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Online responses to last week's issue, which featured "Atlanta's 11 least influential" by Andisheh Nouraee, "Paschal's purchase to reopen historic restaurant" by Scott Henry and "Driving stoned, rolling on" by Tony Ware.

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We fired that guy

In some areas here in Los Angeles, we have more than a mere Pedestrian Crossing Sign Guy. The crosswalks painted on the ground also have dozens of bright strobe lights that flash like crazy when a pedestrian is crossing. It's very noticeable and from what I've observed, extremely effective.

-- Verdell

Quit insulting poor blacks!

If I hear this argument one more time, I think I will go crazy. You insult black Americans...and to be honest, your comments show your own racism. I notice that you never mention that poor whites will be disenfranchised by such a law. I wonder why? Oh, is it because you think poor whites can actually obtain a FREE ID from the state while poor blacks can't. I see. I also noticed that you didn't mention that you need photo ID for cigarettes, beer, airplane trip, heck, even a Blockbuster card...but when it comes to an election, you want to pull out the racism card...because again, as you so clearly explained in your article, poor blacks basically can't do anything for themselves at all. By that logic, I suppose you will next write that we should go to each and every house (but only in poor BLACK areas, since they don't know how to unlock their own doors) and get their votes. Hmmm...maybe you aren't really trying to INSULT blacks after all. Maybe that is an unintended accident. Maybe you are trying to stir up anti-Republican sentiment by telling them that evil white men are trying to suppress their vote. Next, you will be telling poor blacks that they can't vote Republican because they would burn down black churches or bring back days of attack dogs and fire hoses. (Nope, you can't do that...because other Democrats have already done that...of course, you see no problem with those slanderous lies. No, you would rather tell poor blacks that they are too lazy and too stupid to get a free photo ID from the state.

-- Vince

1956 Flag

The greatest period of prosperity for Georgia (1956-2001) and the period that welcomed huge numbers of blacks from other states was when we had the 1956 Flag. If you read accurate history, you will see the flag is not racist any more than the American Flag is. Between 1956 and 2001 thousands of companies located here, the Olympics came here, millions of blacks relocated here. Why did the flag not keep all that from happening if it is so hateful? The NAACP got a bug to create enmity among the blacks and they started race baiting to fill their coffers. Worked.

-- Michele

Hart Neighbor

Thank you for your unbiased coverage of one of our problems. The Mayor did not apologize either for saying-on record-an idea another councilmember proposed was the stupidest thing ever brought-up. Two peas in a pod?

-- Resident

Hart Hurts us

Actually, Mr. Hart is not allowed to talk with any city employee without a chaperone and that is how it should be. He is a loose cannon (like his predecessor, Lamar "Latinos are freeloaders" Lang) and everyone knows it. He should never have been elected. Maybe this will wake up some voters in Doraville (which actually is a good place to live, believe it or not!)

-- Resident of Mayberry RFD

Not speaking and to whom

Although the AJC reported that Hart is not allowed to speak to any employee, Mayor Jenkins told me in a telephone conversation that he only ordered Hart not to talk to Cloer.

-- Andisheh Nouraee

Keeping History Where It Belongs

It's heartening to hear of the attempts to keep this vital part of Atlanta's civil rights history in the communities where they originated. In light of the decision to place the proposed Civil Rights Museum in the Centennial Park area, it's vital that the historic African-American communities that fostered and nurtured the movement make sure that these landmarks are preserved in their natural setting. This is a part of our history that should not be forgotten, by ourselves or the world, however, the economic impact of such venues on the communities where they are located can bring much needed income to the communities that they support, invite and encourage future economic development.

-- Stacey Hopkins

History vs. Business

Is it preservation when you reopen a restaurant under another name and operate it under the guise of a neighboring restaurant, ie. Busy Bee? Hmmmm... If one looks at the area that is the now gentrified MLK, you'll see that big business is the priority. And I can't say that I believe it should be any other way. The strip mall, lofts and condos have and are continuing to revamp that entire community. And looking back at the same area 10 years ago, I'm sure people would agree that something needed to be done. Even the original Paschal's restaurant fled into redevelopment and left its "historical feel" behind. Isn't the new Paschal's close to 4 stars? Hardly the place that King et. al would have visited in the '60s. But alas, I appreciate community development (the neighborhood FINALLY has a real grocery store where people can purchase fresh produce after all of these years!!) and also know there is a balance toward paying homage to whence we've come. So I'll take the new Publix off of MLK AND the new Civil Rights Museum in Centennial Park any day! Compromised.

-- Damian Denson


The close are boring, and tony has bad taste in music.

-- not a fan

Ballz 2 tha Wallz...

Man, I bets that T-Dawg has smelly ballz like a dreadlocked chow puppy. Dirty South ain't supposed to be about nuts, it's supposed to be about gittin' buck! What he know about dat, I know all about dat. But respect 2 local musics. Less talk more cock rock!

-- Twizzle


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