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Online responses to "The gentry are coming" cover story by Mara Shalhoup and Michael Wall, published May 4, 2006.

I don't get it: Would the writer say that I should not live intown, buy a house in Cobb County and add to the traffic congestion that is so often covered in this publication? CL can't have it both ways. Also, to call all intown home-buyers "volvo driving yuppies" is a bit much, don't you think? Don't you know that each and every one of us drives a Prius?

-- Kyle

Come on in "gentry": I am a 23 year old black man who lives in Norcross and cannot afford to live "in-town" right now, but I love what it going on "in-town". I welcome the gentry class. It makes this city look a hell of a lot better. Who wants mixed income developments where you get someone whose paying 750 a month for a one bedroom and your paying 1250 for that same floorplan next door, that's bull. Atlanta has been a city long plagued with crime and gentrification is helping get rid of that. Get rid of all public housing, shotgun shanties and dilapidated apartments and bring in the high rises and loft and price them well over 200K so when I get my law degree I can move in them and not worry about riff-raff robbing me.

-- Devin Barbee

Thanks god for the "gentry": If not for those evil white "gentry" folk moving in to Atlanta, the city would be like it was in the 70s-80's, on the verge of bankrupcy. CL is more interested in keeping the Atlanta black than improving the city's bottom line.

-- Richard

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