of Masquerade ball

Have fun coating it in real, high quality art in the next 2 days...

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Posted by MonkeyOnUrBak on 10/23/2014 at 12:51 PM

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