Am I stuck with bad karma? 

Dear Karma Cleanser:

I have a 40-minute bus ride to get to my office every morning. There was this lady sitting in front of me, and I noticed a few minutes into our ride that she had a large white sticker stuck to the back part of her shoulder. I could tell she did not know it was there. Nobody on the bus talks to anybody else, so I kept quiet. I felt badly about not speaking up, but I did not want to embarrass her.

After the bus arrived, I got off quickly to avoid making eye contact with the lady. As I was walking toward my building, I heard someone calling out, "Excuse me!" It was the sticker lady. She was walking fast toward me. She said, "I think you left your iPod on the seat."

She was right. I had rushed out and left it behind. Now I think my karma is going to be destroyed, not just because I didn't notify her of the sticker, but because she then went out of her way to help me. How can I possibly get out of this hole?

-- Bus-ted

Since this bus ride is a daily thing for you, we're guessing you see the same wage slaves every day. Tomorrow morning, surprise the label lady with glazed doughnuts -- the universal gesture of appreciation/apology in the South. Even if she doesn't like sugary snacks, maybe she'll share with the bus.

Been bad?


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