A very special Don't Panic art retrospective 

Behind the art of answering your war questions

“I think this was the second or third illustration I did for Don’t Panic in October 2001. It was published just after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan. It was the first one I did that really captured the right tone.

“Bush as Bo Duke. I guess that makes Cheney Luke.”


“This came out after the White House claimed they’d found trailers in Iraq used to make WMD. I was particularly proud of the “axles of evil” bit.

“In 2004, it seemed like the White House announced an “Orange” alert every time Kerry’s campaign was picking up steam. The alerts seemingly disappeared after the election.”

“For a while, I made one of these for fun every time there was an “Orange” alert.”

“It’s the only country in the world named after two soaps.”

“It’s a spoof on the posters for the movie Chicago. That’s Taliban leader Mullah Omar in the middle.”

“That’s a Dali with Bush and Tony Blair as the melting watches. I honestly don’t remember what it’s about though.”

“I love how the U.S. refers to some countries as ‘rogue states.’ It’s as if we’re a grandmother wagging our finger. ‘naughty naughty North Korea.’

“I never liked Arafat. I loved his nose though.”

"The African nation of Chad is actually named after the younger brother of
Rob Lowe. Not a lot of people realize that."

“Unfortunately, this one is pretty self-explanatory.”

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