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Responses to 'Mayor's former son-in-law to spend life in prison'

Scott?: I will never believe Graham was responsible for murdering these two individuals. Now his life is ruined because of his so called best punk ass friend Scott. Scott should have been a man and accepted his punishment like a man. Instead he wants to dump all the blame on Graham. Graham is a man, he was willing to accept his punishment without trying to push his wrong doing off on someone else. If Graham would have gave the same information that Scott gave first then Scott would be spending the rest of his life in jail. Does something smells fishy or what? Scott never turned himself in. First sign of being guilty. Yes, Graham did flee but he has been locked up going on three years and never once tried to accuse Scott of these horrific crimes. Scott is a dirty liar and he lied to get his deal. He let the white man convince him to turn on a best friend that would have laid down and died for him. Scott are you your Brother's Keeper? Hell No!!

-- Ms. Soprano

Interesting: ...that "Ms. Soprano" didn't touch on the cocaine-ring connection. "He let the white man convince him to turn on a best friend" -- oh give me a fuckin' break. It happens all the time, even when a white guy is getting snitched on. Did it ever occur to you that he may have snitched on Graham anyway, without provocation or initial deal offerings? If Graham was willing to ditch his wife to flee from the authorities, then it's only fair play and Karma for shit to catch up with him.

-- ray

Blue Eyed Devils: So, let me get this straight. A bunch of black dudes sell millions of dollars of coke, kill witnesses, run, lie, hide and scheme. One of those fine upstanding and noble citizens offers information, in violation of "The Code" we are hearing about lately. And Ms. Soprano only finds fault with the informant and "the white man". You can trust your fellow coke dealing murderer, but that damned Blue Eyed Devil. Wow.

-- Dale

Get It Right !!!!: First of all he left his fucking wife to protect her Ray Ray. He didn't want to cause her and her family anymore pain. Graham is passive, smart and intelligent. Scott was the aggressor and more prone to being violent. He told all this bullshit and still got 25 years what a dummy. Yes, when you get in the game you know what is expected of you. You take an oath just like police do. The difference between Scott and Graham is Graham is a man he was willing to take his punishment. Scott is a loser. To the family of the murdered victims -- if you ever got to know Graham I know that you know he did not do this. I am so sorry for your loss. Graham committed crimes but a killer he is not. He confessed to being a drug dealer and that is what he is, not a killer.

Why is it such a problem that his family didn't know what he done. His wife had no reason to think otherwise. He owned a business, so what? The only reason why this is such a hot story is because he was the son-in-law of the Mayor of Atlanta and any bad publicity about her is what some people want in the ATL. Mrs. Franklin is the best thing that ever happened to the ATL.

-- Ms. Soprano

Re: Get It Right: "First of all he left his fucking wife to protect her Ray Ray." How chivalrous of him. Leaving her to protect her from everyone except the authorities that found out the business was kept afloat by drug money, leaving her to take the heat. Yeah, I'm sure that she felt real goddamned protected.

The "bad publicity" around Mayor Franklin is not because she's his ex-mother-in-law, but because she was a moron for using her office to protect him. Do not condone stupidity by covering it with such a weak sham.

The real truth – he was part of a multi-state drug ring, and there's evidence to support that he helped set up the murder of a government witness. Take your fucking blinders off and look at it from more than just your "street-code" perspective.


P.S.: I'm sure Graham was willing to take his punishment, since he ran and hid from authorities for 3 months. Somehow, I can't quite make the connection... -- ray

This Is Sickening: Yes, there are problems with the justice system. It's imbalanced and unfair especially when it comes to drug offenses. All you have to do is look at the fact that there are laws being considered that would give meth addicts who commit crimes the option of going to detox in a hospital. Do you really believe that the same people proposing that law would offer the same to crack addicts who commit crimes? But the reality of this situation is that it has nothing to do with race. Why is it that in this country every debate that involves black and white people has to turn into a mini-race war? There are plenty of black people in this country who work hard, care about their families and don't commit crimes. On the other hand not all white people are racist ex-klansman. This man committed crimes and I'm sure he knew what the consequences were. For those people who think that he could never have committed murder you don't know that on the other hand just because someone who is also lacking in character accuses him of it doesn't mean that he did it and as much as I think Shirley Franklin has been the best thing to ever happen to the City of Atlanta, I'm sick of government officials using the power of their office given to them by the people to pull strings. If this guy had been held accountable for his actions earlier might that girl from Spelman still be alive.

-- Reid

An Innocent Life Is Lost: As I read the background stories tied to this case and comments made as a result, it reads like a bad movie to me. It seems so unreal. What is real to me is that an innocent life has been taken -- a good friend, daughter, a wonderful person overall. An intelligent young lady with a big heart, great ambition, and a beautiful smile. She knew nothing about "street life." I think we must be careful about making assumptions solely based on an association with someone involved in a criminal activity. I can't speak on the accused guilt or innocence, but I do know that Misty's death has left a hole in the hearts of those who loved her very much. Before one makes flippant and insensitive comments about these murders and the events surrounding them, just be mindful that the loved ones of the victims and even accused are reading and it does affect them.

-- A Grieving Friend

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