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ACP's My Atlanta photo exhibition 

Kelsey Sasser

Kelsey Sasser
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
Winner, Critics Choice
Title: "Cripisis" (combining the words cripple and crisis)

"Perfect hair. Perfect nails. Beautiful clothes. Attractive boyfriend. Dream house. The epitome of perfection. As a child, Barbie is a girl’s best friend. My goal for this picture was to take the ideal image of perfect little Barbie and challenge the notion of real beauty. I cut her hair and her dress, covered her in dirt, tore off one of her legs and tried to set her on fire. Although Barbie proves to be flame retardant."

"The picture I took paints a picture of a broken, useless creature, no longer desirable to the world. No longer a girl’s best friend. She has become nothing more than common garbage that needs to be thrown away. Somehow, through mangled grit and grime, Barbie’s face still resonates her flawless beauty. Finding the beauty in negative places proves hard to some, but for others when that nut is cracked, the true beauty shines through more powerful than before."

"Because I was injured in a car accident at the age of 6 and had to grow up with my paralysis, I have dealt with experiences that most people will never go through. It has been ingrained in my mind to look beyond the typical descriptions of normal and beauty. None of us are perfect and everybody hurts. I for one will vouch for that, but one thing I have learned through my disability is that you can either laugh or cry. You can try to find the beauty and the fun in everything or you can be miserable and live a horrible life. This broken down Barbie speaks to me, it sums up how no matter how broken down and difficult something seems to be, there is hope."

"I entered my photograph not expecting my pieces to win anything or let alone be recognized. For my picture to be chosen as Critic’s Choice, when the judges knew nothing of my situation, proves that no matter who you are or what you have gone through, good things can happen. Art speaks for itself. And as they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words." -- Kelsey Sasser
Kirk M. Lalor
Kirk M. Lalor
2nd Place, Adult Category

"It was negative 35 degrees below zero and, Maggie, the dog was running around like it was springtime. My wife and daughter were looking at my wife's frost bitten fingers when I saw Maggie coming and took the picture as she ran through the frame. Maggie flying through the air was a happy accident." - Kirk M. Lalor
Royce Mann
Royce Mann
1st Place, 12 and Under Category
Title: "In My Own Eyes" (self-portrait)

"I like this photograph because it's a simple photo on a white surface, but it is also complicated in a powerful way. I like how it is symmetrical, but when you take a second look it has its differences that make it more real."

"I was just playing around and hoping to give a new feel to a self-portrait. At first I was doing it the traditional way, just holding up the camera in front of my face and snapping the photo. Then, I decided to try something different, and when I saw the photo I knew it was unique."

"This photo represents the fullness of life, and the pride of being myself as a kid." - Royce Mann
David McKenzie
David Mckenzie
3rd Place, Adult Category
Title: "Desert Journey"

"I was asked to create a collection of pregnancy shots, a new subject for me. My hope was to capture a unique image that would spark viewers' imaginations. Whitney Bass was the cooperative model for this project."

"This was shot in my living room with a Photoflex studio set using a Pentax K10 and post-processed using Photoshop CS3." - David Mckenzie
Angela Georges
Angela Georges
1st Place, Adult Category
Title: "Hop N Shop"

"This photograph was a spontaneous moment during a routine trip to the local store the Hop N Shop for bagged ice. I had expected her to "park" her trike out front and walk in with me but as I opened the door, Audrey Rose just peddled right past me! A little embarrassed, I hurried to get her off the trike but the clerk stopped me and said it was all right. Good thing, because she'd already made it to the candy aisle."

"When I shot this image I was thinking I am so happy I thought to grab my camera as we headed out the door."

"For me this picture represents the "Terrible Twos," of course, which really aren't that terrible ... complete with tattoos, tutu and battle scars (bruises) on the baddest bike in town. She's a tough girl ... breakin' the rules. Look at that sideways glance! As her mom, I'm so in for it."

"It also represents the humor that can be derived from everyday life with a toddler. A seemingly ordinary moment in time can quickly turn into an unexpected one when you add a little person to the equation. It is the joy of parenthood." - Angela Georges
Ike Oedel
Ike Oedel
3rd Place, 13-18 Year Old Category

"I wanted to shoot something that showed a connection to the world, to life — hence, the forest. Seeing an indented spot under the ground initiated the idea for me to basically crawl inside it, as if in a womb. My mum helped me shoot, she pleasantly gave me a lift into the earth, and brushed the bugs off when I began to have a panic attack."

"I like the fact that while the photo shows a natural, almost sweet tie to ‘mother nature,’ the darkness shows through: life is beautiful, but double sided." - Ike Oedel
Gilly Levy
Gilly Levy
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
Winner, Viewers Choice

"I captured this shot while pursuing my love of photography outside of class over the summer. After receiving a new underwater camera, I invited a friend over to help me test it out in the pool. The light on the water cast a reflection across her skin, creating an interesting texture on her body, which appealed to me artistically."

