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Re: “Nancy Schaefer was murdered by child-welfare workers!?!

I'd like to point out to all of the ignorant people on here that those who try to expose CPS face extreme retaliation. I know this first hand because I was also a target during the time I was an Activist. My phones were tapped, websites and videos were taken down, I had three "gag orders" placed on me and the brakes went out on all 4 of my cars within a 6 month period My daughter former therapist warned me that this might happen and told me he knew of people who were murdered by CPS agents, and that this was the reason he didn't work for the County. Many people are in hiding or have died under "mysterious circumstances". Take for example Bill Bowen who had just completed "Innocence Betrayed". He was warned that a "hit" had been placed on him and attempted to hide, but it was too late. There are people who have won large settlements against CPS who also died under "mysterious circumstances", as well as some very close friends of mine, including Senator Nancy Schaefer. I have my own suspicions on "who" is involved. However, there is no one that will do anything because there is a huge cover up involving the GBI. This is not the type of information that one can freely put on the internet, but lets just say that Nancy was doing a documentary that exposed the Racketeering and abuse and someone didn't want that information going public. I would assume that the person who was staying at her home during the time of the murders would of have access to her security system. Film producer Wilky Fain went on Alex Jones show right after trying to peddle the documentary instead of releasing it as promised, attempting to convince people that Bruce shot his wife of 52 years. Friends of mine who went to dinner with the Schaefers the night before the murder seem to recall Bruce telling them he was going to be in "golf tournament" the following week, and Nancy was scheduled to speak at the "Family Preservation Rally in Washington DC" in July. They were both excited about the documentary coming out. In fact Nancy was writing a book about all the corruption, and had planned on exposing a High Level Pedophile Ring exposing some Politicians. Nancy was scared to death for her life, and used "prepaid phones" to ensure that her calls remained private. For her appearance at the Rally she requested that the rooms on either side of her be vacant to ensure her privacy. Wilky Fain was very upset when he found out about she used prepaid phones, vehemently denying this fact to me. For what reason I don't know. I've heard that a person can turn on a cell phone on, so I suppose it's possible that the murders could have tape recorded if this was done.
But the truth is CPS is and has always been a "Government Eugenics" Organization", and for the last 35 years this has been carried out in "secret courts" and all under the disguise of Child Protection. Only 24% of the children that CPS takes are actually abused. They are performing "positive/negative" eugenics, while profiting from drugging many of the foster children. Nancy came to this realization with my help as I did a lot of the research for her. She was planning on running for Governor so she could cut off the Federal Funds. So she was killed to keep her quiet. Those Politicians who gave their condolences right after the murders, suggesting Bruce shot Nancy made these statement even before the GBI had begun their investigations. All of them had opposing views and were profiting off children being in the system. Governor Casey Cagle facilitated in getting Nancy out of office. She told me this personally. The "suicide" letters that they spoke of Bruce wrote those, but probably the previous year when he had surgery. His prostate cancer was gone so this was a lie too.
All of the evidence was destroyed due to the cover up. I might add that Wilky Fain was good friends with the head of the GBI. Nancy was a wonderful Christian woman whose faith wouldn't allow her to turn a blind eye to the horrible injustices that were taking place. She fought for the rights of these families and children, including myself for which I will always be grateful. I got my daughter back after two years, and she went on TV to tell her story about how she was kidnapped and abused by the State. Most of the children are not abused. The only crime that many of these families have ever committed is not having the ability or resources to fight back against a corrupt system. Federal funds are given to CPS agencies and if they do not obtain enough children they must return the money. Therefore Social Workers look for children to take because it's a very profitable business. It is very difficult for these families to find an attorney for their licenses are being taken if they assist. The Court appointed attorneys are all being paid from County funds, and these injustices are taking place in "Secret" Civil Kangaroo courts rather than "Criminal" court, so families have no where to turn for help. Even State Representatives turn a blind eye.Perhaps they know the State is performing Eugenics, and some financing their political careers using children Non Profits. If you go to www.guidestar.com you will see the 900 tax returns showing the enormous amount of money the "Child Protection Industry" brings in from taxpayers. This is what Nancy tried to stop. I hope this clears up some of your questions. I just can't sit here quietly and read these terrible remarks being said about by dear friend. She was a warrior who died trying to protect these children and if anyone says anything bad about her then they themselves should be shot.

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Posted by Kathleen Dearinger on 01/21/2012 at 12:04 AM

Re: “Nancy Schaefer was murdered by child-welfare workers!?!

Nancy was NOT a conspiracy theorist. She was a well educated, well informed Senator who had a strong love of children and Christian faith. She was a wonderful and compassionate person and anyone who discredits her for speaking out should be shot themselves. You don't know the truth you idiots who put her down. I knew Nancy. She was a dear friend and YES both her and Bruce were killed to keep them quiet about what was going on with CPS. Nancy was working on a documentary as well as a book. The documentary was going to be released the following week. Nancy was planning on running for Governor. She was going to stop the corruption by cutting off the Federal Funds. She was killed by people who were greedy and wanted to suppress the information she was going to expose. You ignorant people. God Bless you Nancy for everything you did to help families and children. Approaching the two year anniversary of your death, may you rest in Peace. Love, Kathleen

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Posted by Kathleen Dearinger on 01/20/2012 at 4:38 AM

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