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Re: “Deal refuses 50,000 petitions asking him to expand Medicaid (Update)

Deal has been an abysmal failure as governor
Let's review this dismal record:
1. Food rotting on the vine costing Georgia's farmers millions due to the immigration law he touted
2. Shuttering of Georgia hospitals resulting from his obstruction of the federal government's Affordable Health Care Act
3. Medicaid expansion offering healthcare coverage to uninsured Georgians....
420,000 uninsured in Georgia and the loss of billions of dollars and an estimated 70,000 jobs and also hundreds will die from lack of health insurance.
4. Now Georgia's taxpayers must foot the bill for Deal's corruption of the Ethics investigation to cover up his own misdeeds....the jury gave the plaintiff $ 700,000 plus attorney fees for a total of about one million dollars.
5. The snow storm traffic debacle
6. The food stamp backlog that threaten the loss of millions of dollars in federal money

My question is simple; can Georgia continue to afford this gross incompetence?

All indicators point to the conclusion that Deal should not win re-election--that is, if voters hold elected officials to even the most basic of standards. But Republicans in Georgia will vote for a convicted felon as long as he's white and has an "R" by his name on the ballot. This is typical of people who believe that money equals speech and that corporations are people. So it follows that Deal may actually defeat Carter despite his poor performance, because Republican voters never hold fellow Republicans accountable. Cognitive dissonance just doesn't occur in the typical Republican voter's psyche.

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Posted by George Wilson on 04/10/2014 at 5:42 PM

Re: “OPINION: Could Jim Crow return to Georgia?

Thank goodness they are in session for only 40 Days

The Preservation of Religious Freedom Act, which proponents say would draw a line against government encroachment on faith – and opponents say would be a license to discriminate against gays has been introduced by the Republicans, HB1023 and SB 377.You have to be amazed at the ability of Georgia state politicians to fritter away their time on symbolic "wedge" issues like this, which are really none of their business, and leave the more important work of government undone.
While they're wasting their time on junk legislation, who's thinking about jobs, economic development, education, providing and maintaining infrastructure to support trade and commerce, looking ahead to the needs of our state for an ample supply of drinking water (especially in light of the water wars with Alabama and Florida), energy, ethics, and expanding Medicaid ? The list goes on and on.
The lack of vision and mature, sensible, can-do initiative among our legislators is appalling. They just have no idea what to do with themselves. It would be better if we just sent this sorry bunch home before they do any more damage. They sure aren't doing any good. Better yet, just remove them from office at the next election. But wait, they have given themselves safe districts by gerrymandering so the voters will have to continue to suffer these fools.
Moreover, it is an election year, and maybe they are deserving of a break. We know that they will have to appeal to their ignorant voters in the Guns, Ovaries and Prayer primary. They will pivot back to feathering the nests of the "job creators" next year to the detriment of those voters. The rest of us just have to be content with enduring this cycle -- and the increasing ignorance and income disparity in Georgia and to repeat myself, until we say, "enough".

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Posted by George Wilson on 02/27/2014 at 10:24 AM

Re: “Vernon Jones to gun for yet another elected position: DeKalb County sheriff

Vernon Jones the Confused!
Vernon Jones contributed about $2500.00 to the Republicans and votes for Bush. Vernon Jones confused about political parties and hints at changing political parties.

In 2010, a jury awarded three white former DeKalb County Parks and Recreation Department managers more than $180,000 in a reverse discrimination lawsuit against the county and former Chief Executive Jones. The three claimed they were victims of a campaign to replace white managerial employees with black ones. A fourth employee who is African American says he suffered mistreatment after he refused to "dig up dirt" on his white coworkers. The cost to the DeKalb County taxpayers was 2.5 million. Vernon Jones also confused about race relations.

Former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell and Vernon Jones both are "tar heels" and carpetbaggers from North Carolina and have done more to hurt the Democratic party and race relations than anyone else. Thanks to former Mayor Shirley Franklin and Mayor Kasim Reed we have a rehabilitation process going on under their former and present leadership. Vernon Jones confused about real political leadership.

Vernon Jones enjoys threesomes in his sexual life .Vernon Jones confused about his sexuality.

Vernon Jones, as CEO running around town with a large unneeded expensive security detail to enhance his ego. Vernon Jones confused about waste in government expenditures.

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Posted by George Wilson on 01/03/2014 at 12:26 PM

Re: “Downtown after dark

Casinos in Underground Atlanta would bring in revenue, people and tax income for the city.

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Posted by George Wilson on 12/12/2013 at 10:53 AM

Re: “How the 1980 presidential election still influences Georgia politics today

Governor Deals Legacy

Selling cheap labor, pushing pork-barrel military Keynesianism, and showering tax handouts on big corporations are the hallmarks of the Dixie political class dominated by the Republican Party in the South.
A political class that insures itself of continued domination through gerrymandering, corporate money and majority minority districts.
As an example, recently our ethically challenged Governor was in Korea meeting with top Hyundai officials, and one of his pitches was that "Georgia lacks the unionized workforce that has caused headaches at the company's Korean plants". This goes on all the time with our elected officials following the advice of ALEC, a right winged conservative group that pumps out proposed legislation for the consumption by the Republican dominated government.

The state should focus on three major objectives:
1. Building a world- class transportation system for the metro Atlanta area
2. Building a world- class educational system
3. Insuring that we have a healthy population that can be productive

Do these three things and industry will want to move to the state of Georgia without the tax breaks ,tax incentives, lax environmental and safety regulations that only leads to more corporate cronyism. Our Governor and elected representatives are failing in all of the three objectives listed above. We really do need to change this political culture that has held back the South not only in the past but now in the future.

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Posted by George Wilson on 12/05/2013 at 10:28 AM

Re: “Jason Carter's crusade for the Governor's Mansion

Deal the Southern Pimp
But if there must be a modern welfare system, then the Southern oligarchy prefers a system that allows state governments, rather than Washington, D.C., to control eligibility and benefit levels. By controlling eligibility, Southern state governments can minimize the amount of the local workforce that has access to good social insurance, reducing the power of Southern workers to be “uppity.” At the same time, giving Southern states the option to have lower benefit levels provides the neo-Confederates with yet another bargaining chip, along with low wages, business tax exemptions, and low taxes that can be used by Southern state governments to lure business from more generous states or nations.
These policies are reinforcing components of a well-thought-out economic grand strategy to permit the South, as a nation-within-a-nation in the US, to pimp its cheap, dependent labor for the benefit of local and foreign (non-Southern) corporations and investors. This is a reason for the lack of support for an increase in the minimum wage, refusing to add 650,000 Georgians to Medicaid, anti-unionism and above all an increase in the regressive sales tax and the elimination of the state income tax.

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Posted by George Wilson on 11/14/2013 at 2:20 PM

Re: “Vernon Jones wants to return to the Gold Dome and other interesting qualification tidbits

Bill Campbell and Vernon Jones both "tarheels" and carpetbaggers from North Carolina have done more to hurt the Democratic party than anyone else.Thanks to Shirley and Mr. Ellis we have a rehabilitation process going on under their former and present leadership.Also great news, Vernon
Jones has dropped out of the race because of a conflict of interest.

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Posted by George Wilson on 05/29/2012 at 5:28 PM

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