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Re: “Watch the Throne is latest in a long line of musical chairs

If anyone would read the lyrics to the bullcrap that these fools are saying you will soon realize watch the throne is more like "crap on the toilet". For real! These idiots are NOT lyrical geniuses but more like baffoons who in their own minds think they have substance. In the song "watch the throne" the idiot lyrics of Sean Carter basically calls Beyonce his b..etch! Is this what we want our young minds to be expose to? But sadly it is!

The media has a fascination with ignorance, degradation, low moral, drama and more drama of the willful ignorant. The only reason why these two are getting attention is because the media is complicit in the MINDF/ing of the youth..KEEP THEM DUMB!!

I suggest you read the lyrics to this garbage they call music. Its not even art because the lyrics make not one bit of sense. Coming from Sean Carter and the sidekick Kanye does not surprise me.

Posted by metaljacket on 08/09/2011 at 12:33 AM

Re: “Who wants horse racing in Georgia? The "neighs" have it!

"Hopefully, this will lead to card rooms like Florida and California. However, it will take years for the old, white, male god squad state government to die off."

LMAO..that is a good one. These people are miserable and seem to hate the fact that people will be having a good time. But then again they fear if the race track comes here they will lose the handle on religious nutjobs. These pimps at the pulpit will be against it because it will diminish their coffers and they will not be able to brainwash the stupid.
Hell, bring in the race track these bible thumpers will be up in arms for a moment then they will be betting with everyone else. LMAO!!

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Posted by metaljacket on 08/06/2011 at 9:55 AM

Re: “Follow the money

I know this does not surprise you. The fact that these POLITRICKANS dont give a damn about representing the people should come as no surprise they are beholden to the corporations. They are greedy, corrupt, criminal bastards. Until the people stand up and get rid of these crooks and hold them accountable nothing will change. It will be the same old corrupt bastards who are only getting in office to fill their pockets and promote the cronyism and nepotism. Hell, Americans need to do what Egypt, Syria and many more are doing..remove these bastards permanently.

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Posted by metaljacket on 08/06/2011 at 9:50 AM

Re: “Yep, an adult store owner has purchased Deal's Habersham County property

Gov. "Bad Deal" is at it again with those shady corrupt dealings. Now he claims he did not know the guy was a porn dealer..Oh yeah..after the fact. Now I know "Bad DEAL" can come up with a more convincing excuse. "BAD DEAL" needed the money badly so he did not care who he sold it to or what they would use it for. Why is no one questioning this crook?

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Posted by metaljacket on 08/06/2011 at 9:44 AM

Re: “Breaking: Six undocumented students arrested after illegal immigration protest near Gold Dome

The real issue with the illegal immigration is those who hired them in the first place. Don't just jump on those who are here working jump on the employers it was they who created this mess. When the housing market was peaking, who did these crooks hire? Who were working on the roads..illegals? Who were on the chicken farms? It was these WHITE MEN who were and are running these corporations who hired them. The truth hurts but these people would not be here is these employers would have hired the American workers.

The nonsense that Americans will not do these jobs is them based upon American wages not pesos and they will work. I also get tired of these Mexicans saying they are doing the work Americans will not essence they are pitting themselves against the American citizen to say they are lazy or not man or woman enough to do the jobs. There are many Americans who are doing these dirty jobs but you won't hear that on Mainstream Media.

The other point is if they are so hell bent on protesting here why are they not doing the same damn thing in their country? Why are they not protesting their government for better wages, school, living conditions, etc? That is the question that no one has bothered to ask them. They need to be legal and its not just them, its the Asians, Indians, African, Germans, Russian, etc. How about canning these VISAs for all of them! Enforce and reform the existing immigration laws. So should Americans emigrate to Mexico and demand the same rights as in this country. Think about it!!

Posted by metaljacket on 06/28/2011 at 7:39 PM

Re: “Gov. Deal: 'Probationers' could fill open agriculture jobs

"You can't extend the checks on and on. Of course it doesn't create jobs to stop extending the benefit but it fills the jobs that ARE available."

Pray tell how in the heck will stopping benefits fill jobs? Do you realize that there are people in which benefits have ceased and they have not found a job. Its not that they are not looking its just that they have not found one or they take temp jobs hoping to find a more long term one?

There are people moving out of state to find jobs and some who can't afford the money. It cost to move. How about that college student who graduated who was not on unemployment but can't find a long term job? Its not cut and dry folks. The job market will not cover all the workers as it did before. Hell, a hospital just laid off over a 100 workers here but I can assure you that executive pay was not cut.

Posted by metaljacket on 06/18/2011 at 11:27 AM

Re: “Gov. Deal: 'Probationers' could fill open agriculture jobs

Want employment to go up? Stop extending unemployment benefits for so long. Keep that unemployment benefit window of tax payer funds as short as possible.

"People are inherently extremely lazy, not everyone but most I would say, these types would much rather collect tax payer earned funds every week than work at a perhaps demeaning and/or labor demanding feild.

Working on a farm is actually very rewarding - hard work in any honest form always, always, always pays off."

This coming from! I know you really, really do not believe what you typed. Its time to get off the shortbus you have truly been on it way too long! How in the hell is limiting unemployment benefits going to reduce unemployment when there are no jobs for ALL those unemployed? Really, explain how people who do not qualify for UEB will all of sudden help to decrease unemployment along with those whose benefits have ceased? I know these are thought provoking questions in which your mind will have to frustrate itself answering but your statement is total bullschytt!

Farm work is for those who can handle it period. Not everyone can so let's be real about that. And for many it would be seasonal so unless you understand farming don't get caught up in people are inherently lazy and don't want to work.

Since you are so hell bent on pushing these folks into the tell how in the heck can some pay their monthly rent on seasonal income when its up the farmer if they hire them or not?

Some people need to stop their bullshytt ideology in thinking what is good for them is good for the rest of the population. geezz!!

Posted by metaljacket on 06/17/2011 at 5:19 PM

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