A late-night roundup of several Atlanta DJs 

DJ Tabone aka AT Rell

Residencies:: Fridays at Rare Soul Tapas. Every first Saturday at the Glen Hotel. Mixology, every third Saturday at Beleza. Beauty and the Beat every Thursday at Beleza with DJ Ausar. And hosting the Soul Chamber every Thursday from 2 p.m.-4 p.m on 89.3 (WRFG-FM).

Sounds: The music I play is called raw soul, and it's a tapestry of the most soulful elements of the genres people love. I played for Frank Ski at Utopia with Tay Rock about two months ago and that was a great experience because I gave them some of the juiciest R&B they've ever and never heard -- from Raheem [DeVaughn] to Eric [Roberson] back to Ryan Leslie over to Jesse Boykins.

Complementary drugs: Greenery and 'shrooms, too. When I DJ out and about early in the night, I would say the greenery. But if you were to hear me late night, I would say a little bit of candy and a little bit of Mario Bros. ['shrooms]. Whatever you're touching, you're gonna go crazy listening to my joints so take your pick.

Favorite Atlanta DJs: DJ Ausar of 89.3. DJ Dug Boogie. DJ Kemit, of course, the mayor. Mike Zarin. Cha Cha Jones.

Vikki Vaden, one-half of Fringe Factory

Residencies: One Saturday a month at Spring4th Center for Fringe Factory. We also do a live radio show every Wednesday, 8 p.m.-10 p.m. on AM 1690. Bands come in and we spin '60s revival stuff from newer bands. We also spin at the Star Bar, the Earl and MJQ now and then.


We spin 45s and LPs. Primarily '60s garage, psychedelic, freak beat, soul, R&B and mod stuff.

Complementary drugs:

LSD, mushrooms, marijuana... Psychedelics, although we are in Atlanta so there are plenty of people out there doing the nose candy.

Favorite Atlanta DJs:

Curt Wood from Athens, Adam and Shannon (the Lost Cause DJs), Chris Devoe and Yoon, and Tim Lawrence -- he knows how to get people dancing.

Dookie Platters


Every first Saturday at El Myr and every last Saturday at the Highland Inn.


I started off with rap and Southern hip-hop, but now I involve more diasporic African stuff that leads into hip-hop through traditional African music to Caribbean and dancehall. I'm also into Cumbia and South American music that takes its rhythmic cues from the traditional percussion of Africa. So hip-hop, dub step, Cumbia, reggae and Afrobeat are the main genres that I spin.

Complementary drugs:

Definitely a blunt. A fat blunt of some sticky weed and a couple of beers just to get you right. You don't want to go too far overboard.

Favorite Atlanta DJs:

Gnosis is my friend and partner. Cozy Sean, Brett Eclectic and Agent 45.

Brian Parris


Wednesdays at MJQ. Mondays at the Graveyard. Fridays at El Bar.


The best way to describe what I spin is indie dance. Anything from cool '80s stuff like the Smiths and Depeche Mode to current stuff like MGMT and newer electro kind of stuff.

Complementary drugs:

There's definitely lots of alcohol consumed wherever I go. People are probably smoking some weed or doing some blow, or maybe even some charlie. Maybe some mushrooms too. But I don't think Ecstasy is very popular anymore.

Favorite Atlanta DJs:

Cristo for sure. I love being at El Bar because of him. He plays the best blend of dirty south crunk and trap rap, and hip-hop mixed with the same kind of indie dance stuff that I do. I dig people who can genre blend without getting cheesy, and he's the best in town. Scooter is real eclectic and very cool. I also like hearing Rotnee singing karaoke to the songs he picks out. That takes some DJ skills for sure.

DJ Smiles


The Girls Room, once a month at Opera starting March 19. Roulette, ever last Saturday at Whiskey Park. Sloppy Seconds, every second Saturday at MJQ.

Sounds: I'm pretty much what people would call a mashup DJ, but I don't do mashups if that makes sense. You might hear a reggae song, a Baltimore club song and a rock song all in the same party.

Complementary drugs:

I'd have to go with sex and cocaine -- a lotta coke.

Favorite Atlanta DJs: DJ Kemit, Rasta Root, Brian Parris, JackMaster Solomon and Rob Wonder

DJ DiBiase


The Mondays, every Monday at Harlem Bar. The Renaissance, every Tuesday at Harlem Bar. F.A.M.E., every Wednesday at Slice. And every Saturday night at Slice.


Breaking records is what I'm about and exposing people to new shit, so that could be everything from the indie rap side of things, like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y, to strip clubs songs that are on the come-up.

Complementary drugs:

Marijuana. I'm a weed head so I'm very lucky to play a lotta lounges and chill events. Broke $ Boujee was the like the craziest party I've done just because it was a young people's party. I know a lot of those kids do whatever drugs they do. But if you catch me at Harlem Bar or Slice I'm definitely going to be playing a lot more of that music that's suited for burning to.

Favorite Atlanta DJs:

DJ Kemit. DJ Jamad, he's a mentor. DJ Nando; he's a strip club DJ who spins up in Onyx and Platinum 21. Klever; I don't get to see him a lot, but when he was out and about in Atlanta I liked fuckin' with Klever, too.


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