Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports 

A 34-year-old woman walked up to an officer on Peachtree Street with a bizarre fake story about how she was sexually assaulted in a park. The officer asked: "Which park?" "Grant Park," the woman replied, but immediately changed her response to "where the protesters are" (Woodruff Park).

Seconds later, the woman admitted freely that the sex was totally consensual. She said she met a guy and agreed to have sex in exchange for a pair of shoes from Walmart. Apparently, the man bought her dinner and took her to a Buckhead hotel (she didn't remember which one). After some lust and thrust, the guy was supposed to drive her back to the park, but she said he refused to drive her anywhere. The woman told the police she needed them because she doesn't know how to get back to Woodruff Park and "didn't want to walk the 13 miles" from Buckhead. The woman wasn't hurt at all, so the officer gave her some water and food, and drove her back to Woodruff Park.

CATFIGHT IN THE PARK: An officer dealt with two women brawling in Washington Park. One woman, who was bleeding from her head, said a woman wearing no underpants had been strutting around the park, lifting up her dress in front of her, and flashing her privates. The bleeding woman said she asked the pantyless woman to move on, but the pantyless woman refused to move and kept taunting her.

Also, she said the pantyless woman pushed and tried to bite her. Then, the women tumbled to the ground and duked it out.

The officer charged the pantyless woman with disorderly conduct and took her to Grady Memorial Hospital. While there, "she was acting very violent and threw a bedpan at an officer." So they quickly moved her to jail.

BAKED SALE: Suggestion, wannabe drug dealers: Don't smoke too much product before trying to make a sale. On McDaniel Street, two women said guy in a black hoodie walked up and asked if they wanted to buy some marijuana. "No thanks," the women replied. Then, the guy reportedly used his finger to poke each woman in the head three times and called them "bitches and hoes." After that, the women say he ran across the street, pulled out a silver handgun, cocked it, but didn't point it at them. He ran away before police arrived.

BREAK UP, ALREADY: A couple in their 20s got into a fight over money and keys at their Campbellton Road apartment. The woman said she was following her boyfriend around, while carrying a bottle of bleach in one hand and her child in her other arm. She said she was doing some cleaning and just so happened to have the bleach handy during the argument. Still, she accused her boyfriend of splashing bleach into her face.

The boyfriend's story was entirely different: He says he was trying to leave after they argued, and he lugged a bag of clothes in each hand as he walked outside. He said his girlfriend followed him and poured bleach on his hand, which also spilled into the clothes in his bag. He said he felt his hand burning and he tried to swat the bleach away, which caused the bottle of bleach to splash back on his girlfriend. He said he kept walking, and his girlfriend kept following him to a nearby bus stop. No charges were filed. Let's hope the guy keeps on walking right out of this relationship.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.


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