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John Sugg's Metropolis column, 'The bodies count'

Surge is but Another Word for Escalation: Keep up the good work. Folks need to hear it and hear it. We went to the wrong place for wrong reasons with no plan. Gosh what a surprise that it is a disaster. 3200+ Americans dead, 655,000 Iraqis dead, $407 billion wasted. Cheney is just another oil industry shill. He's not in charge -- hell, it is pretty obvious that no one is in charge of this sad mess. He and W. are responsible, that's a different issue.

– Peter

Who really cares anymore?: Who really cares about the anti war movement anymore? With the exception of family members, virtually no one on the anti war side knows squat about anyone killed over there. I served over there and lost some friends. I am not happy with the war, but I don't want face time or a newspaper article to remind me that it needs to end. Back in my black flag/dead kennedys days, I would have referred to you as a poseur. I will let my votes speak for me while the rest of you prostitute it for your own gains.

– Jon Burnette

You're Right... AND Wrong!: To Jon Burnette, who said: "With the exception of family members, virtually no one on the anti war side knows squat about anyone killed over there."

This is too true, Jon, thanks to "we don't do body counts" Franks and his kind. The full tragedy of this war has been carefully hidden from us.

As with so many things, we have been led to believe that our nation is controlled by a "liberal media", yet I see no evidence that this exists in the mainstream. After last week's vigil, even the "best" TV coverage gave much more than equal time to the one misguided soul they found who believes the surge is a good thing and that we should be patient. I applaud John Sugg for saying otherwise, and wish there were more like him.

I believe there are only four things that might bring this war to an end, sooner or later. First would be reinstating the draft. If citizens' sons and daughters were being drafted into this war like they were in Vietnam, it would become personal and not just be a blip on the nightly news. (Heck, even students might stand up and take notice!) Second, the impeachment of Cheney, then Bush. Third, the election of an administration committed to ending the war. This will happen, and you are right in saying that ultimately, it is only our votes that will count. Fourth, we must stand up and say that what's happening is wrong, and that this war must end.

We cannot wait silently for the next election, and choosing to speak out does not make us prostitutes or poseurs. That's where you're wrong.

If we don't stand up for what we believe, it gives credibility to that minority of Americans who still control the media, and we can't let that happen. We MUST stand up for what we know in our hearts and minds is right.

So to you, Jon, I say "join with us". If you, and others like you, can overcome this national inertia and the cloud of lies that surrounds us, then maybe, just maybe, we turn things around and bring this evil war to an end sooner instead of later. We owe this to those who have died and those who will die before the next election.

– Shiela

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