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'Hating the haters' by John Sugg

God spoke to me too!!

John, I wanted to confirm much of your article. I am not a religious person really, so I was surprised when God visited me in a dream last night. In the dream, he told me that black people were too illiterate, too poor, too stupid, and too lazy to actually get a voter ID card so I shouldn't complain about it on liberal blogs. When I protested that blacks were quite capable of filling out a simple form and that the card would be provided free of charge by the state, he almost smote me right there on the spot for my racist attitude. I didn't care. I told God that blacks seemed to register their children in school, purchase alcohol, and obtain drivers' licenses without much trouble so showing an ID to vote shouldn't be a big deal. "You are a racist," He said loudly. "But I love black people!" I exalted. "You're not being racist in regards to blacks," God explained, and his voice lowered as he whispered in my ear. "You are racist when it comes to illegal aliens, felons, and dead people. They want to vote too!" I started to explain His illogic, but He started to glare at me. To appease Him, I said, "Thank God we have the Democrats to make sure that the state doesn't take votes away from lazy, illiterate, poor blacks who can't fill out a simple form to get a free ID!"

-- Vince

Just get over yourselves!

Okay, for these white boys who refuse to get it: the Civil War is over! The South lost! And no one wants to serve you! No one was interested back then, and no one is interested now! For the Ann Coulters who follow the aforementioned white boys, how stupid can you be, babe? In their eyes, you are but a mere woman; you have no power; you hold no more value to them than do I, a black woman. Oh, and you can keep wishing for a race war if you want to. I guarantee you're not going to like what you get. I triumph this very moment at the thought of your poorly lost battle.

-- Cheryl

Nice election hit piece!

Damn the GOP!!!!! Don't you know it's now considered racist to demand that one is an eligible voter in order to VOTE! Hell, we should just let anyone vote as many times as they feel. Maybe even set up an anonymous website to cast your votes!

-- John

The Irony

It's ironic, but typical, that Republican leaders and their mindless lemmings are accusing American citizens of committing voter fraud. In true Rove-ian style, this blame-the-victim strategy deflects criticism from their racist tactics (courts across the land have called these ID policies racist and unconstitutional), and distracts people from the fact that the real voter fraud is being committed by the Bush-ites. A recent government study, FUNDED by the Bush administration, found that voter fraud by American citizens is rare and not a critical issue. But since the study didn't produce the results the administration wanted, they buried it. Meanwhile, companies that support Bush are manufacturing voting machines so easily hackable that a Princeton study found that a "bug" can steal votes and erase itself before anyone is the wiser. Voter fraud also was committed by the dishonorable Katherine Harris and sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court. Most disturbing, Jeb Bush was the biggest offender of 2000, when he dispatched Florida state troopers to poor districts in order to keep African-American citizens from reaching the polls. Just last week in California, a Republican candidate for the House was behind a letter written to LEGAL immigrants (mostly Hispanic), warning them that it is illegal to vote and that those who do can be jailed. So, lemmings, just keep slinging mud at middle class and lower income American citizens. These tired old racist tactics are evidence that the Republican party's agenda is hanging on by a thread. I suggest that the sheep who slurp up this garbage start to think for themselves. The facts are out there, they just don't support your ideology.

-- Rene

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