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CL's picks for the week's best shows 

Harry and the Potters, Georgian Chamber Players, The Venus in Furs


FRED EAGLESMITH, SUNNY SWEENEY Is Eaglesmith Canada's answer to Steve Earle, or what? Actually, Eaglesmith may not have the media hype of Earle but he can write better songs. Alternating humor and pathos with ease, he will keep you captive for hours with his amazing repertoire. You won't be disappointed tonight. $18-$20. 8 p.m. Eddie's Attic. 404-377-4976. -- James Kelly

P.F. SLOAN, BLAKE RAINEY One of America's most unrecognized geniuses, P.F. Sloan was the mastermind behind a slew of classic '60s artists. He wrote "Secret Agent Man" for Johnny Rivers, "You, Baby" for the Turtles, and the still relevant "Eve of Destruction" for Barry McGuire. He recently released his first album after way too long, and tonight's show is a "must see." For more, see feature. $10. 8 p.m. Red Light Café. 404-874-7828. -- JK


HARRY AND THE POTTERS, SOMEONE STILL LOVES YOU BORIS YELTSIN, TOY DEVILS Obsessive Harry Potter fans should be out en masse tonight to politely rock to the literate and clever H and the P's band, comprised of fellow Potterphiles and Rowling enthusiasts. Springfield, Mo., pop band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Toy Devils open. $8. 6 p.m. Masquerade. 404-577-8178. -- Lee Valentine Smith

JUCIFER Pairing the Devil's own Peggy Lipton on guitar with a Muppet on amphetamines on drums, Jucifer does for sludgy, dusky rock what Linda Blair did for green-pea soup and indie rockers did for chlamydia: Athens-based Jucifer plasters that shit EVERYWHERE, like grease in a Hell's Highway diner. Do ya like Black Sabbath? The Melvins? Kyuss? Do you like worshiping monolithic guitar amp stacks and flailing limps? Your face will either get melted or twisted in a psychedelic "Ohhhhh." For more, see feature. $10. 9 p.m. The Star Bar. 404-681-9018. -- Tony Ware

LUIGI, MORESIGHT, PREAKNESS, THE EYES The Eyes craft a warm pop sound that fortifies straight for '60s psych-rock tones with ethereal fringes. Drawing on a palette of influences that surveys the indie rock and lo-fi '90s, the Preakness plays artfully subdued harmonies that evoke everyone from Sebadoh to the Rosebuds. Moresight plays murky and psychedelic rock songs that emanate from a morphine-addled headspace. Luigi plays Pixies-esque power-pop. $5. 9 p.m. Lenny's. 404-577-7721. -- Chad Radford

MARSHALL CHAPMAN, TOM KREKEL, TOMMY WOMACK Three of Nashville's best alternative songwriters come to town for a night in the round. Chapman's a rocker at heart whose career has seen its ups and downs, but the quality of her work has never wavered. Krekel is a song slugger of the highest order, and Womack can crank out the kind of pop ditties that stick in your brain. $12-$15. 8 p.m. Eddie's Attic. 404-377-4976. -- JK

NICHOLAS BENNISON I've learned something since moving to the mid-Atlantic: DJs are like 7-Eleven coffee -- not all good, but everywhere. So many are watered down, but then you get that one strong, fresh cup with a hint of French vanilla and next thing you know you're sprung. Bringing propulsive, progressive trance/house like Torrance brings the Rancho Carne Toros, Bennison keeps it sleek and strafing, rich and steaming like that cup o' cafe. Jonathan Allyn complements with some melody amid the techy twitch. Call for price. 10 p.m. Fever. 404-214-0151. -- TW


CHOIRS OF THE CATHEDRAL OF ST. PHILIP Readings attuned to the Epiphany season are interspersed among the musical movements of Benjamin Britten's classic favorite "A Ceremony of Carols." Bruce Neswick directs the combined boys, girls and adult Cathedral choirs, with guest harpist Susan Brady. Free. 4 p.m. Cathedral of St. Philip. 404-365-1050. -- Mark Gresham

GEORGIAN CHAMBER PLAYERS GCP violinist Beth Newdome, cellist Christopher Rex and guest hornist Brice Andrus perform Franz Joseph Haydn's "Divertimento in E-flat major for Horn, Violin and Cello." Then they are joined by CGP violist Reid Harris plus four more guest musicians (violinist Jay Christie, contrabassist Ralph Jones, clarinetist Laura Ardan and bassoonist Carl Nitchie) for Franz Schubert's magnificent "Octet in F." $30. 3 p.m. Spivey Hall. 678-466-4200. -- MG


PORSCHES ON THE AUTOBAHN, 8-BIT WONDER, RECOMPASS (AKA JUDI CHICAGO), TENTH TO THE MOON An abundance of electro-sprockets invade Lenny's for an evening of dancing and destruction. Porsches on the Autobahn plays extremely Germanic techno-pop. 8-Bit Wonder follows suit with sleek and sultry retro grooves. Recompas unleashes a crunchy, digital grind, while Tenth to the Moon churns out a ghoulish, post-industrial dirge in the vein of Suicide, Tuxedomoon and Throbbing Gristle. $5. 9 p.m. Lenny's. 404-577-7721. -- CR


ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Robert Spano leads the ASO in its 15th annual musical celebration honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The concert features a triptych from Richard Danielpour's 2005 opera "Margaret Garner," the tragic story of a fugitive Kentucky slave who helped spark unrest in pre-Civil War America. Terrence Wilson is the piano soloist for George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue." The Spelman and Morehouse college glee clubs join the ASO forces, along with solo vocalists Cynthia Haymon, Pamela Dillard, Vinson Cole and Alfred Walker, for the "Ode to Joy" finale from Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9." $12.50. 8 p.m. King International Chapel, Morehouse College. 404-733-5000. -- MG

GARY PFAFF The Obsession Day guy has a new solo album out and he intends to celebrate its release tonight. White Stars finds Pfaff in fine voice, in a subdued set of warm singer/songwriter observations, co-produced by Tim Delaney. $8. 8 p.m. Andrews Upstairs. 404-467-1600. -- LVS

TYFL Break out those No. 2 pencils, it's time to get standardized on that azz! Well, actually, the test is to see who can stand out the MOST. That's right, it's the finals of the TestYourFuckingLocals drum 'n' bass DJ competition. 180 Degrees, and Abstract Logic Recordings have spent the last couple months at the Mark presenting you with the top dnb Ds 'n' Js n the ci-ty. Sonar, Truform and Disciple13 compete to be your champion in the camo-decked, hoodie-speckled arena of riddim. Emak, Ployd, Corey von Waters, REL1 and Bright all contribute additional infotainment. All I wanna know is are there enough bubbles for "SELECTAH REEEWIND!?" Free. 10 p.m. The Mark. 678-904-0050. -- TW

THE VENUS IN FURS, MORNING STATE Atlanta's newest psych-rock space travelers the Venus in Furs embraces a grand history of rock legacies, taking nods from everyone from Jim Morrison to Syd Barrett to Thom Yorke. Morning State plays bounding rock numbers carved out of minimal arrangements. The group doesn't throw any surprise punches, just places a well-crafted blend of classic-era alternative rock influences into a modern rock context. $5. 9 p.m. Drunken Unicorn. -- CR

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