Failed drug war

Online responses to last week's issue, which featured "Kathryn Johnston's real killer" by John Sugg.

Gregs: I couldn't have said it better if I tried. Keep up the great reporting on this topic.

-- Greg S

I gotta ask: How many people reading this are drug users? It's a very relevant question, as they would obviously be more likely to gripe about the war-on-drugs and use Ms. Johnston as a decoy for advocating, say, legalized pot.

-- MC

Natural Person: Dear John:

You are 100% right on with this story. This should be picked up on the AP wire and republished over the entire Country. Thanks, and keep up the excellent journalism.

Jim, sui-juris, nontaxpayer

-- Jim

Oh please: To MC: Users, of course, would be in favor of legalizing drugs. Many users are upright citizens whose choice to use a banned substance, to put a particular chemical in their own body, makes them criminals. Those who absolutely would not want the war on drugs to end are the dealers and the drug king pins. Explain to me the error of correcting a policy that keeps money out of the pockets of REAL criminals and keeps non-violent users out of prison?

-- Nathan Cook

Legalize it all: MC, I have never used an illegal drug in my life, never even smoked a cigarette. However, I want to see drugs, alcohol, prostitution and gambling all legalized and freely available. I believe it is not the place of the government to interfere in the willing transaction of 2 (or more) consenting adults.

The FDA should be changed to be merely a drug testing and safety administration. Meaning that they can issue statements regarding drug safety and side effects, but it is up to the individual if they want to take something. So if you feel it's in your best interest to snort paint thinner, go ahead, but here's how you would expect to be affected.

-- Brian

From a medical researcher: A friend and medical researcher sent me the following regarding the column:

We make up 4% of the world's population and consume 80% of mind-altering drugs including alcohol. Funding has been cut for treatment, so the jails and prison systems make up statistics I have seen are 2/3rds drug and alcohol related offenses. It might be skewed otherwise if you take out marijuana. Pot has potential effects if developed by drug trials ie, pain control for peripheral neuropathy, treatment for glaucoma, nausea suppressant for Cancer patients, prevention of Alzheimer Disease and presently is used for all the above by some. This is however America where we really only do what is good for the 1% among us.

-- John Sugg

Failed drug war: It is hard to believe that 60% of federal prisoners are in jail for drugs. This is just another money maker for the government and its agencies. It's not about the care of the American public.

-- george richeosn

This Will End: as soon as the currency goes bust which will mean that the US will be bankrupt. They'll then declare a War on Currency Failures so we & our cash should all be as safe as we are now because of the War On (Some) Drugs. I believe that is what it'll take before they'll ever end this government cash cow and that's what's REALLY despicable. Why have we allowed ourselves to be captured by something this sinister?? MC must be a Republican as he seems to be the type that can't stand to see anyone or anything resembling happiness, freedom and liberty. Take heed.....they'll be gone too when the day of financial reckoning arrives.

-- Chux

legal drugs: Drugs that are made by Drug companies are legal. Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are legal drugs. Why end there?

Because the government spends our money to bring them into this country and sell them to our children and then spends more of our money to put people in prison that they sell them to.

With the government making money for themselves and their buddies why would they legalize them.

As long as the people of this country keep electing the Demopublicans into office it WILL NOT CHANGE!

-- DW

Voice of Sanity!: Great article John.....up to now, the only others making this point have been your fav & mine, Boortz, and the right-winger on GST in the morning, of all people!

Why the obviousness of the mess called "the war on drugs" is not apparent to all, is beyond my comprehension.

Imagine Prohibition continuing for THIRTY YEARS longer than it did, and this country would have been in a shambles, one resembling what we now see in every city, and the millions in prison, wasting what could've/should've been productive lives!

All our war on drugs, and addiction to foreign oil has done is line the pockets of big corporations, international thugs, & even terrorists....yet, we just allow it to continue on, ignoring reality...

-- Saxman

The drug dollars: Why do we spend money on jails and none on treament. MRS Johsnson died for political reasons but no one wants to admit that and the prosecutor wants to hide the truth and his part in the problem.

-- ED

Don't forget: that we pay $280 Billion in farm subsidies to get these other crops grown.

-- lee

interesting: How interesting...a liberal looking for a solution that isn't BIG government. Truthfully, I would like to hear the other side of the argument, but you make a fairly compelling argument. You remark that the war on drugs is money driven, which it might be, but I think it is "power" driven. It is very easy for politicians (of both parties) to sound tough on crime and get votes by supporting such a war.

-- Vince

why blame the cops: Is everyone saying that the cops should have just stood there and let the old woman shoot the cops when they had told HER WHO THEY WERE. GOD help us if that is the way people see it. No I am not a young snot I am nearly eighty years young, Thank you people should wake up and the cops do their jobs.

-- marie


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