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Re: “City vows to buff out graffiti, maybe as soon as January. What would you save?

Oh, crazy old Mr. Bowman. It amazes me after all these years that you just continue to get crazier and crazier. You have got to be one of the loneliest, most miserable pieces of human existence I have ever come across, you are a genuine cartoon character. You go way beyond the realm of being a "concerned citizen". You are the epitamy of a rebel without a cause. I always get a good laugh at reading your non-sense rants, seriously, they are very entertaining to read and I thank you for that. but I think you're getting a bit carried away at this point. Someone needs to put you on some tranquilizers or something. Perhaps you should take an anti-depressant and think for a second about what you are saying and what you are instigating by saying the things you are saying. In my opinion we shouldn't even be talking about a guy who passed away to begin with but whatever. Sure, the guy had some minor issues with substance abuse; as do A LOT of other people out there. That doesn't mean he was a heroin attic who went around tagging peoples houses and raping young children. Its a tragedy that he passed away at such a young age, and thats all I want to leave it at. you are speaking about this guy as if he raped your daughters and murdered your wife or something. But then again considering how much of a bitter crazy asshole you've proven yourself to be, I can't imagine you being able to relate to anyone who has other people that care about them. So I guess thats why you say these crazy things that you say. I would feel sorry for you, but after reading you cursing a fellow human beings' grave 3 times I can't say that I feel any sympathy for ya. Maybe your anger with graffiti is your pathetic way of filling in the abundance of voids in your life? I dunno. But as much as you are claiming to know soooo much about graffiti; you couldn't be more wrong about the subject in so many ways. And then it makes absolutely no sense when you say "Don't get me wrong I like graffiti art but if you going to do it illegal then it makes it bad for the good guys who do nice graffiti". Well then, do you care to explain those streaks of green paint going through the sanctioned legal work just outside of the tunnel? perhaps you could explain who is responsible for vandalizing the beautiful work that was once blessing the concrete walls in cabbagetown a couple of years ago? maybe im jumping to conclusions here, but if you are going to basically accuse all graffiti artists of being in gangs and accuse us all of being heroinatics than i think i have every reason to suspect you are the dick who is responsible for vandalizing "good graffiti". Honestly I really dont even think you have the capability of distinguishing the difference between graffiti work that is "good" and graffiti work that is "bad". Judging by your rants that you continue to make, anyone with a sense of sanity can easily determine that you are clearly an uneducated nut-job with some serious anger management issues. If I had to guess I would say you were scizophrenic. I don't know what exactly is wrong with you but I think you need to go to a shrink. because its a bit disturbing hearing your delusional notions that kids painting graffiti is the cause of all of the bad things that exist in the world.

As for writers tagging houses, respectful graffiti artists (this includes "taggers") know better than to tag peoples private residencies. Very rarely do I see anyone at all tag a house, and if I do, its usually just some dumbass kids being stupid or else it is an abandoned home that is going to be bulldozed anyways to make way for more condos. Considering some of the fucked up rants you have been making, I wouldn't blame anyone for vandalizing your house. For the comments you've made I think you more than deserve it. You really need to learn to distinguish between gang scribbles, commissioned graffiti art, un-commissioned graffiti art, and just completely senseless vandalism. then you need to ask yourself: "Does any of this REALLY affect my life?". But apparently it seems that you group young adults spray painting on things in the same category as murder and giving heroin to children. So I guess there isn't much of a point in trying to reason with you is there? my advise to you is to find something a little more productive to do with your time. Why don't you build a deer-stand in a tree somewhere and try to catch people breaking into cars or something? Nobody likes car thieves; why dont you take a break and focus all of your anger on those guys for a bit? Just a suggestion... Otherwise, maybe if you learn to use somewhat proper grammar when you go on your meaningless rants then maybe people will actually take you a little more seriously. In the meantime, you have a very merry christmas good sir, try to lighten up a little...seriously, you're scaring people...

Posted by dick douglas on 12/25/2010 at 4:20 PM

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