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Showing out at Harvest '07 Erotic Art Show

There are a lot of bare tits at the Loft tonight. The Harvest '07 Erotic Art Show is in effect, oddly named though it is – someone even comments that it sounds like a farmers' market (maybe they're harvesting boobs?).

The hung pieces range from cartoony and goofy to violently sexual, and almost all depict unnaturally proportioned and hairless women in various states of undress. Bondage seems to be the favorite muse, and many of the drawings and paintings look like the work of an artistically talented but sexually frustrated teenage boy. A few of the photos show natural girls and could easily be found on the walls of a classy gallery, but most are what you might discover in your late-night trawling of the Net. They might even turn you on – if you like your women tied to a toilet.

Organizer Timothy Dolph announces that the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival going on this month didn't want his show to be a part of it. "They can look at pictures of kittens and picket fences all day, while we have some fun!" he tells the cheering crowd. On a display of photos of nude women by photographer Stacy Leigh, there's a Post-it note with the words "They're DOLLS!!" scrawled across it. Ms. Leigh explains that the photos are not of real women, but of ultra-realistic sex dolls. They are very convincing. "Photoshop helps a lot," she confides.

The DJ and his girlfriend are wearing matching knee-high platform combat boots and seem to be going for that bondage/goth/Matrix look. He demands that a passing photographer take their picture: "Hey, photo guy! Check out this hotness!" Among the vinyl-clad and heavily pierced there are also a few T-shirts and jeans, and even a few polo shirts and slacks. A girl wearing the entire Hot Topic accessories bin seems to do so self-consciously, while same-sex couples wear their buckles and straps with more confidence. The most don't-bring-me-home-to-your-conservative-parents-looking guy in the room is here by himself. He has a mohawk of sharp spikes, red contact lenses and a ripped mesh shirt. He looks a little lost standing alone by the bar. Another guy is wearing nothing above the waist but a bullet-proof vest. Maybe he's afraid his massive guns will go off unexpectedly.

In the back room, an artist applies body paint to two girls, and they pose for pictures. The painting takes awhile, and an audience of drinkers sits around watching and taking photos on cell phones despite the no-photography rule. On stage, performance art pieces ensue. The first is a slapsticky bit about nude painting that stars organizer Dolph. The second is about erotic photography and stars the other organizer, Bill Reichardt. It even has a sort of moral twist, as the elderly makeup artist is the last to pose for Reichardt's camera. Finally, two girls strip while miming one's descent into debauchery. A woman dressed like a frat boy cheers loudly.

Scary Guy with red eyes dances for a bit, but still has no one to talk to. He goes over to the huge security guard sitting in the corner and tries to start up a conversation, but after an awkward silence he heads out alone into the not-so-erotic night.


To see more photos of the Harvest '07 Erotic Art Show, click here.

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