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Re: “CL's picks for Atlanta City Council

@NadVertising, No...I think the dumb logic is assuming that a person is only capable of doing positive things for the community if they are an elected public official. Seriously, I'd like to hear her challengers name 10 things they have done to improve East Atlanta (handing out popsicles to cops does not count). Or better yet, what I really was looking for this election was a candidate who could genuinely express how they are better than the incumbent without attacking the incumbent. Like a job interview, I'd like to hear a candidate simply prove why their resume and history of achievement should get them hired for the job. But because all the challengers lack a tangible list of achievements, they have no choice but to resort to "he/she has served too long; it's time for change". We are 6 days away from Election Day, and I still have yet to see Chris, Matt, or John Paul draw a clear picture of why I should vote for them; they only talk about why I SHOULDN'T vote for Natalyn. And so far, they fail to even deliver overwhelming reason to support that message.

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Posted by Fueled by Bacon on 10/31/2013 at 4:36 PM

Re: “CL's picks for Atlanta City Council

I'm glad Enterkin finally filed and paid the fine. Hopefully Archibong and Rinker will do the same.
But I think you are all missing my original point. ALL of the candidates have flaws. My point is that we shouldn't vote for the person with the least flaws; we should vote for the person who has done the most for us/our community.
And CL ATL not backing one candidate in a race where their are 4 contenders? I mean c'mon. That's just lazy. Even if they endorsed Enterkin, Rinker, or Michalik with sound rationale, I would respect them more. They endorsed BOTH candidates in the Watson/Norwood race, for Christ's sake... Really?

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Posted by Fueled by Bacon on 10/31/2013 at 4:11 PM

Re: “CL's picks for Atlanta City Council

@MBlau, you're right. At the moment, Archibong is in hot water. But do we abandon our friends when they are most in need of allies? And let's not forget that no one is infallible - especially not her competitors in the District 5 race... The State of Georgia requires that all candidates file a Financial Disclosure Report in order to show that they don’t have any conflicts of interest. Well, guess who refused to file that report and show some transparency into their financial dealings: Christian "Celltower" Enterkin and Matt "Cookie-Cutter" Rinker. And as a result, they were both FINED by the STATE ETHICS COMMISSION for non-compliance. Any member of the public can search for candidates who failed to file at the Campaign Finance Commission website: http://media.ethics.ga.gov/search/Late/Lat…

So in my opinion, endorsing no one in the race sends a sad message to people that says no matter how much GOOD you do for the community, if you get in trouble even one time, we will abandon you. It's wrong, it's callous, and I think it shows a real lack of temerity.

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Posted by Fueled by Bacon on 10/31/2013 at 3:25 PM

Re: “CL's picks for Atlanta City Council

How can you endorse NO ONE for the District 5 seat!? Have we forgotten EVERYTHING that Natalyn has done for East Atlanta? I could easily list 10 things that she has done to improve the community - which is something NONE of her opponents can say. But rather than fill up the comments section, I'll refer you to a site that lists the TOP TWENTY things Natalyn's done for our neighborhood. (http://StandwithNatalyn.com).
I just find it depressing how fickle we all can be when it comes to remembering which Council members have been on our side.

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Posted by Fueled by Bacon on 10/31/2013 at 11:08 AM

Re: “First Slice 10/29/13: Falcons stadium costs already swell to $1.2 billion before construction begins

Geezus H. Christ! One point two BILLION!!!??
....It sure is purty though.

Posted by Fueled by Bacon on 10/30/2013 at 11:19 PM

Re: “Archibong ethics settlement raises more questions

There's a website that lists the Top 20 things Archibong has accomplished in office (http://standwithnatalyn.com/). As unethical as we all think she is, can any of her opponents even come close to her level of achievement? Every time you ask Matt Rinker for his plans, he sounds like he's reading from The Beginner's Guide to Running for Public Office. I mean, look at the platforms he lists on his website: "We need change..and safer neighborhoods..." DUH! Can you be less generic?...And we already know what Christian "Celltower" Enterkin plans to do if she gets to City Hall. So my point is, some of the most ethically questionable people in the world still are able to get great things done. I dare any of her opponents to come up with a list of Top 20 things they've done to improve Atlanta.

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Posted by Fueled by Bacon on 10/30/2013 at 11:15 PM

Re: “City Hall opens doors to hackers and programmers for Govathon

Where are you getting your information from? Giving extra access to people with iphones? LOL! ....READ his plan. People will ALWAYS be able to communicate with City Hall via telephone, mail, or by visiting in person. You don't need internet access to participate in what Jones is proposing.

The whole Govathon was made "to find creative solutions to potholes, vacant properties, parking tickets, homelessness, government transparency, and other municipal woes." And it's supported by Kwanza Hall as evidenced by his participation as a juror. Clearly everyone sees that making government functions available via internet is a step in the right direction. That is...everyone but you.

Oh, and you are absolutely right that Jones won't break into three digits....
In an election, the only way to "break into 3 digits" is to get 100% of the vote...genius. :-/

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Posted by Fueled by Bacon on 02/26/2013 at 10:24 PM

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