Are Girl Scouts annoying little people? 

Mary Margaret & Sarah, Atlanta
We kind of just ignore people who think that. We try to help people with our service projects. A couple of weeks ago we made a big dinner for about 65 homeless people. We made them broccoli and chicken casserole with rice and bread. They complimented us on our cooking and they were really grateful. It made us feel really good. Being a good person is a good thing and you get rewarded for doing good things.

John, Atlanta
Would you rather give money to a heroin addict than to a Girl Scout? There's so much evil in the world, why pick on Girl Scouts? Girl Scouts are a reminder of a simpler and more civilized age. There are no merit badges for aggressive panhandling. Girl Scouts are doing something productive. When I'm flush, I buy their cookies. They're learning a sense of responsibility. That should be respected as opposed to these worthless Listerine drinkers with loads in their pants.

Rudi, Atlanta
Oh yeah, very annoying. These Girl Scouts feel they have the right to come in to our business, because they're almost god-like, and we're supposed to stop whatever we're doing and buy their cookies and if we don't, we're assholes. They're like that annoying bell of those Christmas people, that Salvation Army. One of their troop leaders got mad at me because I told them to skedaddle. When I was a Girl Scout, they made me sell cookies, but nobody wanted 120-degree cookies in South Florida.



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