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"... [N]o previous study has tested longitudinal associations between the content of music lyrics and subsequent changes in sexual experience, such as intercourse initiation ... Listening to music with degrading sexual lyrics is related to advances in a range of sexual activities among adolescents ... Reducing the amount of degrading sexual content in popular music or reducing young people's exposure to music with this type of content could help delay the onset of sexual behavior."

-- August 2006 article in the scientific journal Pediatrics

"All the classy ones like to act like they a virgin

And the nasty ones like when I talk to 'em dirty

But I'm breakin' the ice, got 'em laughin' and flirtin'

They be removin' they skirts when they hop in the 'burban

Once the flick start playin' and the E start kickin' in

Her girlfriend lickin' and she beggin'

me to stick it in"

-- Atlanta Rapper T.I., in his 2003 single "Let's Get Away"

"I enjoy talking about [sex]. It's a part of life, and I think it's such a beautiful thing."

-- Janet Jackson, at a press gathering in Midtown in July (as quoted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)



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