"I took this photograph to capture the feeling of simplicity and joy that embodies my memories of summer." - Gilly Levy
Michael Shafer
Michael Shaefer
Winner, Best Use of Color
Title: "The Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina"

"I am particularly pleased with the composition and colors in this photograph. The colorful background compliments the dancers. The geometry of the subjects captures the movement. The accordion player seems bored while the dancers are seemingly serious in their efforts to please the nearby tourists."

"I knew I had a potentially interesting photo. Capturing just the right geometric moment was key; the expression of the dancers and the accordion player. This colorful yet lighthearted scene was exactly what I was looking for." - Michael Shaefer
Colin C. Shaw
Colin C. Shaw
Paideia School
1st Place, 13-18 Year Old Category

"When I shot this photo I was walking by the escalator on the second level at Lenox Mall. As I walked by I noticed both the poster sign that said ‘space’ and the man in deep thought. I tried to frame the picture so that just the ‘space’ part of the sign remained and that he and the escalator were all alone in the space. Retrospectively his expression cut through the space much like the escalator does.”

“The photograph was shot on film. I like being able to hold what I do." - Colin C. Shaw
Marie L. Williams
Marie L.Williams
3rd Place, Senior Category
Title: "Senior in Deep Thought"

"I like the photo because the image allowed me, momentary to almost, see her deep thoughts of nearly one century on the planet." - Marie L.Williams, 92
Rebecca Dickerson
Rebecca Dickerson
Druid Hills School
Winner, Best Use of Black and White
Title: "Sarah"

"I took these photographs because I had just gotten a Holga camera for my birthday the day before, and I wanted to experiment with it."

"When I took these photographs I was trying to give them a little bit of a dreamy look; I wanted them to seem like I just caught a quick moment in someone's life when they may or may not have been thinking about something important."

"For me, these particular photographs represent a transition period for my younger sister. These were taken when my little sister was about to go into her last year of elementary school, which is an important time in a young woman's life."

“I think that this time is important because in a young woman's life because it is the last time she has to really prepare for her transition into adolescence. Middle school can be a difficult time for girls in particular, and I think each photo represents this because she seems to be in a contemplative state of mind; contemplative of her future, and how life will be outside the comfort zone of elementary school.”

“I chose to display them this way due to the aesthetic quality of the photos. Each photo shows a different expression, but the overall continuity of value seemed to work well together.” - Rebecca Dickerson
Lindsey Barch
Lindsey Barch
Woodward Academy Upper School
2nd Place, 13-18 Year Old Category
Title: "A Beautiful Disaster"

"I love the experimental aspect of photography and printing a picture incapable of recreation. This picture in particular was printed from color slide film onto Polaroid type 55 film. I could not stop at just a print though, I proceeded to dip the polaroid into a concoction of sepia bleach and water to obtain a distressed look."

"In every picture I print, I intend to reflect on past photographic processes while leaving room for modern styles. I find expired film, such as this, fascinating with all of its textures and variety of extraneous spots. The photo program at Woodward is unique in that it teaches high schoolers that there is a world beyond digital photography. I love for my pictures to be representatives of this."

"I like this picture due to its simplicity. It is nothing extravagant, only a simple face in neutral tones using one of my favorite photo mediums, Polaroid."

"This is a picture of my friend Sally." - Lindsey Barch
Gabriella Salazar

Gabriella Salazar
3rd Place, 12 and Under Category
Title: "A Chat With A Pilgrim"

"This photo shows a pilgrim who told us about eating lobster three meals a day when they first arrived in the New World. I liked his pilgrim clothing and his interesting stories.”

“With this photograph I wanted to bring back memories of my September visit to Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts.” - Gabriella Salazar, 7
Kennedy Lollis

Kennedy Lollis
2nd Place, 12 and Under Category
Title: Resolution

"I named this picture 'Resolution' because it appears to people are trying to solve a problem.”

“I like this photograph because it's not a typical, bright photograph and one seldom see's kids in a window trying to find a resolution.”

“When I shot this image I was thinking it would be neat to not have one subject of the photograph but two.”

“For me this photo represents me because I like to solve problems.” - Kennedy Lollis, 12
Bill Grimm

Bill Grimm
2nd Place, Senior Category
Title: "The Original Shabazz"

"I like the way the live oak frames and accentuates the building, its trunk and limbs enveloping the bright yellow and red colors. The weeds at the bottom also add a complimentary color element while enhancing the mood of an abandoned building and passage of time.”

“The light was not good at the time, however, as there was excessive contrast with distracting hot spots. I returned the next morning prior to sunrise when the light was more even resulting in better color saturation.” - Bill Grimm
Steven T. Waldschmidt

Steven T. Waldschmidt
1st Place, Senior Category
Steven T. Waldschmidt

Steven T. Waldschmidt
1st Place, Senior Category

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