Chipper Jones: An oral history 

22 people reflect on the life and times of a legendary Brave

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Tom Glavine: It's not something that he loves. He knows it's part of the deal and he does it as much as he has to. I don't think he was overly upset about deferring it to other guys for a portion of his career. Having said that now, he's the guy.

Liván Hernández: I always played for a different team and faced him a lot ... I had a chance to play this year with Chipper and see everything he [does] before the end. How he gets ready, he's very professional and this is the way he became one of the best players in baseball.

Ryan Langerhans: It's hard to single out one on the field moment [recently] ... I'll never forget the streak he went through, I think it was in '06, where in July he hit some kind of ridiculous number. Basically, he hit over .400 for the entire month. He had the extra-base hit streak where he had an extra-base hit in [14] consecutive games. It was just remarkable.

David O'Brien: If you look at one game, like the two-homer game against the Cubs in the division series to keep it alive ... He had two homers against the Cubs, brought the series back to Atlanta, otherwise it was over there.

Frank Wren: I think of '08 when he won the batting title. He was swinging a magic wand, every time he went up there he could slap a ball into left, he could hit a home run, he could hit a line drive through the middle, it was just so magical to watch him swing the bat that year because he could almost do no wrong.

John Schuerholz: We've had a lot of other good players, don't get me wrong, I'm not discounting them. You have to have a lot of good players to win 15 years in a row. Chipper was the catalyst in many, if not most, of those years because of his consistency.

Frank Wren: Chipper is one of those guys that every player also looks up to and respects. When he speaks, the guys listen, and they know they're getting information that they may not be able to get anywhere else.

Martin Prado (Braves Infielder/Outfielder, 2006-Present; has received comparisons to Jones for his willingness to switch positions): He's just one of those guys that's encouraged me, personally, the way he has played the game, his knowledge about the game and everything he knows about the game.

David O'Brien: He'll share anything with [his teammates]. He's not like one of those guys that's like, "I'm not going to tell my secrets." He wants everybody to do better. He knows they're not going to be better than him, not that he cares.

Martin Prado: [He's] guy who's been [for most of] his career a third basemen. He sacrificed himself to play left field. That tells you that he's a team player ... I understood that if he did it back then, why not me? He made me realize that baseball is more than numbers; it's more like thinking about the team that you play for, the name you've got on the front of your jersey.

Ryan Langerhans: I remember instead of just showering up and heading to the house after a home game, there were times where he would go sit in the video room with me for a while ... We'd have a video room session and he'd be like, "Hey, if you want to go do our cage work together tomorrow at two o'clock before batting practice, I'll show you what I'm talking about and we can work on fixing your swing a little bit."

David O'Brien: Last year during pitching mini-camp in February, before we get out to spring training, he'd been working with Jason [Heyward] and the new hitting coach is on Jason's swing, all throughout January, privately at Turner Field, and Chipper stood there and showed us physically what he was doing wrong, what they were working on, and it was like watching the best teacher you ever had in college and you were finally like, "I get it, why did no one else explain it that way?"

Brian McCann (Braves Catcher, 2005-Present): It's very helpful, when you're walking into a situation and you're new to it and you've got a guy who's been there and done that, and he's willing to share his time with you and share his knowledge, it makes you respect him a lot more once you get to know him.

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