Alyssa Abkowitz's 'CDC launches study to find cases of autism' in Fallout

Who are they kidding???

They are just wasting our money. The CDC did it when they injected thimerosal and they are not going to find out that they did it. That would be stupid of them, wouldn't it? Waste of money.

-- RG

"parents will recall memories better???"

This has got to be the stupidest comment that I have ever read. To not remember your child losing language, having constant gut issues, sensory discomfort x 100, losing eye contact, not interacting... etc? Don't insult these parents! It is though the CDC rationale to NOT investigate how thimerosal is a neurotoxin that CAN cause the biomedical injuries that become "autism." Another sly attempt to waste 5 more years.

-- Red

Ohh, boy...

Here we go again! How convenient of the CDC to not determine if thimerosal is a factor. Of course, if they did, they would only reveal what they already know, but continue to cover up. WE know because we deal with the results of their selfish, greedy conspiracy to gain power and profit from our damaged children, on a daily basis! Their studies mean NOTHING! They have lost all credibility in the eyes of this Nation and of the World! Thimerosal causes autism in some children...and my grandson was one of them.

-- Trish

No more games

However, recent studies have discounted that possibility (of mercury). You mean the CDC lied and covered up studies they originally found that did link thimerosal with autism.....Oh how convenient.....This is just one more ploy for the govt to defend their buddies the pharmaceutical industry. Please let's not play games here. The money would be better spent chelating these kids and recovering this generation.

-- Jen DuVall

Mercury IS Poison!!!!!!!

So convenient not to explore Mercury as an "Environmental Factor"....If Thimerosal wasn't an issue, then our children who are sick wouldn't be LOADED with mercury! How about this test...a CDC employee volunteers to be injected with the amount of mercury allowed previously in childhood vaccines...throw a flu shot full of thimerosal in the mix for good measure...now let's wait and see how the employee is post jab....now we'll get the right picture!


My memory is working just fine!

It's been almost sixteen years since a nurse mistakenly gave my 8 mo. old son another child's (15 mo. old) injections. I remember that day very vividly. In fact, if I wouldn't have caught the error, my son's records would have shown that he was immunized for something that he was not. He was then given his regular injections on top of the others, giving him a bolus dose of Thimerosal (Mercury). Shortly afterwards was when the symptoms of autism began.

-- Lila

CDC lacks ethics

The CDC's original study found associations between thimerosal injections into infants and a range of neurological problems, including but not limited to attention deficits, tics, language disorders and autism. CDC documents obtained by FOIA also reveal that the CDC deliberately diluted its own data and that the CDC dictated to the Institute of Medicine what its thimerosal conclusions would be and did so prior to the sham hearing. CDC director Julie Gerberding has endorsed the diluted data by not firing the individuals responsible for the diluting. While Gerberding remains CDC director and while the data-dilutionists remain on the CDC payroll, the CDC is not to be trusted.

-- Teresa Binstock


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