Cover story 'The middle-class squeeze'

now combine what we've just read and you've got: me

Everything I've read sounds so much like me! I'm a single parent having a hard time with after school care costs, car-associated costs, no medical insurance, struggling to repay my BA tuition back, and they didn't even mention CHILD SUPPORT woes! Throw that in there along with the cost to eat and utility bills and you've told my story. Don't get me started with the "guidelines" for public assistance... those that need public assistance can't afford to take the day off to go down to the DFACS office, sit and wait all day just to apply for it.

-- mirror2me

Tuition Costs

I can attest to the high cost of tuition. I make a very nice salary but must complete my undergraduate degree before moving any higher up the ladder. I'm attending DeVry doing accelerated classes online and paying $1500 a class. A Class! I need the accelerated classes and to attend online, or else I would have dropped to a state school long ago.

-- Jen

Irresponsible Politicians and Citizens

All of the items mentioned are true, but what are we going to do about it? Go to Tech and UGA and see how much new construction is taking place - WOW - give em guaranteed revenue through HOPE and they abuse it; look at the healthcare insurance industry and medical provider compensation - no wonder going to India is cheaper for medical procedures; Day care & Divorce - let's tear apart the family structure and hope we raise good kids - ever seen the crap on American Idol - geez! and live close to work if you want to have a vibrant community - mass transit while appealing is still not the best option

-- Mcsubs

Nanny state article

Was this article supposed to be tongue-in-cheek? PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, people.

Dumbass1: Don't go to Cancun, rack up credit card debt, and generally pissoff school. Act like an adult. Dumbass2: Thank the union for ruining another company. Dumbass3: Get a new job closer to your home, or move. Dumbass4: You resided with your baby's daddy, not your husband. Don't have children outside of marriage. Birth control isn't that complicated. After you act irresponsibly, you move to GA and expect THIS state pick up your slack?

-- Exador


I'll agree about the college student: it was his own fault he got kicked out of school.

Why should he be allowed to party it up in Cancun, when other students are working full-time and depriving themselves of fun so they can graduate?

I worked my butt off in college and I've got a good job and a future. Screw him. This article could've picked a better, less hateable example, of people who do *need* assistance.

-- anon

Personal Responsibility

Hey, I worked my way through Ga State with no scholarships or other help. Took 7 years but I got there. My back is a mess, too ... so I lost 40 pounds and the pain mostly went away. Life's tough. Not fair either. But in most cases, our ills are of our own making. Choices people. Make better choices.

-- John

New math?

Here's something I don't understand. In story #3, Mr. Fox says, "We have two cars. Before the gas prices went up we paid $30 to $40 a week for gas. Then it went up to $200 a week."

That seems impossible. Gas prices went up, but by no stretch of the imagination did they increase by a factor of FIVE. He mentions no increase in actual driving, merely that the cost of gas increased from $40 a week for gas to $200. A little fact checking by the author might have been a good idea.

-- Eugene

Have to Agree

How can Ms. Abkowitz even gripe about HOPE? Anyone that goes FULLTIME and maintains their GRADES can go for FREE! That is better than any income-based aid system just for the fact that the "middle class" usually makes too much to qualify for aid, not enough to afford education. It solves the problem. This article was like an overly liberal bitch fest. It was written okay but the ideas were not developed or thought out. I understand that CL is trying to appeal to a young left-leaning audience, but this article was embarassing...it is not a reflection of reality. It actually pushed me toward the ideas it was arguing against. Poor. 1/2 stars out of 5.

-- Average Joe

Let's Do the Math

There has been a misunderstanding. The HOPE Scholarship does not allow students to attend college for "free". As a college graduate (and former HOPE recipient), I am quite aware of the gigantic expense that is college. HOPE paid for a fraction (15%) of my $21,000/yr tuition. Federal loans paid for another 35% of my tuition. I had two full-time jobs -- school and my actual 9-5. I pay approximately $10,500/yr in out-of-pocket expenses for school. To be fair, I will concede that I didn't have to attend a private institution. However, I have always been a person serious about education. For those who may question the validity of my posting, I have some researched and accurate facts: The average tuition for private universities for academic year 2005-06 was $13,894; for public in-state universities it was $5,206. The individual yearly allowance for HOPE recipients is $3,000 full-time and $1,500 part-time. Incidentally, it doesn't matter if your tuition rises, the funding remains the same. I can't blame HOPE for capping its funding. With tuition costs continuously rising (35% in the last five years), there has to be some constraint on HOPE funding. Otherwise the scholarship will become severely depleted. The bottom line is this: education costs, like so many other living expenses, have risen well above the average Americans' income.

-- Atiuq



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