Are you optimistic about those Braves?


They're much better than they were last year. Oh my God, much better -- really, really improved. They got a lot of good stuff going on here. They got that new college kid who's real good. Chipper Jones is real good and I think Andruw Jones is lovely. It may be that someone cast a good luck spell on them or something but I know I pray for them every night in my dreams. I say I hope that my hometown will win the World Series because I will be there representing them.

They'll do good during the playoffs and then when they get to the World Series they'll lose because they'll choke. They get too nervous. They're under a lot of pressure because if they lose, they lose a lot of money. They want the money so bad because they want more stuff. The more money you have, the more famous you are. They want to beat everybody, to be the best, to get more money. When they do that, they try extremely too hard. When you try too hard you mess up. I do bowling. When I try too hard I throw the ball in the gutter.

They'll probably win the World Series. Chipper Jones is starting to dive more. He's getting better at defense. He's stopping the ball from going straight down the line. He's jumping at the ball. The pitchers are pitching faster. It's not easy for the opponents to hit home runs. And Bobby Cox is making good decisions. He talks to the players after every out and after inning and he tells them what they need to work on or what they did wrong or what they did excellent.



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