'The big uneasy,' part of the 'One year later' Katrina cover story

Online responses to "The big uneasy" by David Lee Simmons, published Aug. 24, 2006.

homesick Thank for this article. I came to Atlanta not quite as a "refugee" in the immediate aftermath of the storm, but after making the conscious decision that the only home I'd ever known was gone and wasn't coming back...I moved to Atlanta in December once I was able to sell my what was left of my house and find a job here. I thought I was doing okay, making my "fresh start," but as we edge closer and closer to the anniversary, I realize I'm a mess. I ache and I mourn for my city and my people. It is a comfort to know that I'm not alone.

-- Jeanne

mr. I too read the times pickonyou every day on line. I've been in atlanta for 4 years and I miss new orleans bad. You leave and everythings seems better cleaner and safer. But there is no place like New Orleans. I watch the Saints. The other day I talked to a cop and he told me that he always wanted to visit N.O. but now that he'd seen "New Orleans" people he'd never visit there. Oh well no big loss I said and he didn't catch the irony. I love my home. I remember getting dressed and heading out to dance and drink at midnight. Having some real fun with some real people.

-- Greg Miller

Beautiful Piece David ... reading this from Estonia. This is a great piece of writing, with some beautiful imagery. Hope all is well back home, LauraFries.com p.s. Peep www.hollabackpack.com for my travel adventures, finally updated.

-- LauraFries.com

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