Cover story: 'BMF: Hip-hop's shadowy empire, part III of III'

Online responses to last week's issue, which featured "BMF: Hip-hop's shadowy empire, part III of III" by Mara Shalhoup.


Great article. It is a spellbinding but extremely disturbing insight into the workings of BMF. The real shame is that their destructive path is idolized by so many in this city.

-- NB

Rules to The game

Yo this is why black people can never get ahead. BMF was getting it for a while it wasn't until they started flossing and being violent that law enforcement wanted to take them down. On another note jeezy's a bitch ass nigga cause he rode on their rep to get in the game and gave props to a rat nigga O dog. O dog's a homo. It's real basic you do the crime do the time. The boulevard is where real grady babies reside so what does that say for atlanta dudes yall rats.

-- Paperz

I hope all of them get life in prison

These guys are scum bags. The problem is people idolize anyone who has money, no matter how they get it. Having money does not make you legit or mazke you worthy of praise if you get it in a dishonorable way. They sell drugs that help cripple our community and perform acts of violence on innocent people who may just happen to bump into them by accident. Mob mentality is a mutha. People get real tough when they are rollin' 50 deep at the club. These guys aren't heroes, but with all the love these misguided souls are showing these creeps, no wonder our youth want to be the next "big meech." So the choice is yours folks, big ballin' for a few years, or spend the next 50 in the pen. I was watching american gangster on bet the other day and they were profiling "fat cat nichols." Similar story to the bmf punks, riding high for a while, then it all came crashing down. He said if he had to do it all over again..he wouldn't. You learn to value freedom once you no longer have it. Ain't no bottle poppin' going on in the pen. No fat booty bitches in the pen. It ain't worth it yall. The rest of your life is a long azz time to spend in a cell.

-- roblo


to the reporter that wrote this story, you need to stick your head in your ASS!!!! you don't know shit about these people and what they did. you heard some shit in the streets and made up a damn story (your job must have been on the line that week you came up with this bullshit) talking about TONY MONTANA that was a movies this is someone life you dealing with. fuckers like you will say anything.. if you know whats good you'll stop fucking off in other people's business. speculation and the mouth get a bitch fuck up on a daily!!! female with no connection to nobody just speaking the truth!!

-- momma


At age 22 and living in a city where hip hop thrives it's sad to see and hear the negative BS. I read a comment from someone named "momma" and realized why we black folks are still hated on. WHY THE FUCK would you get mad at the reporter for writing this story? All the reporter did was state facts not her own feelings. Yet that momma bitch claims that will get her fucked up.. cuz she was doing her job? I bet that ho never even met BIG MEECH yet she all for the nigga like he pay her bills. Whatever stupid women (and men) like momma are why people like BIG MEECH get over. Why did she not mention all the crack babies born in the U.S.? Because ignorant ghetto mentality no college education people like "momma" don't take time to get real facts. Too busy trying to dance around like a house nigga. white people don't have to lynch black people anymore because BIG MEECH and his groupies are doing it. YEAH call me what the fuck you want...cuz I heard it all. BIG MEECH help take innocent lives and now he about to be in prison making my tampons...but that's ya'll hero. you wanna make it rain? do some legit shit and stay away from "The DUMBASS".

-- Tamara


Educated people, let's not idolize those who promote the worshipping of drugs, violence, money, hate, etc. I do not know "Big Meech" or anyone affiliated with BMF. Therefore, I will not speak on whether he or his "followers" should be prosecuted. I will say that we all know to some degree that the "facts" stated in this article are far more than coincidence. Use your better judgment and common sense people. GUIDE AND RAISE YOUR BABIES TO RECOGNIZE AND STAY AWAY FROM FALSE IDOLS. Peace, Love and Blessings Everyone.

-- Atiuq


How much will it profit a man to lose his soul? After all black people have survived in this country: slavery, jim crow, the black codes, reconstruction, lynchings, racism, discrimination, police brutality and I can go on; the fact that we are being taken out by our own people with no conscience in killing their own people is sad and sickening. While Meech and the rest of his boys are locked up, I hope they pick up a few books by Malcolm, King and others and learn something about our history and take some of that blood money and do some good with it.

-- Bigwill

keep it real


-- keep it real


This doesn't make ANY sense what so ever. How can you all actually condone the blatant disrespect of others lives? You want to free Big Meech but does Big Meech give a rats ass if YOU get locked up? Does he print shirts saying "Free John Doe"? You want to free someone who is KNOWN to be intolerant of others lives. This is just hilarious!

-- Atlanta_Chic

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