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Featureless Ghost

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Elise Tippins and Matt Weiner have been dating since 2003, which means that the 23- and 25-year-old musicians were just teenagers when they met. In conversation, they have that cute manner of couples that finish one another's sentences and seem to share parts of each other's brains. If that sounds a bit like science fiction, it should. Featureless Ghost is steeped in the retro-futurism of movies such as Blade Runner or William Gibson novels. After attending the New School and NYU, respectively, in New York, Tippins and Weiner moved last year into a house in East Atlanta where they're surrounded by electronic equipment, keyboards and wires.

Elise Tippins: The surroundings [in New York] were like living in a soundscape. I lived across from a steel factory. We'd dangle a microphone out and record it.

Matt Weiner: Not being able to play drums in an apartment in New York, you know, without everyone in the building hating me, sort of forced me to find other outlets. Field recordings, sampling, just taking guitar pedals and using them for other stuff.

ET: Our setup was a little different in New York, we had a roommate who had other stuff.

MW: And we didn't have as much stuff as we have now. It changes every few months. One way to keep it fresh for us is to constantly try new stuff out: buy something, use it for a while, sell it, buy something else.

ET: We were dealing with the atmosphere of the city and the human interactions that were very, like, closed off — the isolated in a crowd type thing.

MW: The songs all sort of deal, in some abstract sense, with living in a body versus having an online presence.

ET: Or a spirit presence.

MW: It's all synthetic and electronic, so that lends itself to that. ... Our mind-set is similar enough that it's almost like working with one person.

ET: [Laughs] We have a linked mind-body.

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